'MDNA' Easter Egg
Meet Madonna at Macy's!

Tweet-by-tweet highlights from @MadonnaMDNAday

•First album ever bought: David Bowie's Aladdin Sane

•She's 'gagging' to host Saturday Night Live and is obsessed with cast members Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig.

•Madonna tweeted to Britney Spears she wants to kiss her again! Unfortunately, Brit Brit only responded with a vague 'Tempting.'

•Katy Perry asked Madge a genuinely thoughtful question, tweeting 'Which evolution of you in your career has been your favorite/most fulfilling?' Madonna responded, ''Ray of Light.' That was a good moment. I wanna see you in the from row somewhere this year. Okay?' Never an opportunity missed.

•In an extended tweet chat with Lionel Richie, she congratulated the singer on his own recent chart-topping album Tuskegee. Richie's album debuted at #2, right below Madonna's #1 album MDNA this week. Richie tweeted, 'There is no one I would rather be on top with. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!' Madonna joked, 'Ok, but as long as I'm on top.' Oh my!

•Last Halloween, she was Minnie Mouse.

•Madonna wants Quentin Tarantino to direct the video for her latest single 'Gang Bang.' Apparently she's already contacted him and he's actually making her wait!

•In response to silver fox Anderson Cooper's congratulatory tweet, Madonna flirted, 'Do u miss me? Do you want me to come back and visit you in a leather dress? What suit are you wearing?'

•She is an excellent driver, only received a ticket for having too-tinted windows (which she certainly needs).

•If she could time travel, she'd attend Martin Luther King Jr's peace march in Washington.

•Her favorite Superbowl moment: Not M.I.A. flipping the bird, but when the audience stood up during 'Like A Prayer'

•Of all the A-List participants, Madonna singled out one person with a most generous offer to open for her, even tweeting 'I worship you.' Who could be so lucky? Why, Skrillex of all people! The half-haired DJ hasn't yet responded (apparently his Twitter mentions haven't refreshed in four days), but it would certainly make for an interesting show.

•For Madonna's final tweet, she wrote, '#Obama2012: Are you coming to my show in Washington, D.C.? Make a girl from Detroit happy.' He can sit next to Katy Perry.

From Yahoo! Music / Stop The Presses!


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