Events: Chile 'MDNA' Release Party
Madonna's MDNA tops the Australian music charts


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william pelagio

@ryan..yep i bought it @odyssey...called them up also when i saw this post...the lady said to just visit the store again w/ the receipt and they will gladly give the freebies w/o the tee and the cd single because it's for those peeps who pre-ordered it.. they said that it was promoted in their facebook page... but before when she was still w/ warner... warner will put a huge standee or poster to promote it... i always go to odyssey and there was nothing... i didn't know that odyssey had a facebook's holyweek here and i can't visit the store yet...the lady said to hurry up because stocks are limited...oh well if i don't get to have's ok...i have the deluxe version anyway..


@William- did you buy it from Odyssey? Coz only at Odyssey do you get the shirt with the other freebies as part of the promo from MCA. Astrovision also have the freebies EXCEPT the shirt.
They also have set up displays by now, better late than never...


Madonna is a really great singer and is part of the living legends and hall of famers. i think this Music CD's will sell a lot.


so dissapointed, i paid aud$25 in australia to got this deluxe album and CD only. in Taiwan for less money they can get CD and big poster in Philipine they get CD, shirt, poster, postcard and single, what a joke. i thought when you pay more you should get more stuff too. NOT FAIR !!!!

william pelagio

was this promotion for those who pre-ordered it??? i am from the philippines and i bought my deluxe version 03.27.2012 because i was unsure if it'll be on time with the worldwide release because there was poster announcement like the way warner philippines do a madonna promotion when there's a new madonna record...i didn't get any of that other than the receipt and the plastic bag where the cd was this for real???

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