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Madonna's MDNA tops the Australian music charts

Madonna has confirmed her status as the most successful female act in Australian chart history.
Her new album MDNA became her 10th album that reached No.1 in Australia yesterday.
She is now third in the list of artists with the most No.1 albums in Australia.
The Beatles are first with 14 chart toppers, then U2 with 11, Madonna on 10, Jimmy Barnes with nine while John Farnham and Bon Jovi each have eight No.1 albums.
MDNA also topped the charts in Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Taiwan.
The Australian album sales follow the surprisingly lukewarm response to the first two singles Give Me All Your Luvin (which peaked at No.25) and Girl Gone Wild, which debuted at No.93 this week.
The superstar will tour Australia early next year.

From the Adelaide Now / Herald Sun


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so dissapointed, i paid aud$25 in australia to get my deluxe album and all ive got just the CD. in Taiwan for less money they can get cd n big poster, in philipne for less money too they can get cd, shirt, poster, postcard n single. what a joke!! i think when you pay more you should get more stuff, really not fair.


It is the same the world over! Interscopes handling of the singles has been an absolute farce!! In the UK GMAYL reached a peak of 37! Her lowest charting album debut ever! It was played by 1 radio station for a week then dropped! Meanwhile, the digital single itself was ineligable for sale as it was given away as a promotion tool for the album, well thats great but nobody here even knew the single was out! As for the songs remix package and physical release, they were made available without any promotion, 1 week ago!! Almost 2 months AFTER the singles release in February!!

Girls Gone Wild is apparently her next single here in the UK but no one is sure because the radio stations are currently playing Masterpiece?! The Girls Gone Wild video just slipped onto itunes at the weekend again, without ANY promotion to tell fans it is there! I found it by fluke! We still have no digital or physical confirmation of a UK release and there is NOTHING going on promotionwise to draw non hardcore Madonna fans to the album which sold a terrible 56k in its opening debut! One of her lowest! Hard Candy opened with more! Without a killer lead off single, a well promoted single, all formats made available on the same day etc, to ensure that opening number 1 hit, the album has essentially flopped! I cannot believe that Interscope thinks this is good promotion?!?! The album has currently slumped out of the UK itunes top 10 after 2 days... Its an absolute mess for what essentially could have been one of the greatest era's of her career. She seriously needs to ditch Interscope who in my opinion put revenue over fans. They are seriously NOT protecting or investing in Madonna's legacy. Its a mess.


@ Michael from Melbourne: I wish I was as rich as you must be....

Michael from Melbourne

We don't have physical singles here in Australia anymore. The only available version of Girl Gone Wild is on iTunes, which is the album version only. Everyone has bought the album, so do we have to buy GGW again (which I did). There needs to be a release with mixes. It's not gonna chart here (as a single) as we all have the song from the album. I bought MDNA 3 times (1 on iTunes & 2 physical, standard & deluxe). I would buy Girls Gone Wild a million times if there was a single release here. Love you Madge. XXXX

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