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Madonna wanted for 'The Voice UK'

Madonna is reportedly being lined up to perform on The Voice UK.
Producers are trying to get the 'Hung Up' singer on an upcoming Sunday night results show in a bid to attract record ratings, the Daily Star Sunday reports.
'Getting Madge on to sing is bound to pull in the viewers. You don't get much bigger than her - she's a living legend,' a source told the paper.
'The show has regularly been getting ratings of over ten million. Having Madonna, plus the all-important results, could push it past the 12 million mark.'
'X Factor's finest hour was getting Britney Spears on - but there's no doubt Madonna is a much bigger name. Simon Cowell will be furious if The Voice upstages him with a massive guest performer like Madonna in its first series.'

From Digital Spy


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Madonna said recently that she doesn't watch talent shows as she thinks they are more like personality contests. As such, wouldn't it be a tad hypocritical if she then used one as a platform for promotion? I can't see her buying into this (fingers crossed!).


Spot on, bristar! At the beginning of Britney's performance on XFactor, I thought it was going to be amazing, but like you say, she just stomped and thumped around the stage, sometimes not even bothering to move her mouth! LOL


@ bristar: Can't agree more! Thanks for the comment!


After Lana Del Rey's jaw-droppingly awful "performance" on The Voice on Sunday (well, Saturday, as we now know that the 'live' results show is actually pre-recorded - the fact that the judges were all still wearing the same clothes as Sautrday night was a pretty huge giveaway!), Madonna would be well advised to steer clear of a show that I feel will now descend into freefall, ratings-wise.

And as for Britney 'live' on X Factor... that surely has to go down as one of the biggest car-crashes ever? I actually quite like Britney, but her stomping (for that is what she did) around the stage and miming/lip-synching appallingly was just cringeworthy.

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