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Madonna to Britney: 'Come on stage and kiss me again'

Here’s something that’ll make you feel ancient: It’s been nearly nine years since Madonna kissed Britney Spears at the VMAs. Nine years! If it were a person, that kiss would be in third grade. It’s older than YouTube, Facebook and Suri Cruise!
But I digress. Apparently, Madge and Brit-Brit both have fond memories of the Smooch Heard ‘Round the World. The two pop icons engaged in some harmless flirting on Twitter yesterday after Britney congratulated Madonna on her new album, saying, 'every single song is incredible.'
Madonna’s first @-reply was swift and cheeky. 'please come on stage and kiss me again,' she wrote. 'I miss you!!'
Britney shot back with a coy 'Tempting...', which inspired Madonna to tease, 'Are you gonna make me work for this?' Britney’s response? 'Why of course!' And with that, a thousand fanfiction writers flexed their fingers and started typing.

From Entertainment Weekly


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Maybe you should have told M to stay away from taelntless people when she decided to collaborate with Nicki Minaj, then....


No No NOOO! What is it with Britney?? For any of you that Britney fans forgive, but I do NOT understand Madonna having any liking for her. Britney can not sing, or when she does it's through her nose, and she can NOT dance anymore. You are MADONNA the QUEEN. Stay away from talentless people! Please!!

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