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Madonna sets sights on men’s cologne

Her eagerly anticipated debut signature perfume hit US department store Macy’s last week, and Madonna already has plans for an accompanying fragrance and men’s cologne smelling of a 'good old whiskey.'
Following in the footsteps of pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé Knowles who have built up prolific fragrance lines, the songstress says her second perfume should be due out 'sometime next year,' although details remain limited.
In an interview with WWD published April 16, Madonna added that men’s fragrance is an avenue worth exploring, an idea that has been inspired by her teenage daughter Lourdes.
'I think it would be good to do a men’s fragrance, as well,' said the singer.
'My daughter thinks so. She wants to wear it. She likes to wear men’s cologne - don’t ask me why.'
While work has not yet begun on the possible project, Madonna revealed the powerful aroma of hard liquor appeals.
'I love musk and amber and woody kind of fragrances on men. I love the smell of whiskey - we should make a men’s cologne that smells like whiskey. I can’t drink it, it’s too strong, but it smells amazing - a really good old whiskey,' she mused.

From AFP Relax News


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And soon M will launch her line of candles, kitchen utensils, popcorn, etc....

Personally, I always think is smacks of desperation when a MEGASTAR (for that is what M is) launches herself into the fragrance endorsement game (for that is what this is - NO star ever produces their own fragrance, naturally), so late on.

That said, when you look at how much income it has generated for the likes of J-Lo and Britney, I imagine M could not but help $$$ in her eyes...


Listen Madge...lol. Forget the musky, woody whiskey scent! No gay man is gonna like it. I understand you wouldn't want to exclude the straights but I really don't think my father would want to buy your cologne unless "I" recommend it. lol. So Im gay obviously as is most of your fans lmao. Im thinking something more along the lines of Vintage by John Varvatos meets Fleur Du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. Just a suggestion. love you bye


Looking forward for this. At last! For Men.

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