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Madonna wanted for 'The Voice UK'

Madonna is reportedly being lined up to perform on The Voice UK.
Producers are trying to get the 'Hung Up' singer on an upcoming Sunday night results show in a bid to attract record ratings, the Daily Star Sunday reports.
'Getting Madge on to sing is bound to pull in the viewers. You don't get much bigger than her - she's a living legend,' a source told the paper.
'The show has regularly been getting ratings of over ten million. Having Madonna, plus the all-important results, could push it past the 12 million mark.'
'X Factor's finest hour was getting Britney Spears on - but there's no doubt Madonna is a much bigger name. Simon Cowell will be furious if The Voice upstages him with a massive guest performer like Madonna in its first series.'

From Digital Spy

Madonna's perfumer talks about the process

'Madonna has no patience for stupid people,' said expert perfumer Stephen Nilsen, at the recent London launch of the popstar's debut perfume. But as the veteran 'nose' discovered, she doesn't make it all that easy on the clever ones, either.
The creator of fragrances for Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger, Nilsen is comfortable working with the biggest names in the industry. But even he was thrown by Madonna's chilly demeanour on their first meetings to produce her perfume Truth or Dare, during which she refused to remove her sunglasses. 'It was a little intimidating,' he admitted. And that was when he was granted an audience. More often than not in those first months of development, Nilsen was left in the dark about the actual direction Madonna intended for her perfume.
'She told me she wanted white florals, and she loved the 'addiction' accord I created,' - a blend of vanilla, caramel and amber. But it was hard to schedule face time with the busy performer, essential when trying to peg a client's tastes and establish a common vocabulary. Instead, Nilsen found himself scurrying back and forth between his Manhattan lab and Madonna's £20m Upper East Side compound every time he made a revision.
'I'd throw each new sample over her 8ft-high black steel wall,' he joked. Fortunately, his pitching arm was saved: 'Security always magically appeared behind me when I would ring the bell, as if they knew I was coming.'
'She needed the latest versions delivered by 2pm on a Friday afternoon so she could evaluate them over the weekend at her horse farm in the Hamptons.'
Her Madgesty's notes would then filter back – broad critiques such as 'too sweet', which given the vast palette of a perfumer, could mean any number of things. It turned into a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey as the perfumer struggled to second-guess the source of Madonna's displeasure, blending endless modifications in order to secure her approval. 'Once we started working together in person, it became much easier,' he recalled with evident relief.

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Tel Aviv ticket information update

Here is more Tel Aviv ticket information from

All Tel Aviv tickets dated MAY 29TH will be honoured at the MAY 31ST event.
There is no need for persons holding these tickets to exchange as patrons will be provided the seats that they purchased for the original event.
Persons requiring ticket refunds as a result of the date change are requested to do so as of Sunday April 29th at point of purchase, and no later than Sunday May 20th.
For money refund or tickets changing please send an email with your details and your order number to: [email protected] or dial: +97235111777

Madonna's MDNA Tour Now Opens in Tel Aviv on May 31st

The highly anticipated opening of Madonna's MDNA Tour is now planned for Thursday, May 31st at Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv, two days later than previously scheduled due to production delays. The change in the opening date was announced today by promoters, Live Nation and Shuki Weiss. All tickets dated May 29th will be honored at the rescheduled May 31st event.
The Material Girl has already announced 76 concert dates in arenas, stadiums and special outdoor sites throughout Europe and North America with confirmed sales of over 1.4 million tickets to date. The MDNA tour has already sold out in Berlin (2 shows sold out), Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Istanbul (45,000 tickets sold) as well as Philadelphia, Boston, Montreal, Quebec City (70,000 tickets), New York's Yankee Stadium (73,000 tickets over 2 shows), Washington DC and the Staples Center in LA.
The tour has recently announced additional concert dates in Mexico and South America, which will be followed by a visit to Australia, where Madonna has not performed in 20 years.
Along with state of the art technical components, including the largest video screens ever created, Madonna, her band and her dancers are expected to reach above and beyond her Super Bowl performance where she performed to an audience of over 117 million people around the world, the highest number of viewers in Super Bowl history.
Madonna's latest studio recording 'MDNA' debuted on iTunes at the #1 spot in over 40 countries. Her newest single 'Girl Gone Wild' is #1 on Billboard's Dance Club Songs Chart - her 42nd time in the top slot. She remains the artist with the most #1 songs in the chart's 35-year history. MDNA has received glowing reviews including USA Today which commented, 'Madonna's MDNA is rocking and revelatory...her most personal effort to date.'
'The woman is pop's most durable alpha female, coolly courting fascination and controversy on her own terms.' Added The Sun in the UK, 'The album should be the spine of an incredible live show – just what her army of followers will want to hear.'
The MDNA Tour is produced by Live Nation Global Touring and presented locally in association with Shuki Weiss.

From PRNewswire

US TV: 'America's Best Dance Crew'

Things are heating up on America’s Best Dance Crew, and this week, the nine remaining crews will bow down to her Madgesty with performances set to the music of Madonna.
The episode, airing Wednesday 25 April on MTV, will also feature the show’s first-ever double elimination.
In the exclusive clip below (click on the image to view), 8 Flavahz, an all-female crew, Vogues for its life. But will it be good enough? You be the judge - until we hear from the actual judges, that is.

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Nicki Minaj: 'I didn't realise Madonna knew about me'

In just over two years, Nicki Minaj has gone from releasing free mixtapes online to becoming one of the most successful female rappers in music history.
So when Digital Spy got the call to go and interview the star, you can imagine that our list of questions was as long as one of her fabulous multi-coloured wigs.
With our precious five minutes we decided to talk about the pressures of being a female rapper in a male-dominated industry, what it was like working with Madonna and whether she has any more plans for gay male alter-ego Roman Zolanski outside of the music. Watch Digital Spy's interview with Nicki Minaj below:

From Digital Spy

It was 30 years ago today....

It may seem like only yesterday but 30 years ago on April 24, 1982, Sire Records honcho Seymour Stein released a single called 'EVERYBODY' on Warner Bros. Records by an unknown singer from Rochester, Michigan by the name of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone.

To say the world would never be the same is an understatement. The song went on to become a huge dancefloor hit and was heard all over the radio in the Summer of 1982.

That little girl from Michigan would go on to become one of the most famous entertainers and cultural icons in history - selling millions of records and remaining a star of enormous magnitude and influence for the next 30 years. She's just getting started.

Long Live the Queen and Happy Anniversary to Madonna!

Note: This is based on a Liz Rosenberg press release/ story from the 25th anniversary celebrations in 2007 - see

'Stunning' nude shot of Madonna expected to fetch £5,000

An 'absolutely stunning' photograph of Madonna posing naked on a bed while smoking a cigarette has emerged for sale.
The black and white shot, taken in 1990, shows the singer reclining on a bed with her breasts exposed and just a white sheet covering her bottom half.
Madonna, who has bleached blonde hair and dark eye make-up in the picture, is seen holding a cigarette to her pouting lips, adopting a sexy, sultry pose.
This photograph, taken by Steven Meisel, is signed and annotated 'ed no.1' and is expected to fetch over £5,000.
It measures 21.5 inches by 19 inches and was bought by the vendor from a New York gallery.
The photograph, which was taken by the same photographer who did the work for Madonna's 1992 book Sex, is to be sold by Bonhams in New York on May 8.
Judith Eurich from the sale room said: 'This is an absolutely stunning image and it is just a beautiful tone of grey. It is not just black and white it is grey and silvery.
'Madonna was posing for a number of photographers at the time this was taken in the 1990s when she was in her early 30s.
'She was going through a phase of having bleach blonde hair and heavy dark eye make-up that gave her a dramatic look - and of course she has a gorgeous body.
'She is a very healthy person and I'd imagine the cigarette is just a prop to make her look sexy and sultry.
'There are Madonna superfans and devotees across the world who would love to own it.'


US TV: 'ABDC Return of the Superstars'

Next Wednesday 25 April, Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew will have a Madonna-themed episode. 'ABDC' is currently in its seventh season – which it is calling 'Return of the Superstars' – and each episode features the music of a different music superstar.

The first two episodes featured the ten dance crews split up, with five groups performing in week one to songs by Britney Spears and the other five groups performing in week two to songs by Flo Rida. Next week (week three), the top nine crews will all compete head-to-head to the music of the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.

The show airs in the United States on MTV Wednesdays at 10pm Eastern; it also airs in Canada on Much Music Sundays at 8pm Eastern. So tune in to see how these amazingly talented dance crews pay tribute to the Queen of Pop.

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'Girl Gone Wild' remixes available on US iTunes

Madonna's 'Girl Gone Wild' remixes are now available for purchase in the US iTunes store. They include:

1. Madonna vs. Avicii - Avicii's UMF Mix
2. Dave Aude Remix
3. Justin Cognito Remix
4. Kim Fai Remix
5. Lucky Date Remix
6. Offer Nissim Remix
7. Dada Life Remix
8. Rebirth Remix

Fans should remember to please purchase the songs all SEPARATELY rather than as the bundled 'album' because the album purchase only counts as one song purchased rather than 8 songs. Since 'Girl Gone Wild' premiered this past week on the Billboard Pop Songs chart (at Number 38), it is important to continue to support the single in an effort to see it hopefully premiere on the Hot 100 soon...which it has yet to do.

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2012 Tour 'On Track' To Be Among 'Top 10 of All Time'

Ongoing chatter that the Madonna tour, and by extension her multi-rights deal with Live Nation, are underperforming is 'baseless,' according to sales figures provided by tour producer Arthur Fogel, chairman of Live Nation Global Touring.
The precipitous drop of MDNA in its second week, while certainly not something an artist would want (though the nature of the beast when pricing strategies are geared toward impressive first-week sales), actually has little to do with the performance of Live Nation's 10-year, $120 million multi-rights deal with Madonna. The days of tours supporting records are long gone; for some time now, touring drives record sales, not the reverse, and the Madonna touring business is more than solid.
As for the multi-rights deal, while MDNA is the first album under the 360, the upcoming trek is not the first tour. That would be 'Sticky and Sweet' of 2008-2009, which grossed $408 million, according to Billboard Boxscore, the third-highest gross all-time and the highest ever notched by a solo artist. Merchandising is also a component of this tour and in Madonna's case is a significant revenue producer. Finally, given that the entire 360 deal is, at its core, performance-based and assuredly tour-driven in its concept, Madonna is delivering.
According to Fogel - the guy who would know - these are the facts: 76 Madonna shows at arenas and stadiums are on sale in North America and Europe combined. More than 1.4 million tickets have been sold, banking about $214 million for an average in the $2.7 million per show in a mix of stadiums and arenas. And the tour doesn't even begin until May 29 in Tel Aviv, first hitting America in Philadelphia Aug. 28.
Fogel's not sure what to make of the detractors. 'This tour is completely on track to end up in the top 10 tours of all time, especially considering we haven't put South America or Australia on sale,' he tells 'To say this tour is not performing is so off base I don't even know what to say. When this tour is said and done, combined with 'Sticky and Sweet,' you're talking $750 million in gross ticket sales. That sounds pretty impressive to me.'
If tickets are still available for certain shows, that by no means spells disaster. 'One of the things some people don't get is, I don't necessarily want to be sold out at this point; I keep trying to find tickets to sell,' says Fogel. 'Every day our people are trying to fine-tune the site lines and production kills. That's my job. It's great when you can say 'sold out,' but right now I want to keep finding tickets to sell. That's the game.'
European dates, which are mostly in stadiums, have come under particular scrutiny. Fogel says the $214 million gross banked so far is spread 'pretty evenly' between North America and Europe, and there are 43 shows on sale in North America versus 33 in Europe. 'You can do the math,' Fogel says, reeling off sales figures. '46,000 in Istanbul, 44,000 in Milan, 39,000 in Florence. We sold out two arenas in Barcelona, two in Berlin, two in Amsterdam, we sold 42,000 in Edinburgh, 40,000 in Helsinki, 51,000 in Paris. If that's trouble, give me more.'
Fogel concedes Europe didn't blow up the way North America did, but cites buying patterns for stadium general admission tickets in Europe, and the huge promotional boost of the Super Bowl performance in America as key factors in that disparity.
'She's at the top of her game and she ain't goin' away,' he concludes.


I'm not pushing Lourdes - Madonna

Madonna has said her teenage daughter Lourdes has no plans to follow in her footsteps as a performer.
The superstar said her talented 15-year-old was still not entirely sure in which area she would make a career.
But in an interview with ITV1's Daybreak and Lorraine today (Friday), Madonna said she would not push her on any particular path - the choice would be her own.
She said: 'I don't think she wants to follow - she doesn't want to be me. I think she wants to be herself.'
'And she can do many things, she can play the piano, she can dance, she can sing. But I don't think she really knows what she wants to do and I'm not going to push her in any direction, I want her to come to that organically.'
Lourdes has already added her backing vocals to her mother's recent album MDNA, on the track Superstar.
Madonna also said that, despite being highly driven in her career, her advisers are sometimes frustrated that work sometimes takes a back seat to her family.
'I mean, it's always a juggling act,' she said.
'Right now I'm working quite a lot so sometimes, often - to the irritation of my manager - I say no to things.'
'I should be out promoting my record a lot more but if I do that, then I have no free time with my children, so I have to make sacrifices.'

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Swaps Shoes With Lourdes

Madonna 'lives' in her daughter's shoes.
The 53-year-old singer loves 15-year-old Lourdes' Converse sneakers and admits the pair often exchange footwear.
She said: 'I live in her Converse sneakers. She's always wearing my combat boots. She does have amazing style.'
'But I'm the typical mother, where I say, 'You can't go to school dressed like that!''
If Lourdes - who Madonna had with her ex-lover Carlos Leon, a personal trainer - does misbehave, the star likes to maintain a strict parenting relationship.
Madonna - who launched the Material Girl clothing line with Lourdes - added to Life & Style magazine: 'She's a rebel! I take her phone away.'


Madonna 'doesn't know One Direction' and 'wanted' Adele

Madonna has admitted that she doesn't know who One Direction are.
In an ITV interview due to be aired tomorrow (Friday 20 April), the singer hesitated when asked who the band were and admitted her ignorance.
Madonna said: 'That's a pop group, right? Sorry. I haven't seen them yet, no, sorry. Slap my hand.'
The 'Girl Gone Wild' musician then went on to discuss her admiration for Adele, enthusing: 'I would love to [work with her]. I would love to meet her, I think she's brilliant, I love her.'
Madonna also mentioned that she had hoped Adele would join her for her Super Bowl performance in February, but explained that Adele was unable to take part.
'I think she was having her throat problem, or throat operation, or something,' she said.
Madonna recently defended Adele against comments about her weight, describing the jibes as 'ridiculous'.
The singer's full interview with Dan Wootton will be played on Daybreak and Lorraine tomorrow (Friday 20 April) as part of a morning dedicated to her.

From Digital Spy

Remembering Dick Clark

Madonna has made this statement about the late Dick Clark:

'Even though I told him in 1984 that I wanted to rule the world, it’s Dick Clark who ruled the world. He loved what he did and his energy and enthusiasm were boundless. A great man. I bow to his memory and everything he did with his life.'

Madonna: I need to be a 'tougher' mom

After 15-year-old daughter Lourdes was photographed smoking a cigarette, Madonna says she might have to get more strict with her kids.
The singer and single mom, who's cultivated an image as a parental disciplinarian, addresses the photo in an interview on NBC's Rock Center With Brian Williams, airing Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET. The Today show ran a teaser of the sitdown (see video below).
When asked for her reaction to Lourdes' smoking shot, Madonna refers to herself in the third person: 'She wasn't very happy.'
She says she thinks she's a tough parent, 'but honestly, I don't think I'm as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher. It's hard - every day is a negotiation. But cigarette smoking I'm not very fond of - for anyone. I don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter.'
Then correspondent Harry Smith brings up a music video of Madonna, ahem, smoking, to which she responds: 'I don't smoke. That's just an accessory, Harry. There's a difference. (Lourdes) smoked that cigarette before I did that video!'
Another hot topic in the interview: downward sales of her latest album, MDNA, a week after hitting No. 1 on Billboard.
'It's hard to be No. 1. It's hard to sell records. It's a lot of competition, and I was extremely elated,' she says of MDNA's initial sales triumph.

From The Hollywood Reporter

Madonna sets sights on men’s cologne

Her eagerly anticipated debut signature perfume hit US department store Macy’s last week, and Madonna already has plans for an accompanying fragrance and men’s cologne smelling of a 'good old whiskey.'
Following in the footsteps of pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé Knowles who have built up prolific fragrance lines, the songstress says her second perfume should be due out 'sometime next year,' although details remain limited.
In an interview with WWD published April 16, Madonna added that men’s fragrance is an avenue worth exploring, an idea that has been inspired by her teenage daughter Lourdes.
'I think it would be good to do a men’s fragrance, as well,' said the singer.
'My daughter thinks so. She wants to wear it. She likes to wear men’s cologne - don’t ask me why.'
While work has not yet begun on the possible project, Madonna revealed the powerful aroma of hard liquor appeals.
'I love musk and amber and woody kind of fragrances on men. I love the smell of whiskey - we should make a men’s cologne that smells like whiskey. I can’t drink it, it’s too strong, but it smells amazing - a really good old whiskey,' she mused.

From AFP Relax News

Punk star Smith 'inspired Madonna'

Madonna has revealed an unlikely musical inspiration - punk poet Patti Smith.
The singer, who recently scored her 12th No 1 album with MDNA, has named Smith's recording of Gloria as one of her key influences.
Despite her background in the New York dance scene as she began her career she went for the reworking of the track written by Van Morrison and originally recorded by his band Them in 1964.
Madonna has long been known for her references to religion throughout her work and she cited the line 'Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine', which Smith added to the song, as her key inspiration.
She chose the lyric and song after being invited to give her choice as part of HMV's 'my inspiration' campaign - the 300th artist to do so.
The campaign began in 2006 when David Bowie selected a line from Syd Barrett's song Gigolo Aunt. Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga are among the other names to have taken part.
The almost six-minute version of Gloria featured on Smith's 1975 debut Horses.
HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: 'We've been honoured to have some truly legendary artists take part in recent years, but we're particularly proud and thrilled that Madonna has agreed to participate to celebrate our 300th landmark.'
'Naturally we were really intrigued to learn her choice, but should have guessed that, in Patti Smith, she'd go for another artist who has rewritten the rules and, in Gloria, a song that makes a powerful statement.'

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Promises 'A Feast For The Eyes' On MDNA Tour

Madonna is several weeks out from launching her MDNA tour. That means she's working hard on getting every aspect of the show just right, from the music to the design to the looks.
Given that Madonna is famous for her spectacular stage shows, fans of the glitzy singer have high expectations for the jaunt, which will kick off on May 29 in Tel Aviv, and will wrap around the globe before planting Stateside on August 28 in Philadelphia.
When MTV News caught up with singer at the launch of her Truth or Dare perfume in New York City, she revealed that fans should expect this latest excursion to be just as eye-catching as the ones that came before. 'Amazing music, incredible dancing, the team of people that I worked with for the Super Bowl is working with me on this as well,' she explained about the show, which she is currently rehearsing for. And, in the end, she hopes it will be 'a feast for the eyes and the ears.'
Given how decadent her Roman and Egyptian-themed Super Bowl performance was, full of acrobatics, sparkling costumes and enough diva-tude to make Cleopatra jealous, it seems that Madge is taking all the right steps to capture that eye-popping essence for her traveling stage show.
With a set list floating around that includes tracks like fan favorites 'Secret' and 'Deeper and Deeper,' as well as new tracks like 'Turn Up the Radio' and 'Girl Gone Wild,' she's even enlisted her longtime fashion guru, Jean-Paul Gaultier, to design the costumes for the tour, according to Pink Is The New Blog. He's worked with her on her Confessions Tour, her Re-Invention Tour, the Drowned World Tour and her Blond Ambition Tour. He's also the man who designed her famous cone bra.
It seems that the Queen of Pop will rule Long Island's Nassau Coliseum starting at the end of this month through mid-May, according to Newsday. The pop singer and her team are rumored to have rented out the space to rehearse, but she has no plans to stop there during the tour.


Madonna Talks Fashion and Fragrance

She may be sporting Gaultier and Givenchy - as well as her first fine fragrance, Truth or Dare - on her upcoming tour, but Madonna hopes there’s one thing she won’t be wearing as she travels the globe to promote her new album: injuries.
The MDNA tour, in support of her 12th studio album - currently challenged in the charts - is requiring some physically intense moves. At Macy’s Herald Square on Thursday night, making an appearance in support of her scent, Madonna was nursing what she called 'a big old cut' on her leg. Motioning to her black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress, she laughed, 'I take these clothes off, and I’m covered in bruises. It’s very sexy.' Why? Wait and see, she said, but promised it will be intense.
The tour kicks off in Tel Aviv on May 29, wending its way around the Middle East and Europe before the first North American date, Aug. 28 in Philadelphia. 'It’s crunch time for me getting my show ready, so after this I have to go back to the dungeon,' she told WWD during an interview after the Macy’s appearance. 'I call it the dungeon, where we work. In a room with no light. It’s kind of our factory, but I have a lot of work to do.'
As for the show’s couture, 'I worship and adore [Jean Paul Gaultier]. He’s creating one of my costumes, and kind of godfathering the costumes for a section of my show, with all my dancers. I’m really happy he’s doing it, because he’s such a genius. And I’ll probably wear something that Riccardo [Tisci] from Givenchy makes. But the rest of it is going to be what my costume designer Arianne Phillips creates with me.'

To read the rest of the interview visit

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New Tour Dates Confirmed In Mexico, Colombia, Brazil And Chile

Madonna's highly anticipated MDNA tour will return to Mexico and South America, it was announced today by Live Nation, OCESA and Time For Fun. Following the European and North American legs of her MDNA Tour, the Material Girl has confirmed performances in Mexico City, Mexico; Medellin, Colombia; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil as well as Santiago, Chile. Tickets for these newly announced dates will go on sale starting April 25th.

The Madonna MDNA World Tour begins May 29th 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel will stop in 26 European cities before starting in North America in August. The shows will include arenas, stadiums and special outdoor sights. Following her return visit to Mexico and South America, Madonna will visit Australia where she has not performed in 20 years.

24-Nov - Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Sol - On sale 4.27 - Fan club pre-sale starts April 18 at 11am local time for Legacy members (12noon for Live Pass members)

28-Nov - Medellin, Colombia - Estadio Atanasio Girardot - On sale 4.26 - Fan club pre-sale starts April 17 at 11am local time for Legacy members (12noon for Live Pass members)

01-Dec - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Parque Dos Atletas - On sale 5.4 - Live Pass registrations will begin April 23.

04-Dec - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Estadio do Morumbi - On sale 4.25 - Fan club pre-sale will start April 18 at 10am for Legacy members (11am for Live Pass members)

09-Dec - Porto Alegre, Brazil - Estadio Olimpico - On sale 4.26 - Fan club pre-sale will start April 18 at 10am for Legacy members (11am for Live Pass members)

19-Dec - Santiago, Chile - Estadio Nacional - On sale 5.2 - Live Pass registrations will begin April 23.


For premium tickets and to buy and sell unwanted tickets visit Official Premium and Secondary Ticketing Partner

'MDNA' and '2012 Tour' lithograph/poster

Here is a closer look at the MDNA limited-edition lithograph and 2012 tour poster that are available online at the Madonna Official Merchandise store.

Fans who have received the large lithograph and posters are very pleased with what they received! The limited edition 'MDNA' lithograph retails at $75 and the tour poster at $14.95. For more information click on the appropriate image below.

Official MDNA Album Cover Lithograph. MDNA Tour Graphic Poster

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Gaultier back to design for Madonna's World Tour!

We'd heard it on the grapevine, but this lunchtime in Paris at the suitably kinky cabaret club The Crazy Horse, Jean Paul Gaultier confirmed it. He is 100% designing a costume or costumes for Madonna's – or should that be MDNA's? - forthcoming world tour! Excuse us while we pull a few moves from the Vogue video... OK. We've done that now. Feeling a bit calmer. But not so calm as to neutralise the excitement we feel at the thought that the best ever pop icon/fashion legend collaboration EVER is to be reprised for our viewing pleasure very soon.
For those of you who don't know, the first time the pair worked together on costumes in 1990 for Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour was THE defining moment of both of their careers to date, and remains totally inspirational to this day. Even if you think you don't know what their first collaboration looked like, when you see the pictures you will probably be nodding at the familiarity if them. The high pony tail..the corsets..(and the pair worked together again on costumes for Madonna's 2006 Confessions tour).
Gaultier could not resist talking further about Madonna, who he personally introduced to The Crazy Horse club all those years ago. 'She loved the dancers here, it inspired her choreography,' he said.
We expect to hear about further designer collaborations for this MDNA world tour very soon. It seems Her Madjesty is re-connecting with all of her most treasured designer friends. So Dolce Gabbana, do YOU have anything to share?

From Grazia Daily

Madonna: Happy Joyce Banda is Malawi's president

Madonna says she's happy that Malawi's former vice president is now leading the country.
Joy Banda became president Saturday and is the country's first women leader. Former president Bingu wa Mutharika died of a heart attack on April 5.
Madonna adopted two Malawian children and started the charity, Raising Malawi, in 2006. It assists orphanages and other aid programs in the country.
The singer called Banda 'amazing' and said she interviewed the 62-year-old for her 2008 documentary, 'I Am Because We Are,' about Malawian orphans who lost family members to HIV/AIDS.
'She was really into girls being educated in Africa, which is a good thing,' Madonna said in an interview Thursday night. 'So, I'm glad.'

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

Source: Madonna to set up shop at Nassau Coliseum

The Material Girl is setting up shop at the Nassau Coliseum.
Madonna, the biggest-selling female recording artist in history, will take over the Uniondale arena beginning Monday to build a massive stage and set for her upcoming world tour, according to a source familiar with the deal.
Under an agreement reached this week, Coliseum employees and the artist's road crew will occupy the arena through late May, the source said. Madonna is expected to appear for rehearsals and show preparations, though there are no plans for her to perform publicly at the arena.
Officials with Philadelphia-based SMG, the management company that runs the arena, did not return calls for comment. Coliseum employees will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from publicly discussing the arrangement.
Cash-strapped Nassau County, which owns the Coliseum but does not collect revenue directly from arena shows, will not receive any funds from the Madonna contract. Revenue will go to an entity controlled by SMG. Charles Wang, owner of the Coliseum's major tenant, the New York Islanders hockey team, participates in the arrangement, the source said. Wang did not return calls for comment.
Madonna's camp declined to comment about where she would be rehearsing for the tour. However, music industry sources say that she is headed to the Coliseum from late April until mid-May.
Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano said that while he couldn't confirm the arrangement with Madonna, the Coliseum stimulates the local economy 'by having dollars spent and respent here in Nassau.'
The Islanders' failure to make the NHL playoffs this year left the Coliseum with few bookings as of late spring.
With the exception of a handful of college graduation ceremonies, the arena will not host any concerts, children's shows or other events between April 29 and June 17.
'It's a great thing to have the tour practice here since, unfortunately, there is no [playoff] hockey,' said the source.