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Fan Pictures: 'Truth or Dare' at Macy's - Part 1

Frank's 'dare' to tattoo came true!

The Macy's letter may have said 'no memorabilia is allowed' but they couldn't stop you bringing your arm along as Frank 'dared' to find out!

madonnalicious reader Michele attended the 'Truth or Dare' launch event with her friend Frank Orlik who was lucky enough to have his question asked. Frank dared Madonna to sign his arm, so he could get a tattoo. And she did as these pictures show below! The friends all went immediately afterwards to get the tattoo inked!


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I think that was very clever of Frank. I am so happy for him.


Lucky man !!! I always tought about it the day that I will meet Madonna !!! Congratulations man !!!


Wow! Fantatstic!

I have 'Confess' as a tattoo on my back, written in the same font as 'Confessions...' which I just adore!

I am soooooooo jealous of this tattoo!

parça kontör



when I watched the video and saw this I almost started crying, don't know why, just felt so happy and thrilled for him :)


lol that's awesome! What a creative way to remember an amazing moment forever. :)


Congrats again Frank and love the tattoo parlor pic. Thanks for sharing the experience with us that night. It was a memorable night!

Miss H

that is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats Frank!!!!!! :)


Great idea Frank! So pleased for you and well done! Now go out there and flaunt it massively!!!! :-))


I have tears in my eyes for u cuz I know how I would feel u r one lucky guy.


Sooooooooooo jealous 1 for meeting Madoona and 2nd for getting a great tattoo (I owen a tattoo studio)

Ben Raczka

This is what I wanted!!! :( I did that with Lady Gaga and now I want Madonna's autograph on my arm right by the Ray Of Light logo from her album. What a lucky guy!!!!! I'm so jealous!

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