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Madonna’s cleavage is just too much for Disney-owned ABC. The network says Madonna’s ads for her Truth or Dare perfume are too racy to run and have insisted that shots of her breasts and behind be covered up.
ABC execs ordered producers of the perfume ad to digitally alter offending shots of her body in the 30-second black-and-white ad, which leaked on the Internet and shows her cavorting in a low-cut corset and fishnet stockings, wearing a cross and singing over a dance beat, 'I’m a bad girl.'
A source told us: 'ABC viewed the ad [and] came back with a list of changes. They say they want her bra digitally made bigger, and to extend higher to cover more of her chest, and her corset longer to cover more of her bottom. ABC also wants to cut another suggestive scene where Madonna writhes around.'
Ironically, Madonna’s team wanted the ads to run during the shows 'GCB' and 'Scandal.' But even once the requested changes are made, ABC brass think Madonna’s sexy black-and-white ad can only run after 9 p.m. - oddly with the exception of daytime show 'The View' (perhaps because its viewers are unshockable).
Page Six earlier reported that Madonna’s video for her new song, 'Girl Gone Wild,' had to be re-edited after YouTube banned it from open view and slapped it with an '18 years and over' rating because of racy content. A second source confirmed to us, 'ABC has requested some changes be made to the content of the Truth or Dare perfume commercial.'

From New York Post


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ABC has every right to air the commercials they want. It's their network, not Madonna's. People get up in arms over little things like this when there are more important things to worry about. If Madonna has to censor the ad, then so be it. If she doesn't want to, then she can find a more open minded network. I think the ad is sexy and showcases Madonna at her best, looks like ABC will be missing out, but that is their loss. But they have every right to show what they want and to not show what they don't want. Simple. =)



Seriously ABC? Seriously?


"offending parts of her body"??? What the? No human body or its parts are offensive, especially not on a woman like Madonna. The New York Post article using this wording looks like an article from a thirld world, sheriah country (no offence, pun intended). No way such language would be used anywhere in Europe. How can you call a body offensive? Estetically not pleasing maybe (not applicable in M's case), but offensive? Its offensive that such wording was put together by the author and approved by the editor, and was finally published.

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