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Madonna Reveals 'MDNA' Tour Details in Facebook Chat

Madonna chatted with Jimmy Fallon Saturday evening, but it wasn't on the set of NBC's 'Late Night.' The pop star was interviewed during a live stream on her Facebook page to take questions from fans and to promote her 12th studio album, 'MDNA.' The album will be released Monday.
In a strategy that has been praised for avoiding overexposure, Madonna has been noticeably absent from the talk show and magazine circuit, and has instead been promoting new songs and behind-the-scenes videos online. According to Fallon, the Facebook stream would be her only promotional interview ahead of the album's release.
'What if it doesn't work out?' Fallon joked of the interview. 'You're Madonna. But did you think about my career?'
After getting some dance instruction, Fallon turned to Madonna's upcoming tour, asking if fans would see elements from her bombastic Super Bowl halftime show.
'I don't want to repeat myself. I did that already,' Madonna said.
Madonna wouldn't reveal which songs would be performed during the MDNA tour, but did say she likes her shows to be divided into acts. The first act of the upcoming tour will be titled 'Transgression.'
'I like to have a theme for my show and create a dramatic arc,' Madonna said. 'Then I try to make the songs fit within that arc.'
On why she chose M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj as collaborators for the album, Madonna said: 'Because they're badass bitches. They're both smart, clever. They have strength. They don't just play on their sexuality.'
The 53-year-old pop icon also told Fallon rehearsals for the tour have been 'violent.'
'I'm covered in bruises right now,' Madonna said


Madonna: 'I still believe in love'

Even after her divorce from director Guy Ritchie, Madonna declares that 'I still believe in love.' She adds that her dream man must compare to 'John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever,' Bruce Lee, and Abraham Lincoln.'
The Material Girl has given her first interview to Larry Flick’s SiriusXM show about her new album 'MDNA,' out March 26, which contains two songs that appear to be about her failed relationship with Ritchie. On the song 'I Don't Give A ...' the Material Girl sings, 'I tried to be a good girl/I tried to be your wife/Diminished myself/And I swallowed my light/I tried to become all/That you expect of me/And if it was a failure/I don’t give a [bleep].'
Meanwhile on the track, 'I [Bleeped] Up,' the 53-year-old songstress sounds more remorseful, singing 'You brought out the best in me/ And somehow I destroyed the perfect dream.'
Still, Madonna says these songs shouldn't be an indication that she is skeptical about love.
'Obviously, I had to get some things off my chest,' she said of writing the songs but not directly mentioning Ritchie, who she divorced in 2008 citing 'unreasonable behavior.' 'I think I still have a lot to say. I still get pissed off about things, and I still believe in love.'
When prodded on whether she considers herself a romantic, Madge said, 'Of course! How could there not be? How could you be a songwriter and not be romantic?'
Madonna says that the song 'Superstar' focuses on her ongoing quest for love.
'It's about finding a man you can look up to, and comparing them to archetypes that I obviously adore - John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever,' Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln. I name people who I look up to and admire,' explains Madonna. 'I compare the object of my affection to all these people.'

From New York Post

Madge too hot for YouTube

Madonna’s steamy new video for 'Girl Gone Wild' has been banned from open view on YouTube for being too raunchy, with scenes including nudity and a close-up of a man’s PVC-clad crotch.
YouTube chiefs have restricted the video for those 18 years or above, and sources tell us they’ve told the superstar’s management that if they want it to be available for viewing by all, they must edit out shots of bare bottoms, a man rubbing his crotch and an implied masturbation scene where a man gyrates before a mirror.
Madonna’s team was working yesterday on an edited version of the video for YouTube because, for the first time, it’s based its marketing strategy for her new album, 'MDNA,' on social media, including a live Facebook interview with Jimmy Fallon today.
A source told us, 'YouTube has decided the video is too raunchy and should only be viewed by those 18 or over, and actually, the video is hard to find on the site. YouTube has sent Madonna’s team a list of shots that should be cut to make it appropriate for everyone.'
Fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott directed 'Girl Gone Wild,' using much of the singer’s trademark erotic imagery, including topless men dancing in black tights (mantyhose) and platform heels.
YouTube also took exception to an S&M-inspired scene of a silhouette in chains.
The video was deemed 'inappropriate for some users' by YouTube, and viewers must verify they’re 18 or older and log in to watch it.
A rep for YouTube told us, 'While we don’t comment on individual videos, we review all videos flagged by our users against our community guidelines. In some cases we agerestrict flagged material that, while not in violation of those guidelines, contains images that may be unsuitable for younger users.'
Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, told us, 'Some things never change. This is a throwback to [1990] when MTV refused to show ‘Justify My Love.’'

From the New York Post

2012 World Tour To Stop At NYC's Madison Square Garden

We are happy to announce that a show at New York's Madison Square Garden has just been added to Madonna's 2012 World Tour schedule and will take place on November 12!

Tickets to this newly added show will go on sale at 10am local time on March 30, while a devoted fan club pre-sale will start March 26 at Noon local time for Legacy members/1pm for Live Pass members.


Events: 'MDNA' Release Parties in Brazil

MadonnaOnline and Universal Music Brazil will do TEN parties in Brazil in different cities across the country: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belém, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Londrina, Recife and Salvador.

It´s the biggest Madonna´s party Celebration in Brazil! For the complete list with all dates and locations visit:

MDNA: Divorce, Rage, Regret - And You Can Dance to It, Too!

Liz Smith gives her opinion on Madonna's MDNA in her lastest column at

'There’s something remarkable about Madonna’s decision to share her suffering the way she once shared her pleasure. Her music has always been about liberation from oppression, but for the first time the oppression is internal: loss and sadness. Stars - they really are just like us.' That is Rolling Stone’s Joe Levy reviewing Madonna’s upon-us-any minute album 'MDNA.'
This record is dance-driven, revenge-driven, regret-driven and self-referential to the max. It has already received a batch of impressive reviews; those who have heard it agree it is disconcertingly dark, eminently danceable, and delicately mournful. A wild mash-up.
Madonna, who is only 53, is not going quietly into that good night of ballads and a single spotlight. (Although 'MDNA' does contain three ballads - one of which, 'Falling Free' is among the most intimate and well-sung of her career.)
But the beat goes on for M. The album is chock full of 21st century in-your-face techo - it thumps relentlessly, the bass booms, and they do odd, computerized things with her voice. Yet it often recalls her earlier efforts, during the halcyon days of her recording career. Her pure, unaltered voice is heard enough to reassure the fans who loved her in the 80s or in 1997’s 'Evita.'
'MDNA' is not my kind of music, necessarily. But it is impressive. Impressive in that Madonna does what she wants to do, and says what she wants to say (Guy Ritchie, when you hear 'Gang Bang,' duck for cover!) And she says it - haters be damned - against throbbing dance beats.
Listen, Marlene Dietrich spent her entire career - well into her seventies - attempting to maintain the illusion of the fabulous femme fatale image created for her by Josef von Sternberg in the 1930s. At Madonna’s age, she was wearing semi-transparent gowns and singing the same old songs on stages around the world. And looking increasingly bored doing it, too.
Madonna was the sexy, controversial pop star. So she’s still doing what she knows how to do. Difference? She doesn’t seem bored. In fact, 'MDNA' announces her revitalization.
She’s always supposed to be over, but somehow she never is. And I abhor the ageism and sexism so resonant in criticism of her.

Madonna vows to defy anti-gay law on Russian tour

U.S. pop singer Madonna has promised to defy a recent law against homosexual 'propaganda' in Vladimir Putin's hometown of St. Petersburg on her upcoming tour through Russia this summer.
Calling the legislation, which imposes fines for promoting homosexuality among minors, a 'ridiculous atrocity' on her Facebook page, she said she would address the issue during her show.
'I will come to St Petersburg to speak up for the gay community, to support the gay community,' she said. Her Russian tour begins in August, months after the Moscow opening of her private gym named after the artist's 2008 album 'Hard Candy'.
Homosexuality, punished with jail terms in the Soviet Union, was only decriminalized in Russia in 1993, but much of the homosexual community remains largely underground as anti-gay prejudice runs deep.
The legislation was signed into law in March by St. Petersburg mayor and Putin-ally Georgy Poltavchenko.
It imposes a fine of up to 500,000 roubles ($17,100) for spreading what the bill calls homosexual 'propaganda' that could 'damage the health, moral and spiritual development of the underaged', defined as those under the age of 18.
The law has caused concerns among the gay community that it could be used to clamp down on Russia's rare public displays of homosexuality, such as gay parades.
Gay rights activists in Moscow and St. Petersburg, have scheduled two 'Slavic gay parades' during Madonna's tour according to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender website
Numerous attempts to hold gay protests in Moscow, ruled illegal by the authorities, have ended in multiple arrests and clashes with ultra-Orthodox believers who say homosexuals should be punished or treated in hospital for 'illness'.
In 2010 the European Court of Human Rights fined Russia for banning homosexual parades in Moscow, in what gay rights activists described as a historic victory.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

'The Smirnoff 'MDNA' Nightlife Edition Remix Album'

The Smirnoff Co. has announced that they are offering 'The Smirnoff 'MDNA' Nightlife Edition Remix Album' to Madonna fans. The surefire collector's album will be available to consumers exclusively through the Smirnoff US Facebook page.
The Smirnoff 'MDNA' Nightlife Edition Remix Album features seven remixed tracks from Madonna's new album, 'MDNA.' Both albums are scheduled to be released on March 26th.
The 'MDNA' Nightlife Edition Remix Album showcases DJ sensations Kid Capri & Just Blaze, from Smirnoff's Master of the Mix program and never heard before versions of new tracks including 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' and 'Masterpiece.'
This is the latest element of Smirnoff's multifaceted partnership with Madonna and Live Nation Entertainment.
Smirnoff's exciting offer to fans enables them to purchase the 'MDNA' Nightlife Edition Remix Album by 'liking' their US Facebook page ( and placing their order for $3.50. The simultaneous March 26th distribution of the remixed downloads and the release of 'MDNA' on March 26th enables Smirnoff fans to be the first to hear the unique compilation.
Simon Burch, Global Brand Director for The Smirnoff Co., commented, 'It is a testament to Madonna's phenomenal performance and album production that these tracks can be remixed whilst retaining their musical integrity and broad appeal. It is exciting to be giving our fans the first chance to hear these incredible tracks in an expertly produced compilation album.'
'We are delighted that Madonna and Live Nation Entertainment's collaboration with Smirnoff gives us the chance to share extraordinary original content with fans, and provide them with new and exciting ways to experience Madonna's music,' said Christopher Swope, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Innovation, Live Nation Network.

From Marketwire Press Release

Exhibitions: Mick Rock's 'The Legend Series'

Last night at his THE LEGEND SERIES opening at CATM Gallery, Mick Rock told the story of working with a young singer that you've probably come to know by now.

'A friend of mine called Bleeker Bob (of the Greenwich Village record store) used to bring stray characters and musicians to my Madison Avenue studio. This would have been 1980. And one day Madonna appeared...She wasn't known, she hadn't even made a record, she told me she was a dancer. I took a few little test pictures and forgot about them for 20 years. She stuck her tongue out in the photo; she already knew about the camera. I didn't say anything like 'stick our tongue out, doll.' That was purely spontaneous on her part.
Who would have thought? But then again, I never really thought about anything. I just rolled with it. I was always on a roll...'

For more information visit or click on the image below.

Vote: NME's Ultimate Icon

As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations, we want to crown the ultimate music icon of NME's lifetime - as voted by you, the readers.
Have your say by voting for ONE of the 60 shortlisted artists below. We'll be announcing the next stage of the competition in the coming weeks. Now, who will you pick...?

To vote for Madonna (who is number 40 on the list) visit

Thanks to Miguel

Madonna's new disc 'MDNA' GR8

Lady Madonna. Trampy Madonna. Material Girl Madonna. Cowgirl Madonna.
Erotic Madonna. Neurotic Madonna. Fashionista Madonna. Fetishista Madonna.

We've met them all over the past 30 years - along with too many more alter-egos to list. So it should be no surprise that the pop queen of 1,000 faces has added a few more self-portraits to her vogue rogue's gallery with her 12th album MDNA.

One you won't meet: Washed-Up Madonna. Co-produced by Ray of Light co-conspirator William Orbit, French DJ Martin Solveig, Italian counterpart Benny Benassi and others, the 12-cut MDNA is one of Madge's most intriguing discs in a while, offering a deft blend of pop and dance with doses of hip-hop, electronica, dubstep, balladry and even some seriously weird moments. But what else would you expect from a disc whose title is one letter away from the acronym for Ecstasy?

To read the rest of the 4/5 star review visit

Madonna Answers St Petersburg's Controversy

I'm a freedom fighter.
My show
My songs
My work
My art
Is all about freedom of expression
Freedom to choose to speak to act
Always with humanity and compassion
I will come to St. Petersburg to speak up for the gay community, to support the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels opressed.
I don't run away from adversity.
I will speak during my show about this ridiculous atrocity.


Second Show Added in Tel Aviv to be 'Concert for Peace'

Madonna and Live Nation Entertainment announced today that they will be adding a second show at Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv on May 31st. The added show has been declared by Madonna as a 'Concert for Peace.' Madonna is inviting several peace organizations to the May 31st show to honor and acknowledge people seeking peace in the Middle East. Details about the participating organizations will be announced shortly.
'Music is so universal and if there's any chance that through my performance I can bring further attention and enlightenment to honor the peace efforts in the Middle East and help people come together, it would be an honor for me. It is my way of thanking those who are making so much effort toward bringing peace to the Middle East,' commented Madonna.
Earlier this year following Madonna's performance of 'Like A Prayer' during the Bridgestone Superbowl Halftime, she concluded with a giant projection on the field proclaiming 'World Peace'.
Madonna is currently rehearsing for her world tour. Her new MDNA album is scheduled to be released globally March 26th. She is scheduled to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on her Facebook page this Saturday at 6:30 EDT.
Tickets for Madonna's second Israeli performance Thursday, May 31st at Ramat Gan Stadium will go on sale Friday, March 23rd at 10:00 am. Tickets starting at 240 ISD will be available at and
Produced by Live Nation Global Touring in association with Shuki Weiss.

From Live Nation Entertainment Press Release

NOTE: An ICON pre-sale starts today (Wednesday 21 March at 6pm local time).

Madonna Owns 'Girl Gone Wild' Title In New Video

While Madonna favored vintage, kitschy, colorful images for her 'Give Me All Your Luvin' video, the Queen of Pop opted for black-and-white sex for her just-released 'Girl Gone Wild' clip.
Shot by fashion photographers Mert and Marcus (who also did the album's more multihued artwork), the video was the perfect homage to the singer's foxy 'Sex' book and Erotica days of the '90s. Crunchy, sexy and edgy, the 'GGW' clip is certainly the perfect response for anyone yearning for that Madge of yesteryear.
Twenty years after Madonna had conservative-minded folks worried about her sexy influence over pop culture, the singer can still make us want her and whatever brand of sex she's selling. Pleather, whips, chains and same-sex action define the images in the saucy clip. While 'Give Me' featured pals Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., the only 'Girl' in this video is Madge, who gets raunchy with a number of male dancers.
The video opens with Madonna in full glamour mode (big hair and diva makeup) declaring how she wants to be good but just can't fight the bad. We mean, who could blame her with all that eye candy around? Spastic shots of her doing yoga are intercut with ones of her dancing around and sexy male dancers posing with one another (and sharing an apple in a way we haven't seen before). The video also features an electrifying dance sequence, with men in tights and heels, really calling attention to Madonna's never-ending need to create memorable images.
It's clear this girl wants to have fun and she wants to be licked, kissed and grinded on by hot dudes. This is Madonna, so fans shouldn't be surprised that she's favoring erotic scenes in which she mugs for the camera with beefy guys all over her. Eventually, Madge proves she's still got the moves when she joins the dancers for another choreographed sequence.
As the video continues to show the singer and her dancers just being attractive with one another, the final shot is a close-up of Madonna, crying thick, black tears, proving that wild girls are saddest when the party is over.
Mert and Marcus are best known for their work as fashion photographers, and that influence is certainly felt in this video. It plays out as if it's a series of shots in a fashion magazine. MDNA, the singer's 12th studio album, is set for release on Monday. 'GGW' is the second single from it.
What did you think of Madonna's new video? Let us know in the comments!


Madonna to Be Interviewed by Jimmy Fallon Live on Facebook

Madonna will kick off the release of her highly anticipated album MDNA when she sits down for an exclusive interview with late night host Jimmy Fallon who will conduct a live stream chat on the star's Facebook page Saturday, March 24th at 6pm EDT. News of the interview was officially confirmed last night by Jimmy Fallon on his show. The interview will take place before a live audience. Madonna has also been sharing sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes snippets of rehearsals for her upcoming tour on her Facebook page.

Fans can submit their questions on Madonna's page.

Jimmy Fallon will be talking about this exciting event on his show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (weeknights on NBC at 12:35 EDT/11:35 CDT) and both stars will be sharing posts on Facebook in advance of the interview.

Tune in to watch the exclusive live chat with Madonna and Jimmy Fallon at

From Interscope Press Release / PR Newswire

Events: MDNA Release Party in Berlin

The release of the new album by the Goddess of Pop will be celebrated with a special release party in Berlin. MDNA will be spread all over the trendy bar 'Zum Schmutzigen Hobby' in Berlin Friedrichshain.

All fans are invited to survey and celebrate the new tracks as well as party and dance to all the very best hits of the Material Girl. Get together for this occasion, DJ Jay-T will put the records on that you wanna dance to! Not to be missed!

2012 World Tour To Visit Rome

We are happy to announce that a show at Rome's Stadio Olimpico was just added to the 2012 Tour schedule and will take place on Tuesday 12 June.

Tickets will go on sale at 10am local time on March 23, while a devoted Icon pre-sale will start on March 20, at 10am local time for Legacy members / 11am local time for Live Pass members (pre-sales week #7).


Madonna: I'm Not A Control Freak

Madonna has denied rumours that she is a "control freak" in the studio.
The singer insisted that she loves to collaborate with other people and values their input on her work.
She told Sirius Radio host Larry Flick: "You know, I hate to use the word 'control' so much, because people use and bandy that word about with me, when it comes to my creative life.
"Everyone says, 'Oh, you're a control freak and you like to be in control'. The thing is, everything I do, even my songwriting, I'm collaborating at all times. I value input from people, and I want it."
Madonna has worked with artists including Nicki Minaj, MIA, Mika and LMFAO on her 12th studio album MDNA, which is released on March 26 in the UK and a day later in the US. She has also collaborated with producers William Orbit, Benny Bennassi and Martin Solveig.
She added: "I can't work on my own. I am not Prince or like a lot of artists, who can go in and play every instrument, and record a track, and not hear from people. I need to hear what people think all the time."

From Digital Spy

'Girl Gone Wild' video premiere details

Madonna is teaming up with E! for the exclusive world premiere of the controversial music video for her new single 'Girl Gone Wild' from her upcoming MDNA album, scheduled to be released March 26 on Interscope Records.

The video, shot in black and white, was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Mert & Marcus. It includes a stunning tour de force performance by the Material Girl and her team of dancers and breathtaking visual effects.

E! provides a pitch-perfect platform for this much buzzed-about video when it premieres exclusively on E! News on March 20 at 7:00 and 11:30 PM and is available on E! Online directly following.


Madonna scores 41st No.1 Dance/Club Play Song!

Madonna will achieve a record-extending 41st No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Club Play Songs chart next week as 'Give Me All Your Luvin' will jump 2-1 on the tally.

'Give Me All Your Luvin' will be No. 1 on the upcoming chart dated March 31 (posted to on March 22). The achievement also gives Madonna No. 1 Billboard singles in four consecutive decades: the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and ’10s.

Madonna extends her lead for most No. 1s in the chart’s history, pulling further ahead of runner-up Janet Jackson, who has 19.

'Give Me All Your Luvin'' (featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.) is the first single from Madonna’s 'MDNA' album, due out March 26. It reaches the top of the chart courtesy of remixes by the likes of LMFAO , Nicky Romero and Laidback Luke.

From - thanks to Micheal