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Madonna's 'MDNA' sends pop lesson to young guard

Jostling for space with younger rivals like Lady Gaga, Madonna brings a grown woman's voice to her new album 'MDNA', out on Monday, on which the 53-year-old Queen of Pop evokes the pain of her divorce.
Since her last album, the dance-flavoured 'Hard Candy' in 2008, new faces have crowded into the space long ruled by the Material Girl: Rihanna for sexiness, Lana Del Rey for edgy glamour, and the ever-theatrical Lady Gaga.
So when Madonna announced she was working on a new album, the music world raised a sceptical eyebrow: put frankly, can a woman in her 50s still set the pace in a youth-driven pop world?
The first track from the album, 'Give Me All Your Luvin', which Madonna performed at the Superbowl last month, failed to win over the music press.
But critics have since given a thumbs up to Madonna's 12th studio album, which leaked on the Internet this week ahead of its release.
'Madonna is still very much the Queen of Pop,' wrote the US magazine Billboard. 'Nearly 30 years after first hitting the Billboard charts with her debut single 'Everybody', Madonna is still showing the world how it's done.'
Likewise, Britain's Daily Mirror wrote that 'Madonna's new album shows the young pretenders she is still a force to be reckoned with.'
Madonna teamed up with a host of carefully chosen collaborators for 'MDNA', most notably M.I.A, the British hip-hop star who set tongues wagging at the Superbowl with a brief flip of the middle finger to the cameras.
Production side, she signed up the French DJ Martin Solveig and Italian duo Alle and Benny Benassi, masters of the dance floor hit.
The album - whose title is a play on the nightclub drug MDMA - is peppered with hedonistic dance tracks, but they share space with highly personal pieces in which Madonna alludes to her 2008 divorce from British director Guy Ritchie.
Several tracks - both gentle ballads and harder hip-hop-flavoured pieces - are odes to her failed marriage, like 'I Don't Give A' where she sings that 'I tried to be your wife/I diminished myself'.
And 'Gang Bang', a hard-electro that could be the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie, rings like a revenge fantasy, as she sings ominously of shooting a lover in the head.
'There is something remarkable about Madonna's decision to share her suffering the way she has once shared her pleasure,' wrote the Chicago Tribune. 'Her music has always been about liberation and oppression - but for the first time the oppression is internal: loss and sadness.'

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Whilst it could be true that M *did* intentionally want a slightly controversial title for this album (albeit somewhat passe, in reality!), I have yet to see any of the press suggest that the full stops in the title also are in the same place as the missing letters that will simply spell out MaDoNnA.

I wonder how long it will be before we get a new album from L.d.G.g. or K.l.e or B.i.n.y, for that matter! LOL


A GROWN Woman's voice with songs like Girl Gone Wild (about a girl losing control), Gang Bang (about a girl killing her man), I'm Addicted (about a girl too naive and needy to let go of her man), Turn Up The Radio (about a girl wanting to escape from reality by repeating the title over and over), Give Me All Your Luvin' (about a girl wanting to stay on top of the other younger and cooler girls), Some Girls (about a girl needing to exert herself once again on other younger and cooler girls), B-Day Song (about a girl happy it's her birthday), Superstar (about a girl with a delusional fantasy), Best Friend (about a girl trying to figure out why her man left [hint: never grew up]), I Don't Give A (about a girl who complains a lot), Beautiful Killer (about a girl to naive to see the truth), I'm A Sinner (about a girl who likes to be wild and irresponsible), Love Spent (LOVE this song; the only mature track so far, PURE POP GOLD), Masterpiece (GOLD), I Fucked Up (GOLD), Falling Free (GOLD!!!)...

Album rating (biased): 3/4
Album rating (unbiased): 1/4

But I'm still her fan. I'm just trying to dispel the illusion...

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