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Madonna on course for number one

Madonna's new album MDNA is on course to top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, according to midweek figures.
If the album makes number one in the UK, she will beat the record currently held by Elvis Presley for the most number one albums by a solo artist.
It would be her 12th appearance at number one, including compilations The Immaculate Collection and Celebration, and the Evita soundtrack.
MDNA has shifted 39,000 copies so far, said the Official Charts Company.
In the US, it is expected to sell 300,000 - 350,000 copies, almost double this week's number one, which is the soundtrack to action movie The Hunger Games.
It will be the pop star's eighth number one album in the US, and the first-week sales will be higher than those of Madonna's last studio album, Hard Candy, which debuted at number one with 280,000 copies sold, according to US chart compilers Nielsen SoundScan.
Madonna still has some way to go to break the record for the most number one albums in the UK. That honour is held by the Beatles, who topped the charts 15 times.

From BBC News


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"Totally agree! Best album since coad!

Posted by: Luke | Thursday, 29 March 2012 at 09:19 PM "

Not sure if this was ironic/sarcastic, but with there being only one album between COAD and MDNA (namely Hard Candy - let's not include the Sticky and Sweet DVD), then there isn't really that much to compare it with!!!!

Louis Smith

MDNA is her best work yet. Genius. right now my favorite song by far is Love Spent. There r many hits here...there is no filler. Every song is just so damn good. I find it comforting that at her age, she can still play with the big boys. It makes me feel better b cuz thats the first thing people (critics) go for. Thank God she has thrown that right out the frickin window with this music. Madonna is just damn Inspirational. I Love You....Gurl.


I VOTE FOR MDNA's SUPERSTAR as next single... Ooo La La, I LUV it!


Totally agree! Best album since coad!


I agree... MDNA is a grower album... The more I listen the more I like.
It does reference the Past Madonna but also the present and the future Madonna. Critics were amazing about it but there are still a few haters trying to bring Madonnas's latest triumph down... And they attack her with the lowest weapons ever... By being ageist and women haters.
On my opinion this is the album I was waiting and it's on my number 1's Madonna albums.


This album should be number 1 for a long time. It is killer with some pure genius tracks on it. I now have a new favorite Madonna album with MDNA. It edges out Ray of Light slightly for me. It has a mix of everything for me, current sounds, sounds ahead of the curve ( which is one thing I have loved about Madonna), familiar sounds (the songs with William Orbit are reminiscent of Ray of Light, only more progressive). I am tired of hearing people whine about cheesy lyrics. Have they really listened to the songs? I don't think so. Turn up the Radio should be a HUGE summer anthem, and listen to the lyrics, it is about throwing your fears and bad days away for the moment of dancing your cares away, which right now in my life brought tears to my eyes as this year has been a rough one emotionally for me and this song made me DANCE as only Madonna can make me do. BRAVO!! My cares were gone for roughly 4 minutes and I thank Madonna for that. There are some hefty songs on this album and not one song that I do not like. I LOVE every song on MDNA. The songs on the deluxe edition should have just been on the album they are that good. The throbbing hook of Gang Bang is brilliant, dark, and so danceable, and the breakdown at the end of I Don't Give A is hauntingly brilliant, it gives me chills everytime I hear it, just like the string breakdown in Power of Goodbye on Ray of Light. Masterpiece and Falling Free are pure Madonna ballads that are beautiful to listen to and Falling Free is a heartbreaker. I give MDNA 5 stars and I cannot wait to see this album brought to life at the concert. I am gonna be dancin my ass off for a very long time with MDNA! This is the best of Madonna in my opinion, combining classic madonna, emotional Madonna, dark Madonna, sexual Madonna. The album title is right on target as it is all of Madonna. Thank you for a brilliant album. L.U.V it!

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