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Madonna Invites Bieber On Tour in Twitter talk

When Madonna collaborated with Nicki Minaj and MIA, we thought it was great. Imagine Madonna teaming up with Justin Bieber! It would be fabulous. Madonna has invited Bieber to join her on stage during her forthcoming world tour.
Madonna extended the invitation during a Twitter Q&A session last night to promote her new album MDNA. Responding to a question from a Twitter user, Madonna expressed that she thinks Bieber is 'awesome. I'm a huge fan. I love it when he raps.'
She then added: 'Come and join me on stage when I'm on tour when we are in the same city and congrats on your new single.'
Bieber, whose new track Boyfriend also debuted in full today, had congratulated Madonna on her album release via Twitter: 'Yours is a career artists dream of.'
Madonna wrote that the idea of a Twitter Q&A session appealed to her due to the 'direct connection to [her] fans... no middle man'.
She revealed during the chat that I'm Addicted was the hardest song to write on MDNA, and named Give Me All Your Luvin' and Girl Gone Wild as the first tracks to make the cut for the album.
Madonna also said that Grammy nominee Skrillex is one of her favourite musicians at the moment and revealed that she is contemplating writing an autobiography one day, as she has 'so much to say, but not right now'.



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@ we love madonna:

It is clear Tina is not "hating" (that ridiculous teen-angst word, beloved of teens/pre-teens/Forum posters), as she clearly says she loves M.

Did you read her post?

Or are you just a "hater" against other posters who say anything other than 100% pro-M praise?

And, oh if you want to accuse me of "hating", then let me state that I cannot stand the talentless Bieber!

M - you are original enough that you do not need to collaborate with teen idols!

we love madonna

Tina, there's nothing wrong with Justin Bieber so please stop hating and mind your own business.


Shame skrilex didnt do something with Madonna


Justin Bieber? Sorry, M. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. were bas enough, but this just smacks of desperation! I take it Mercy likes Bieber? I can't imagine Lourdes being a fan of Mr. Haircut, somehow!

Love ya M, but please ditch the dodgy and desperate collaborations! xx

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