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Madonna: I'm Not A Control Freak

Madonna has denied rumours that she is a "control freak" in the studio.
The singer insisted that she loves to collaborate with other people and values their input on her work.
She told Sirius Radio host Larry Flick: "You know, I hate to use the word 'control' so much, because people use and bandy that word about with me, when it comes to my creative life.
"Everyone says, 'Oh, you're a control freak and you like to be in control'. The thing is, everything I do, even my songwriting, I'm collaborating at all times. I value input from people, and I want it."
Madonna has worked with artists including Nicki Minaj, MIA, Mika and LMFAO on her 12th studio album MDNA, which is released on March 26 in the UK and a day later in the US. She has also collaborated with producers William Orbit, Benny Bennassi and Martin Solveig.
She added: "I can't work on my own. I am not Prince or like a lot of artists, who can go in and play every instrument, and record a track, and not hear from people. I need to hear what people think all the time."

From Digital Spy


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I disgaree with M's comment, as I believe she must be a control freak. I don't believe that anyone can achieve the level of success she has - and starting her career in the decade when she did - without being totally in control.

Anyhow, you only have to read the interviews with her former accountant who said that she insisted on being faxed (it was a while ago!) copies of every cheque that was being issued on behalf of Boy Toy, Inc! Just fiscal prudence? Possibly and probably. More like controlling tendencies? Definitely!

And I am not criticising at all!


I think Madonna's brother does think that she is a control freak from a day one singer career!

Patrick Jarrod Peters

Nobody can't do it alone to the work. I hope Madonna can write a book about her life and her work over years to clear up some myths before she leave this world. I wish I can work for her, because I like to get know what's like to be a superstar in this world!

Hi Madonna! if you ever read my comment! :)


and that's why your the number one selling recording artist of our times.


Are you kidding me? The fact that she has to say she is not a control freak implies that she indeed is. I know people with whom she has worked and micro manager is what they call her. But hey, this is her life, her career, and her music. She wants it to be perfect so of course she wants to oversee every aspect of the process. Madonna tackles everything in her life like this. From business meetings to photo shoots to her house staffs. Madonna is constantly striving for excellence from those around her. And sometimes, she has to bend a few noses to get the best out of people.

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