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Too scent-sitive for ABC

Madonna’s cleavage is just too much for Disney-owned ABC. The network says Madonna’s ads for her Truth or Dare perfume are too racy to run and have insisted that shots of her breasts and behind be covered up.
ABC execs ordered producers of the perfume ad to digitally alter offending shots of her body in the 30-second black-and-white ad, which leaked on the Internet and shows her cavorting in a low-cut corset and fishnet stockings, wearing a cross and singing over a dance beat, 'I’m a bad girl.'
A source told us: 'ABC viewed the ad [and] came back with a list of changes. They say they want her bra digitally made bigger, and to extend higher to cover more of her chest, and her corset longer to cover more of her bottom. ABC also wants to cut another suggestive scene where Madonna writhes around.'
Ironically, Madonna’s team wanted the ads to run during the shows 'GCB' and 'Scandal.' But even once the requested changes are made, ABC brass think Madonna’s sexy black-and-white ad can only run after 9 p.m. - oddly with the exception of daytime show 'The View' (perhaps because its viewers are unshockable).
Page Six earlier reported that Madonna’s video for her new song, 'Girl Gone Wild,' had to be re-edited after YouTube banned it from open view and slapped it with an '18 years and over' rating because of racy content. A second source confirmed to us, 'ABC has requested some changes be made to the content of the Truth or Dare perfume commercial.'

From New York Post

Events: Official 'MDNA' Chicago Release Party

Official 1 night only event in Chicago with Interscope and as seen on

18x24 stunning Mylar / Metallic poster
Pink MDNA wristband
Girl Gone Wild Door Hanger
4x6 Truth or Dare Pefume card/ sampler

All free with purchase of the Deluxe MDNA CD

At Sidetrack Bar in Chicago - only 300 posters 1 night only - OFFICIAL!
More info on Borderline Music Chicago at

Events: 'MDNA' London Release Party

The 'MDNA' London Album Launch Party will be held on SATURDAY 31st MARCH 2012 at G-A-Y Late, Goslett Yard, London, from 2.00pm through until 10.30pm.

This Saturday is the London MDNA Album Launch Party. Kicking off at 2pm running through until late, with well over 8 hours of Madonna videos, live performances, remixes, every track from MDNA, the Superbowl and Ultra Music Festival performances, and lots of Madonna goodies to give away direct from her team. Entry is free, get there early as it's one in - one out when we're at capacity!

For all the information you need please check out and don’t forget to RSVP to the Facebook Event Page at

Madonna Set For Big Billboard 200 Debut

Madonna's 12th studio album, 'MDNA,' is on course to easily debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart next week. Industry sources suggest the set could sell between 300,000 to 350,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, April 1.
If 'MDNA' lands atop the list, it will mark the queen of pop's eighth No. 1 album and her fifth consecutive studio set to debut in the penthouse. Her last studio album, 2008's 'Hard Candy,' started at No. 1 with 280,000 sold according to Nielsen SoundScan.
The new Billboard 200 chart's top 10 will be revealed on the morning of Wednesday, April 4.
Madonna's first No. 1 came on the Billboard 200 chart dated Feb. 9, 1985, when her second album, 'Like a Virgin,' began a three-week run at the top.
'MDNA's' first week will be bolstered by a successful album sales promotion involving Madonna's upcoming world tour. U.S. customers who bought a concert ticket also had the option of also receiving 'MDNA' as part of their purchase. The only sales that will count towards Billboard's charts are those where the customer opted to receive the album.


2012 World Tour European Support Acts Announced

Madonna fans! We are happy to share the current list of European Support Acts for Madonna's 2012 World Tour! Stay tuned as more are to be announced!

29-May - Tel Aviv - Martin Solveig / Offer Nissim
12-Jun - Rome - Martin Solveig
14-Jun - Milan - Martin Solveig
16-Jun - Florence - Martin Solveig
20-Jun - Barcelona - Martin Solveig
21-Jun - Barcelona - Martin Solveig
24-Jun - Coimbra - Martin Solveig
28-Jun - Berlin - Martin Solveig
30-Jun - Berlin - Martin Solveig
2-Jul - Copenhagen - Martin Solveig
4-Jul - Gothenburg - Martin Solveig
7-Jul - Amsterdam - Martin Solveig
8-Jul - Amsterdam - Martin Solveig
10-Jul - Koln - Martin Solveig
12-Jul - Brussels - Martin Solveig
14-Jul - Paris - Martin Solveig
17-Jul - London - Hyde Park - LMFAO / Martin Solveig
29-Jul - Vienna - Martin Solveig
12-Aug - Helsinki - Martin Solveig
18-Aug - Zurich - Martin Solveig


Madonna on course for number one

Madonna's new album MDNA is on course to top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, according to midweek figures.
If the album makes number one in the UK, she will beat the record currently held by Elvis Presley for the most number one albums by a solo artist.
It would be her 12th appearance at number one, including compilations The Immaculate Collection and Celebration, and the Evita soundtrack.
MDNA has shifted 39,000 copies so far, said the Official Charts Company.
In the US, it is expected to sell 300,000 - 350,000 copies, almost double this week's number one, which is the soundtrack to action movie The Hunger Games.
It will be the pop star's eighth number one album in the US, and the first-week sales will be higher than those of Madonna's last studio album, Hard Candy, which debuted at number one with 280,000 copies sold, according to US chart compilers Nielsen SoundScan.
Madonna still has some way to go to break the record for the most number one albums in the UK. That honour is held by the Beatles, who topped the charts 15 times.

From BBC News

Liz Smith on smokin' Madonna (and Lourdes)

Speaking of smoking. I hardly think the overheated 'news' that Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, caught puffing a cig, was the kind of publicity the Big M wanted, on the very day her 'MDNA' album was officially released - to mostly excellent reviews, and No.1 on iTunes in 35 countries.
In all the years I’ve known Madonna I’ve never seen her smoke. I’ve never even been in a room with her where anybody else was smoking. Apparently, she indulged back in the day, but that must have been way back. Madonna has used smoking as a 'glamorous' prop in movies and videos. Most recently, she was seen taking a drag in her 'Girl Gone Wild' video. That one is so over-the-top it’s been banned from MTV, so who’d notice smoking amid the near-naked dancers writhing around? Well, enough people noticed to cause a bit of a ruckus and now Madonna is accused of setting a bad example for 'Lola.'
This story was on top of Yahoo’s news page!
Madonna, like all normal parents - and she is, believe it or not - can’t control her children’s every move. Madonna doesn’t care much about what people say about her. But she worries over her children’s health.
Her video banned? Great. Her daughter smoking? No way to make that seem cool.

From - thanks to Alex

Madonna's New Album MDNA Is Turning Her Into A Techie

Back in the greed-is-good 1980s, Madonna styled herself as a material girl. Avarice hasn’t exactly disappeared in the intervening years, but the 'Like A Prayer' singer has updated herself to fit the present zeitgeist, if the launch of new album MDNA is any indication.
For the album’s debut Monday, Madonna decided to forego the typical round of morning talk shows. She instead opted for an interview at Facebook’s New York headquarters, a live Twitter chat, and a giveaway on Spotify—two lucky listeners who play MDNA at least three times in the next two weeks will receive free tickets to one of her upcoming shows.
Madonna’s most unusual promotion, however, involves The nine-month-old design-focused retailer boasts 3 million members and has dedicated its homepage to MDNA, which it’s selling in both physical and digital format for $7.99, half the price of most other outlets.
'We’re on MDNA over here,' says Jason Goldberg, Fab’s founder and CEO. 'It’s kind of our way of giving a big fat kiss to our members for how they’ve embraced us over the past nine months.'
It’s also a boon to Goldberg says his site is seeing two to three times its typical traffic because of the promotion, and expects to sell tens of thousands of copies of the album, which should move hundreds of thousands of units on the whole.
Goldberg wouldn’t discuss the details of his agreement with Universal Music Group, parent company of Interscope, the label that’s home to Madonna. But he did confirm that there was a 'collaboration' of some sort.
What’s the nature of that collaboration? Hard to say for sure, but it probably means that Universal gave a discount on the wholesale price of the record—like they did with Amazon and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. A source told me that the Amazon negotiated to pay a wholesale price of $7 for the album, which the online retail giant briefly sold for $0.99.
If is paying the same price for MDNA, it’s a great deal for everyone involved: Madonna and her label sell tens of thousands of additional albums to an audience they might not have otherwise reached, while Goldberg’s site gets a marginal profit and a boatload of additional web traffic.
Says Goldberg: 'It’s a match made in heaven.'
Just like a prayer.


Madonna vs. Piers Morgan: Twitter Edition

As many of you astute pop-culture watchers already know, Piers Morgan ain't wild about Girl Gone Wild Madonna.
The CNN host has been engaged in a glorious public spat with the pop star, mercilessly ripping her for being—let's have the list, shall we? - a 'con artist,' 'barbaric,' 'grotesque' and 'gruesome.' (Somebody forgot to take his happy pills today.)
He's also saying that she's not welcome on his show.
Whoa, there: Not so fast, says Madonna's camp, and they've dug up evidence to prove him wrong.
Shall we get to the bottom of things?
On Monday, Morgan tweeted, 'Welcome to Twitter @MadonnaMDNAday - you're still banned from my show. Love Piers x,' referencing Madge's one-day-only Twitter promo blitz for her new album, MDNA.
But after getting wind of the diss, the pop star's manager, Guy Oseary, tweeted Morgan back last night, saying, 'Really??' and attaching a copy of an invitation the singer received to appear on Morgan's U.K. show.
The letter, which was sent last October, reads:
'Piers Morgan is delighted to invite Madonna to be a special guest for his LA recording of his UK chat show - where she would be welcome to promote her new film and forthcoming album release (and perform two numbers).'

Oops! Morgan, however, wasn't about to back down.
Shortly after, he tweeted, 'Madonna's only been banned from my #CNN show @guyoseary - not my UK show, which sent that invite. But I'm now banning her from that too.' And then he extended the boycott to her manager as well: 'Oh, and I'm afraid you're banned from all my shows too @guyoseary - guilt by association, sorry.'
For someone who was only on Twitter for a day, Madge's feed has seen lotsa action.
She also got into a Twitter tiff with DJ Deadmau5, who accused her of making a drug reference on stage in Miami, to which she posted a hilarious twitpic (see picture below) and response.

Jeez, all that action in just one day. Can we please have the gal back on Twitter for good?


Madonna Looks to Facebook, Twitter to Sell New Album

Madonna is trying to update her status.
She’s not particularly techy and hasn’t had much of a social media presence. Yet, to promote MDNA - her new album that was officially released by Interscope Records Monday - Madonna, has sworn off magazine covers and morning-show concerts.
Instead, she is launching her 12th studio album worldwide by shoring up social cred and giving just one in-person interview: to comedian and late-night talk-show host Jimmy Fallon for broadcast solely on her Facebook page. She will follow up the Facebook interview Monday night, when she tweets for the first time in a live Twitter chat at 10pm EST.
A social-only promotional effort for a music-industry launch of this size is the first of its kind. 'The idea was to do things differently,' says Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary.
'Madonna is launching her new album on Facebook because it allows for effective word-of-mouth on a massive scale,' says Justin Osofsky, Facebook’s director of platform partnerships, a team that works with celebrities, politicians, news organizations and app development companies.
The idea for the Facebook promotion solved logistical issues, Oseary says. Magazine shoots and multiple television interviews and appearances require time—something Madonna hasn’t had much of in the last several months as she was preparing her Super Bowl halftime show, promoting her film 'W.E.' and now in all-day rehearsals for her upcoming MDNA global tour.
Madonna 'wants us to try new things,' says Oseary, who is tech-focused and invests in a fund with Ashton Kutcher. 'It could all go wrong but she is willing to let me really run with it. She’s up for trying,' he says.

To read the full 'Wall Street Journal' article visit:

Thanks to John

Madonna Invites Bieber On Tour in Twitter talk

When Madonna collaborated with Nicki Minaj and MIA, we thought it was great. Imagine Madonna teaming up with Justin Bieber! It would be fabulous. Madonna has invited Bieber to join her on stage during her forthcoming world tour.
Madonna extended the invitation during a Twitter Q&A session last night to promote her new album MDNA. Responding to a question from a Twitter user, Madonna expressed that she thinks Bieber is 'awesome. I'm a huge fan. I love it when he raps.'
She then added: 'Come and join me on stage when I'm on tour when we are in the same city and congrats on your new single.'
Bieber, whose new track Boyfriend also debuted in full today, had congratulated Madonna on her album release via Twitter: 'Yours is a career artists dream of.'
Madonna wrote that the idea of a Twitter Q&A session appealed to her due to the 'direct connection to [her] fans... no middle man'.
She revealed during the chat that I'm Addicted was the hardest song to write on MDNA, and named Give Me All Your Luvin' and Girl Gone Wild as the first tracks to make the cut for the album.
Madonna also said that Grammy nominee Skrillex is one of her favourite musicians at the moment and revealed that she is contemplating writing an autobiography one day, as she has 'so much to say, but not right now'.


Madonna and DJ Deadmau5 settle drugs row

Deadmau5 and Madonna appear to have settled a dispute, after he accused the singer of promoting drug use.
The dance DJ had labelled Madonna an 'idiot' and 'irresponsible' after he said she was promoting the use of MDMA at a music festival.
Madonna asked the crowd if they 'have seen Molly?' (slang for the drug) at this weekend's Ultra festival in Miami.
Madonna has now replied saying: 'I don't support drug use and I never have.'
During his initial rant on Twitter and Facebook Deadmau5 sarcastically wrote: 'Very classy there Madonna. HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???' Such a great message for the young music lovers at Ultra [sic]'
In a Twitter question and answer session hosted yesterday (26 March) Deadmau5 - whose real name is Joel Zimmerman - and Madonna exchanged views on what had happened.
He said: '@MadonnaMDNAday You're a role model to 100's of millions. You have a powerful voice, EDM [Electronic Dance Music] could use your positive influence, not 'molly' talk.'
Madonna replied denying that she was promoting drug use, saying instead that her question to the crowd was in reference to another song.
'I was referring to the song called Have You Seen Molly? written by my friend Cedric Gervais,' she wrote.
Their exchange continued with a tweet from Deadmau5 to Madonna which said: 'Fair enough, I was just voicing my concerns as I usually do. +1 [sic] respect for clearing it up personally.'
In a fresh blog on his website Deadmau5 wrote: 'I'm not pro, or anti-drug, but I'll easily let you know that I'm pro-responsibility.'
MDMA is an active chemical found in ecstasy.

From BBC Newsbeat

Kiev added to the tour schedule

Madonna's 2012 World Tour will stop at Kiev's Olympic Stadium on August 4th! Tickets will go on sale at 10am local time on March 30.
A devoted fan club pre-sale will start at 10am local time on March 27. Icon members, please note that special related instructions are to be e-mailed to you shortly, so make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox!


Madonna's 'MDNA' sends pop lesson to young guard

Jostling for space with younger rivals like Lady Gaga, Madonna brings a grown woman's voice to her new album 'MDNA', out on Monday, on which the 53-year-old Queen of Pop evokes the pain of her divorce.
Since her last album, the dance-flavoured 'Hard Candy' in 2008, new faces have crowded into the space long ruled by the Material Girl: Rihanna for sexiness, Lana Del Rey for edgy glamour, and the ever-theatrical Lady Gaga.
So when Madonna announced she was working on a new album, the music world raised a sceptical eyebrow: put frankly, can a woman in her 50s still set the pace in a youth-driven pop world?
The first track from the album, 'Give Me All Your Luvin', which Madonna performed at the Superbowl last month, failed to win over the music press.
But critics have since given a thumbs up to Madonna's 12th studio album, which leaked on the Internet this week ahead of its release.
'Madonna is still very much the Queen of Pop,' wrote the US magazine Billboard. 'Nearly 30 years after first hitting the Billboard charts with her debut single 'Everybody', Madonna is still showing the world how it's done.'
Likewise, Britain's Daily Mirror wrote that 'Madonna's new album shows the young pretenders she is still a force to be reckoned with.'
Madonna teamed up with a host of carefully chosen collaborators for 'MDNA', most notably M.I.A, the British hip-hop star who set tongues wagging at the Superbowl with a brief flip of the middle finger to the cameras.
Production side, she signed up the French DJ Martin Solveig and Italian duo Alle and Benny Benassi, masters of the dance floor hit.
The album - whose title is a play on the nightclub drug MDMA - is peppered with hedonistic dance tracks, but they share space with highly personal pieces in which Madonna alludes to her 2008 divorce from British director Guy Ritchie.
Several tracks - both gentle ballads and harder hip-hop-flavoured pieces - are odes to her failed marriage, like 'I Don't Give A' where she sings that 'I tried to be your wife/I diminished myself'.
And 'Gang Bang', a hard-electro that could be the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie, rings like a revenge fantasy, as she sings ominously of shooting a lover in the head.
'There is something remarkable about Madonna's decision to share her suffering the way she has once shared her pleasure,' wrote the Chicago Tribune. 'Her music has always been about liberation and oppression - but for the first time the oppression is internal: loss and sadness.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Launches Her First iPad App

To celebrate the release of her new album MDNA, Madonna has decided to take her fans' mobile experience to a brand new level.
Interacting, sharing, shopping, watching and listening was the goal when the superstar launched her first smartphone app, powered by the leading self-service mobile app platform Mobile Roadie.
Today, Madonna announced the release of her revamped iPhone app, but also the launch of her first iPad app. No matter where they are, fans can now stream Madonna's music, photos, videos and share their thoughts, images and news with other fellow fan friends from around the world using their favorite mobile device.
The free app is available for iPad along with iPhone and Android. Go ahead and download your copy of it from the iTunes App Store, Google Play or by visiting


Win 'in the pit' tickets with Yahoo! Music

Today, only on Yahoo! Music, fans can enter to win exclusive VIP tickets to experience Madonna live and up close during her highly anticipated global tour. These 'in the pit' tickets are for fans only and cannot be purchased; they can only be won on Yahoo! Music. Just upload a photo of yourself with the album cover from MDNA to the Flickr group below. Winners will be selected at random from all photos uploaded.

WHAT: Enter on Flickr here:
Join this flickr group and after agreeing to the rules post a picture of yourself posed with Madonna’s new album cover from MDNA – which you can find on iTunes. Winners will be selected at random from all the photos uploaded. Winner may select a Madonna 2012 World Tour concert date/location from a pre-determined list of concerts. Click on the link to the official rules for more details.

WHEN: Contest begins Monday, March 26th and runs through April 23, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET

WHERE: Only on Yahoo! Music
Upload your sweepstakes photos to:

Video: Madonna's birthday kiss for Nicki

Footage of the Madonna/Minaj kiss didn't make the cut of the official 'Gimme All Your Luvin'' video, much to fans' chagrin...but now, just in time to celebrate the release of Madonna's 12th studio album, MDNA, the never-before-seen clip of Nicki's birthday celebration with Madge has been made available exclusively to Yahoo! Music.

In the fly-on-the-wall footage, a cupcake-bearing Madonna serenades and smooches a delighted Nicki, while M.I.A. and a cast of video cheerleaders and boy-toy footballers cheer them on. Nicki is heard gushing, 'I have to thank the queen, Madonna, for giving me this opportunity. I love her so much, and she's fierce, and she didn't have to do this for me and M.I.A...Did you get the kiss with Madonna on camera?'

Birmingham date confirmed!

Madonna's 2012 tour will stop at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena on Thursday 19 July! Yes an indoor arena for the UK!

Tickets are priced at £175.00, £125.00, £95.00 & £55.00 plus booking & transaction fees.

An ICON pre-sale will start tomorrow (Tuesday 27 March) and the general onsale date is Friday 30 March at 09:00am.

Please remember that tickets to 'sold out' shows also be bought online at the Madonna 2012 Tour Official Secondary Ticketing Partner

Thanks to Chris and Vickster

Q&A: Martin Solveig Talks Madonna's Co-Producing 'MDNA'

French producer Martin Solveig has been making smart, disco-inflected house music for over a decade. But in 2011, his track 'Hello' with Canadian electro-pop group Dragonette exploded, peaking at No. 46 on the Hot 100 and selling 1.1 million downloads in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. The song landed a memorable sync in a Trident ad spot, and the accompanying music video has over 17 million YouTube views and counting.
Then, Madonna called: In July 2011, the pop diva invited Solveig to a writing session in London for the project that would become 'MDNA.' What started as an idea for one song became three (first single 'Give Me All Your Luvin,' 'I Don't Give A,' and 'Turn Up The Radio'), entering Solveig into a exclusive brotherhood of dance producers who have helped keep the Material Girl sounding both current and progressive.
Billboard caught up with the producer on the eve of his set at the official 'MDNA' release party at the Delano Hotel in Miami, sponsored by Smirnoff.

Billboard: William Orbit, Stuart Price, Mirwais. A lot of great EDM producers have worked with Madonna. Were you intimidated?
Martin Solveig: I tried to forget that very very fast because I would have been too intimidated to line up with all those legendary producers. At first I thought we were going to work on one song; that was the original plan. Let's try to work on one song and take it from there - not spend too much time thinking about the legend, and do something that just makes sense.

To read the rest of the interview visit

Madonna Sits Down With Jimmy Fallon for Live Facebook Chat

'I thought it would be best to talk to my fans,' Madonna told Jimmy Fallon on Saturday, explaining why her Facebook chat with the Late Night host is the only live press she's doing for her new album, MDNA. Taped in front of an audience and live steamed through Madonna's Facebook page, the interview incorporated questions sent in from fans around the world as well as a few dance lessons for Fallon.
Over the course of the interview, Madonna professed an interest in quantum physics, said she'd like to cover the Serge Gainsbourg song 'Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus' and described how Quentin Tarantino's films inspired her new song 'Gang Bang.'
'I have a whole thing worked out in a motel room,' she said, imploring Tarantino to direct the video. 'All he has to do is show up with a camera. And I can’t afford a director’s fee.'
A fan asked what the pop queen would do if she were president of the United States.
'Well, when I am the president,' Madonna corrected, 'I will first of all take all the money spent on defense and put it into education, so that schoolteachers get paid more money. It's scandalous how low their pay is. Gay marriage would be legal everywhere and accepted. There would be no restrictions whatsoever on any of my videos, ever.'
That last policy was perhaps inspired by the recent news that YouTube is limiting views of the 'Girl Gone Wild' video to those over 18. As Fallon put it, 'Now you have to hide the grinding and the groins.'
'I’m supposed to be a girl gone wild in the video!' Madonna said. 'How could you go wild and not grind? This is the question that people should be asking.'
Responding to Fallon's suggestion that one shot in the video showed a man masturbating, she objected: 'No, he was just brushing off his latex g-string. They get smudged - you know light picks up all the fingerprints.'
Dressed in a t-shirt emblazoned with the title of the new album, Madonna let slip a few details of her upcoming tour, including the fact that she's recently acquired a few bruises learning how to slackline. When asked how she chooses songs to perform on tour, she said she tries to fit songs into themes and dramatic arcs in her shows.
'The first section I titled 'Transgression,' so use your imagination,' she said of the new show. 'But then I have to go back in my catalog and pick songs that fall into that category. It's not 'Cherish.''