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Birmingham date confirmed!

Madonna's 2012 tour will stop at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena on Thursday 19 July! Yes an indoor arena for the UK!

Tickets are priced at £175.00, £125.00, £95.00 & £55.00 plus booking & transaction fees.

An ICON pre-sale will start tomorrow (Tuesday 27 March) and the general onsale date is Friday 30 March at 09:00am.

Please remember that tickets to 'sold out' shows also be bought online at the Madonna 2012 Tour Official Secondary Ticketing Partner viagogo.com

Thanks to Chris and Vickster


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well-i officially have THE best mom!!!! she was offered pre-sale tickets-so has bought 2 for me & my daughter!!!!were both soooooo excited!!!!!xxx


@fitsy: you've changed your tune! A few posts ago you were totally over this whole MDNA period! LOL. The lure and power of THE QUEEN will ALWAYS win!


fitsy-id love to go twice-but unfortunately cant afford to!!going once is costing me enough-thanks to the fact i have to travel over 100 miles-when i couldbe got there in 15 minutes had birmingham been announced weeks ago!!!xx


Im Going to Edinburgh and Birmingham, the different venues give a completely different experience! And you gotta see her twice, i always do!

john Suddes

Tooj the words out of my mouth Tracy! I dont live near Birmingham but if they have just added this date will they add others, if I added yet more debt to my credit card to see the show in an arena and travel and hotel in Birmingham then she adds a date in manchester or Newcastle I would be furious so dare not risk it.


tracy: I'm totally with you on this one. I have friends in NY who are gutted that MSG has now been added, after rushing to buy tickets for the lousy stadium, where they don't imagine they'll be able to see a thing. Likewise, I have friends who have tickets for London and are now trying to sell them so that they can go to Birmingham instead. The venues were clearly booked ages ago, so why not do the decent thing for people who live near a particular venue and announce them all at once? It wouldn't at all surprise me if a stadium date is added for London at some point!

The way Live Nation/Interscope are managing the whole tour/MDNA release is an utter fiasco, imho. I hope they read these web sites so they know just how hacked off many fans are (not that they'd care, I imagine, all the time the cash registers are going 'ker-ching'!).


im actually quite annoyed about this-i live only 16 miles away from birmingham-but have already bought my tickets for london & paid for a hotel & travel in advance!!! dont see why that date couldnt have been announced weeks ago.also-my 9 year old daughter really wanted to see her-i didnt buy her tickets for london-as i thought it wouldve been a very long/day night for her.had i have known about birmingham-i wouldve saved myself some time & money-& just gone to a venue within easy traveling distance-& took my daughter to her first madonna gig too!!dissapointing!!xx

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