How Madonna's 'Girls Gone Wild' Came Together
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Vote: Greatest Women in Pop Tournament (M vs. Gaga)

On Friday night, we aired the last installment of our five-part, 100 Greatest Women in Music series. If you happened to miss the countdown, it’s spoiler alert time: VH1 crowned Madonna as the greatest female artist of the last 20 years.

While it’s tough to argue with the musical legacy of Madonna, we received an incredible number of comments, emails, and tweets from our VH1 audience asking about their ability to participate in this countdown. Well, we listened and worked to put together the following bracket-style tournament of The 8 Greatest Women In Pop where you, the reader, will be able to select the most accomplished female artist in the pop music game right now.

Our tournament will run today through next Monday, February 27, and our first round matchups are pretty outrageous: Lady Gaga vs. Madonna, Britney Spears vs. Rihanna, Katy Perry vs. Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez vs. Beyoncé.

To vote for Madonna visit


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@ Maverick

What a charming individual you are. Not.

Maybe you should just "urine" off yourself? Having a bad day, were we?

kids accessories

For me Madonna and Gaga are both pop queen. They are best and there is no competition for the both of them.


Oh WOW another VH1 poll! They wont stop doing them until Madonna loses one and they can scream (shock horror) Madonna is no longer the Queen of Pop!!! What a stupid joke!!!


Oh Dear someone needs to get a life. Most Madonna fans dont really care about these sort of polls. There are hundreds of them on the internet. As for one fan to say others are not fans because they didnt vote as much as he or she would like is a bit rich. These kinds of polls do nothing for Madonnas populatity, they just boost the egos of those voting. If you have time to keep voting over and over for the same thing see the first line of this comment. xxx


I don't find lady gaga enticing or interresting, whatever comes next is always just flashy and then forgettable, there's just something wrong with it all


It's Gaga vs Mariah now... SHOCKER that Gaga's fans are all internet obsessed teens who boosted the voting.


Maverick I Tired Also Same As You :(


I know polls are stupid, Gaga being on a poll for who's the Greatest Woman in Music is simple and pure ignorance and lack of pop culture, but we must support our Queen! Sometimes a poll like this determinate whose song is more played on radios and whose video is more played on a TV Channel. The media wants to play the artist of the moment, the artist that is more requested, the artist who wins all the polls. That is very important to her career and to pop culture for the next years.


i think you post this poll too late…. and madonna was knocked out by gaga.
i asked people to vote for Madonna in madonna fb, but seems they are not real fans, i voted many times… i mean dont call yourself a madonna fans if you not supporting her all the time. so piss off


M cannot lose to Lady Gag! We need to keep voting!


Madonna said " Don't play the stupid game because I'm a different kind of girl." and I totally agree with that. Polls are for kiddies. The only poll that matters is tour ticket sales. Madonna does not need polls to prove that she is No1.


Gaga won, too bad Madonna's fans didn't get organized better like Gaga's fans did, esp. on Twitter last night!


There's no point, juvenile little monsters sit at their computer screens all day voting. It's a dumb, pointless poll lacking any validation. Madonna will always be number 1!


Get a grip, peeps! This is a POINTLESS poll. Pop polls should only be of importance to 12 year olds!

Do you think M actually, really, truly gives a flying fig about these things?!

Henry Rodriguez

Madonna is catching up!! Dee! I agree with you, stupid indeed. Though I hate these polls I hate to see M lose. VOTE!! Lol...


This is so stupid. Gaga hasn't even been around for 5 years.


this is stupid in so many ways. it says 20 year achievements. Madonna has been there all those years. there is no competition. there is only one Queen that lasts 3 decades. MDNA does it better.

Peter Fletcher

Gaga is currently in the lead, Come on lets Vote!!

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