Tel Aviv opening night tickets on sale today!
Convicted Madonna stalker sought by police

UK tickets on sale today!

Tickets for the Madonna 2012 World Tour dates in London's Hyde Park and Edinburgh's Murrayfield stadium go on sale today at 10:00am!

Tickets for the London show are priced at £70 (general standing admission) and £125 (Gold Circle standing) - plus fees.

For Edinburgh tickets are priced at £60 (general admission standing) and £75 (Gold Circle standing), reserved seating is priced at £45 and £125 - plus fees.

For premium tickets and to sell unwanted tickets visit Official Premium and Secondary Ticketing Partner


Thanks to Tony


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@Nina - in fact, an extra date at Wembley Stadium for Sticky And Sweet 2 was reserved, but never released, owing to slow sales for the first date. So, I am not so sure whether there will be another date added for this tour in London.

The fact that you can still buy tickets for Hyde Park either means there could be a huge number of tickets being sold (100k??) or they are not selling well.

I know a lot of people who have been to every tour but will not go to this one due to the actual venue (and also due to the appalling sound issues during Sticky and Sweet 2 at Wembley Stadium).

Me? I've got tickets, but I have to say that there isn't the same rush of excitement for me as there was with, say, Confessions. The thought of standing in a field, probably right at the back and unable to see anything, isn't the most exciting prospect for a conecert!

Let's just hope it doesn't rain before - or during - the concert!

Rachel Griffiths

Makes me sick, I got throught to ticketmaster first thing this morning for the golden cirlce tickets only to be told they have sold out, but yet on the sister company's they are double the price

Nina Bowen

I tried to get Gold Circle but couldn't. I waited and waited to see if an extra date would be added but as nothing had been added by lunchtime I decided to buy the general admission as didn't want to miss out on going. You can still buy tickets and as you say above, how many tickets are there!!! Probably not going to get to see anything :(

Surely extra dates will be added, I have never known there not to be but didn't want to take the risk!



Can I ask? Did anyone succeed at getting the regular gold circle tickets at £125+fees for Hyde Park? I did the iconlive pass pre-sale on wed, and tried today, friday, but no luck. I wonder when subsequent dates in Hyde Park will come available. I noticed all locations had only one date listed for the moment. cheers


I wonder how many General Admission tickets are going to be put on sale for Hyde Park? Huge numbers, I imagine.

Usually, tickets are sold out in minutes - at the time of writing this (11:30), you can still get General Admission tickets very easily, so I imagine the number available must be very large indeed.

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