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I think the title is brilliantly Madonna. I think she should have more fragrances named after songs from her vintage collection. A unisex fragrance called 'Everybody'. During the's brilliant. Just like the clothing line 'Material Girl'. It's a reminder of all the things that helped us love Madonna. That lead us to her etc... i love it.

Viktor Hugo

MDNA a New fragrance by madonna
would have been a far better tittle.


Can't wait!!!! I am soooo going to get the perfume!!!! First album than 2 days later the perfume!!!! Awesome!!!


I don't see anything wrong with the title and I don't think she is repeating herself. I rather think it's a reference to the Madonna brand... Truth or dare was one of her best movies maybe because it was a documentary about herself on tour and very outrages at that time... Which was very controversial on the topics consider taboo on the early 90's as seeing two men kissing on camera and being involved in a gay environment. Hell... She was brave and the first pop star to put it all on camera and make it ok. We definitely should be more appreciative of pop stars while they are still alive and for all they have achieved.
For me she is still the only one I find credible in the world of pop music. I can't wait to have her new album on my hands :-)


but look at her Superbowl was so she spent alot of her time working on her movie WE ....we got to give her a shes 53....bless her


The concept is nice and special but she should absolutely not have used something that is related to her career peak in the late 80ies. We always thought she does not want to repeat herself. I am asking myself as well "what went wrong?"


I don't have a problem with that. Madonna has an amazing legacy and why not use it now instead of someone else after she's dead. As far as her new music, it's awful. I hope the rest of album is different from the first 2 singles.

Eli Lee

that's SO not her hand in the advert! *lol*


this is another proof. she somehow has lost her wonderful abilty to invite and create somesthing new. the titel is already more then 20 years old. in her liveshows she keeps using images of her past. its always kind of retrospective now. i so loved her for never looking back. and now my biggest disapointment, -"her new music" just sounds so exchangeable. ;-((((
what went wrong?
a fan

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