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Madonna Controlled Every Aspect of Nicki's Super Bowl Look

Madonna always has been - and always will be! - the H.B.I.C.
Before Nicki Minaj joined her onstage during Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, the 53-year-old Material Girl personally approved every aspect of the rapper's look.
'Madonna was the first person in history who was able to make me change my wig,' Minaj, 29, said on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Monday. 'I had some choices in terms of color, but...she has a way with words.'
'She knows how to word things so that you don't feel uncomfortable,' the hip-hop star explained. 'I went through four color changes on my wig for the Super Bowl. We got the platinum blonde and she smiled. Once she smiled, I was like, 'Thank you, Jesus!' I couldn't take it anymore.'
The 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' legend was also the first person to convince Minaj to try red lipstick. 'It's so funny because when I did it, I wound up loving it. I told her, 'I'm so glad I trusted you. You're amazing! You're the queen, and everybody has to bow down.''
'She knows what she wants,' Minaj said in defense of Madonna. 'When you see her vision, it's like, 'Oh, OK. Now I get it.'
To be included in such a monumental performance was life-changing for the rapper. 'Why would she include me in such a special moment? It's such a special moment for her,' Minaj said. 'I had to give my all.'


Hyde Park concerts at risk after complaints about noise

Madonna is featured on the front cover of London newspaper the Evening Standard tonight - highlighting an article about how Hyde Park concerts are at risk:

Future performances by the likes of Rihanna and Madonna are under threat after complaints from wealthy Mayfair residents about the 'repetitive' noise caused by dance acts.
Boris Johnson is said to be 'extremely concerned' and told the Standard: 'I want to see Madonna in Hyde Park'.
There are fears that the decision could threaten concerts planned for Hyde Park during the Olympics.
Westminster councillors are expected to approve new restrictions at a meeting on Friday.
Organisers of events including the O2 Wireless festival today said all future concerts in the park could now be at risk.
The council is targeting dance acts such as The Chemical Brothers, who played to more than 30,000 people at the festival last summer. A report for the licensing sub-committee says 109 complaints about noise were made last year, double the number in 2010.
Westminster wants to cut the number of concerts allowed each year from 13 to six; to lower the noise level from 75 to 73 decibels; and to reduce crowds from a maximum of 80,000 people to 50,000 on safety grounds.
John Probyn, chief operating officer of concert promoters Live Nation, said: 'The sound levels allowed in Hyde Park are already lower than any other venue in the country. If they reduce it any more then artists simply will not want to play the venue.'

To read the rest of the article visit

Madonna overwhelmed Givenchy designer

Madonna impressed Riccardo Tisci so much his hands shook when he was measuring her.
The Givenchy designer created all the looks for the American icon’s Sticky & Sweet world tour. They first met three years ago and he was totally overcome when he realised she wanted to work with him.
'She asked me to do the costumes for her Sticky & Sweet tour. We met in the middle of nowhere. She was rehearsing in a basketball stadium somewhere outside of New York. I watched the show and she was so beautiful, like a goddess,' he recalled to the British edition of Grazia magazine. 'They she stepped off stage, came up to me and asked, ‘Do you want to take my measurements?’ So I’m taking her measurements and my hands are shaking!'
The pair’s relationship has continued, with Riccardo creating the looks for Madonna’s recent Super Bowl show.
He came up with 28 suggestions for Madonna to wear during her half-time appearance at the prestigious American football event. She chose a cloak which was gold and handmade over several weeks.
'It was like a museum piece; the mix of palettes with the fabric, crystals and discs,' he explained. 'Even Madonna was like, ‘Wow!’ - and it takes a lot to impress Madonna.'
Riccardo and his team also made a shorter cape which they worked on a lot. It had to be re-done because the initial version wasn’t quite right when the star tested it.
Madonna even had underwear stitched by the designer and his team.
'I did all the outfits - the clothes, gloves, belt, hat – even the underwear,’' he laughed. 'Oh yes! When she was dancing, you could see her underwear. So I made her an embroidered pair. I call it couture chic.'

From Yahoo! News

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Liz Smith: 'Too much Madonna?'

Liz Smith replies to a reader who complained about there being 'too much Madonna' in the columns she writes:

I want to address this to a reader named Briana Baran, who recently complained (quite politely) about 'Too much Madonna and Brad and Angie in your column.' Why don’t I write of others?
Let’s see, in recent days and weeks my column has featured items or lead stories on Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender, the director James Toback, a luncheon saluting 'The Artist,' opinions about the SAG awards, books I have read, Miss Streep (lots of Miss Streep!), Demi and Ashton, the new movie 'Haywire,' the return of Guns N’ Roses, heart disease in women, an art exhibition at the Met, 'The Borgias' and, yes...Madonna.
I’ve been writing about her since 1984 and I’ll write about her till she is 84. Considerations of talent and what are perceived as her pretensions aside, she is a big star, and not a victim of celebrity. Not gonna read about her falling in the street or being rushed to an emergency room or checking into rehab, or broke or desperate. She has been married only twice, has four kids, a gazillion dollars and a 24-year-old boyfriend. She has created herself, her fortune and her fame. I admire her. And I am hardly alone in paying attention, particularly when she is out promoting herself.
As for Brad/Angie, they are on the cover of every magazine, relentlessly discussed and covered everywhere. I should ignore them?
Whom, at my stage in life and in this time in pop culture, should I be writing about? I try to stay as current as possible, in the era of the Internet, but I continue, as always, to write about what interests me. This is my forum.
So, Briana, when you see the name Madonna or anything about Miss Jolie and her consort, simply skip that item, and read on. I hope you will find more to your pleasure.
However, there was Madonna last Friday on the front and back pages of all the New York tabloids, in advance of her Super Bowl appearance. For somebody who is supposed to be perpetually 'over,' the rest of the media still seems to like her, too. (The tepid reviews of her movie 'W.E.' were totally overshadowed.)


Madonna World Tour 2012 Includes Instant Sell Outs

The Madonna Dance party keeps getting bigger. Following immediate one day sellouts in many of the major markets of Madonna's tour, Live Nation Entertainment has announced that due to the overwhelming demand, additional shows have been added including New York City's Yankee Stadium on September 8th, Washington DC's Verizon Center on September 24th and Seattle on October 3rd. Tickets for the additional shows in these markets go on sale February 21st. Additional shows in Europe thus far include Berlin June 30th, on sale Friday, Feb. 17th and in Amsterdam July 8th, on sale Saturday, Feb. 18th.

In North America, advance interest was so great that 2nd shows were announced in Los Angeles, San Jose, Toronto, Chicago and Vancouver – all of which went on sale Monday. The sell outs follow Madonna's historic performance at the Bridgestone Super Bowl Half Time which was the largest viewed halftime performance in the history of the Super Bowl reaching 47.1 million households, along with pre orders for the Material Girl's upcoming MDNA album which reached the No. 1 spot in 50 out of 51 markets on iTunes. MDNA is scheduled to be released on March 26th on Interscope Records.

From PR Newswire Press Release

Official Secondary Ticketing Partner has tickets available.

More shows added to Europe and US tour

A second show has been added to Madonna's tour stop in Berlin on Saturday 30 June. Tickets for this date will go on sale to the public on Friday 17 February.

Madonna's one date at the Yankee Stadium was not enough - she is doing a second night there on Saturday 08 September.

Chicago has added a second date too - this one on Thursday 20 September.

And lastly for now, Washington DC want to see Madonna again on Monday 24 September.

These new US dates will go on sale to the general public on Monday 21 February.

Check for details on ICON fanclub pre-sales for these new dates.

Police capture escapee who stalked Madonna

An inmate convicted of stalking Madonna and threatening to slash her throat was captured Friday, a week after police said the 'highly psychotic' man walked away from a mental hospital.
Robert Dewey Hoskins was taken into custody in Long Beach, where authorities said he may have fled after his escape from the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, about eight miles away, police said.
He had been committed there last year and was returned to the facility after his arrest. Police didn't comment about how Hoskins escaped or where he had been over the past week.
A message left with a spokeswoman for the California Department of Mental Health was not immediately returned.
Police asked for the public's help Thursday in locating Hoskins. They said he is 'highly psychotic' and can be extremely violent but didn't elaborate.
After his release from prison, Hoskins completed a stay at Atascadero State Hospital, where he was determined to be mentally disturbed, police said. He was convicted of vandalism in July 2011 and was eventually placed in the Norwalk facility.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Calls M.I.A. Gesture A 'Teenager Thing To Do'

Madonna spoke to Ryan Seacrest about the M.I.A. finger gesture at the Super Bowl on his show on Kiis Radio this morning and said 'I wasn't happy about it. I know it's kind of punk rock and everything, but to me there was just such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity, and it just seemed negative. It's kind of a teenager irrelevant thing to do. There was such a feeling of love and unity so what was the point?'
Madonna also shot down rumours that Britney Spears will appear on her upcoming single and in the video for 'Girls Gone Wild' - 'No, it's just little ol' me,'.


Give Me All Your Luvin' single sales discounted from UK chart

Due to a promotional marketing 'error' Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin' may not even make the Top 40 in this weeks UK single charts as this article from Digital Spy explains:

A large percentage of Madonna's new single sales have been discounted from this week's chart.
The star offered fans a promotion which allowed them to download her new single 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' for free if they pre-ordered her upcoming album MDNA on iTunes.
However, the Official Charts Company has now confirmed that the free downloads offered on Sunday and Monday (February 5 and 6) will not be put towards her chart ranking.
Fans were left confused when 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' failed to make this week's midweek chart update yesterday (February 8) and started to question the Official Charts Company on Twitter.
They responded by stating: 'It was viewed as an incentive to purchase the album before the single went officially on sale on Tuesday, so those sales were discounted.'
'Madonna is climbing up the Official Singles Chart after two days on sale. Should go Top 40 on Sunday.'

So UK Madonna fans - you need to buy the single NOW (or even again) to ensure it charts nice and high this Sunday!

Convicted Madonna stalker sought by police

A man who was convicted of stalking and threatening pop star Madonna in the 1990s walked away unnoticed from the California mental health facility where he was being held and remains at large, Los Angeles police said on Thursday.
Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars in 1996 after being arrested for scaling a wall around the singer's home in the Hollywood Hills and threatening to slit her throat.
Madonna testified during Hoskins' trial that she had nightmares about the homeless man from Oregon after seeing him near her home in 1995. She said her bodyguard told her Hoskins claimed she was supposed to be his wife, and 'if he couldn't have me, he was going to slice my throat from ear to ear.'
While Madonna was away from her home and in Florida later that year, he scaled the perimeter wall there, jumped into her pool and was eventually shot twice by a security guard.
Upon his release from prison, Hoskins was sent to a California hospital. He was eventually let go but was arrested again in July 2011 and sent to a different health facility in the Los Angeles-area community of Norwalk.
Hoskins walked off undetected from that hospital last Friday and has not been seen since. Police describe him as highly psychotic with violent tendencies when not taking medication.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

UK tickets on sale today!

Tickets for the Madonna 2012 World Tour dates in London's Hyde Park and Edinburgh's Murrayfield stadium go on sale today at 10:00am!

Tickets for the London show are priced at £70 (general standing admission) and £125 (Gold Circle standing) - plus fees.

For Edinburgh tickets are priced at £60 (general admission standing) and £75 (Gold Circle standing), reserved seating is priced at £45 and £125 - plus fees.

For premium tickets and to sell unwanted tickets visit Official Premium and Secondary Ticketing Partner


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Tel Aviv opening night tickets on sale today!

Tickets for the opening night of the Madonna 2012 World Tour on Tuesday 29 May in Tel Aviv go on sale today and will be available at Castel ( *8965) and *9066) - prices range from NIS 240 to NIS 490.

VIP packages range from NIS 1,500 to NIS 2,900, which will include premium seats, exclusive merchandise and more. For more information on VIP tickets visit

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Madonna's Record Breaking Numbers

It's been a record breaking week for Madonna. Along with the largest halftime US viewership in Super Bowl history including Madonna's Bridgestone Halftime performance (peaking at 112.6 million viewers), the pre-orders for the Material Girl's upcoming MDNA album ascended to the top spot on iTunes stores in 50 countries and was the largest one day pre-order of any album in iTunes history, it was confirmed today by her record label Interscope. Commented Madonna, 'Thanks for all the L-U-V!! from around the world.'

Below are some of the astounding numbers that add up for Madonna this past week:

Madonna By The Numbers:

50 - Number 1's Pre-orders for Madonna's MDNA album on iTunes (biggest one day pre-order in iTunes history) hit the top spot at iTunes stores in 50 countries!

11,000,000+ - YouTube downloads of new Madonna video...and counting. The most searched subject on YouTube and Google during the Super Bowl

13 - Madonna's new single catapults to the #13 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart

56 - 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' marks Madonna's 56th appearance on the Hot 100 according to Billboard's Keith Caulfield

112.6 Million - Peak audience viewership during Madonna's halftime performance – largest in Super Bowl history – up 4 million from last year – surpasses Michael Jackson's 1993 halftime performance

47.1 Million - Households saw Madonna's Super Bowl Performance

#6 - Trending at No. 6 on European Airplay Charts

#2 - iTunes Single, jumped from previous spot 11 after the Super Bowl

2500 - Spins in less than 48 hours at Top 40 radio

25 - 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' single's chart debut

51 - Global Tour Dates Announced by Live Nation

1600 - Clear Channel Digital Billboards Around the Globe aired Madonna's 'Give Me All Your Luvin''

Super Bowl By The Numbers:

320 - Hours of rehearsal prior to performance

750 - Hours to create and complete the Givenchy gold cape Madonna arrived in

4 - Special guests: Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., LMFAO and Cee Lo Green

1 - Slackliner

20 - Dancing Dolls

17 - Core Dancers

200 - Members of Gospel Choirs from Indianapolis area

150 - Gladiators carried Madonna onto the stadium with 280 feet of custom made 3 inch rope

1200lbs. - weight of Madonna's golden throne designed by Madonna and Jimmie Martin in London. Throne included 2 specially designed sphinx heads covered in Swarovski crystals.

100 - Members of Drumline

250 - Volunteers who assembled and took down stage during half time in 6 minutes (go Hoosiers!)

27 - Carts which carried the stage were wheeled in by the volunteers

36 - Projectors hung from ceiling of stadium to create light show

120 - Individual lashes applied to each of Madonna's eyelids per eye

18k - Rose gold ground down and added to Madonna's eye shadow and lips by makeup artist Gina Brooke

200 - Pairs of black briefs provided by Calvin Klein for the Gladiators (they got to wear them home)

Madonna By The Letters:

MDNA - Title of Madonna's upcoming CD (scheduled for March 26th release)

W.E. - Title of just released film directed and co-written by Madonna

L.U.V. - Madonna

Y.O.U. - You Wanna?

From PR News Wire / Interscope Records

Madonna most added on US radio!

Madonna's 'Give Me All Your Luvin' ft. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. was the most added song at U.S. Top 40 Radio. According to a whopping 99 Top 40 stations added the track this week!

Also Billboard has just released it's weekly chart preview:

Madonna roars onto the Hot 100 at No. 13 with 'Give Me All Your Luvin',' featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. The first single from Madonna's 12th studio album, 'MDNA,' due March 26, blasts onto Digital Songs at No. 7 (115,000) and Radio Songs at No. 28 (44 million).
'Luvin'' marks Madonna's 56th Hot 100 appearance, tying her with Dionne Warwick for the second-most visits among women. Only the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin (73 entries), outdistances the Queen of Pop and Warwick in the category.
The No. 13 Hot 100 entrance of 'Luvin'' ties 1992's 'Erotica' for Madonna's fourth-highest. She arrived at loftier ranks only with 'Ray of Light' (No. 5, 1998), 'You'll See' (No. 8, 1995) and 'Frozen' (No. 8, 1998).

Thanks to Micheal

Day One Pre-order Sales highest in iTunes History

Clear Channel’s worldwide multi-platform promotion of Madonna’s new single 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' helped to propel the iconic superstar’s album MDNA to no. 1 on iTunes and drove record-breaking advance sales.
Last Friday, February 3, Clear Channel, a leading global media and entertainment company, world premiered Madonna’s highly anticipated new single and video, 'Give Me All Your Luvin’,' across its full range of media platforms, including radio, outdoor, online and mobile. As part of the campaign, Clear Channel used extensive on-air and online promotions to drive listeners and Madonna fans to iTunes, where they could buy the new single and pre-order MDNA, scheduled to be released in March.

The campaign, which marked a first-of-its-kind worldwide promotion by Clear Channel, helped make MDNA the biggest one-day pre-order in iTunes history and by day three, MDNA ranked at No. 1 in iTunes stores in 50 countries.
'Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s global reach on the Madonna launch was unprecedented, and we couldn’t be more excited about our partnership,' said Brenda Romano, President of Promotion Interscope Geffen and A&M. 'Their willingness to work with us on every element of the simultaneous, multi-platform campaign - everywhere Madonna fans are - exceeded our expectations and was instrumental in driving pre-sale of Madonna's new album MDNA.'
'You cannot overstate the impact that Clear Channel's Madonna campaign had on the Madonna pre-order on iTunes during Super Bowl Weekend, as we experienced the largest first day pre-order ever for an Interscope artist,' said Gary Kelly, Vice President of Sales Interscope Geffen and A&M.
'We felt the amazing power of Clear Channel worldwide, they clearly have the muscle to create an event program,' said Guy Oseary, Madonna’s Manager. 'The results speak for themselves...we are very happy.'

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, with its 238 million monthly listeners in the U.S., has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America. The new single aired simultaneously across more than 100 Clear Channel radio stations in major U.S. markets including Z100 and KTU in New York and KIIS FM in Los Angeles as well as Clear Channel stations in Australia and New Zealand and via Global Radio’s Capital FM Network in the UK.
At the same time, the full-length, four-minute music video of 'Give Me All Your Luvin’' ran on Clear Channel spectacular digital billboards worldwide, including in iconic, high-visibility locations like New York City’s Times Square, Las Vegas, London’s Piccadilly Circus, La Defense in Paris, Oslo Central Station in Norway, and Helsinki, Finland.
The campaign was also displayed across more than 1,600 Clear Channel-owned digital billboards around the world, and a 'Madonna Radio' online channel was available on the homepage of and on the company's individual local radio station websites.
'We’re thrilled to help contribute to the success of Madonna’s new album MDNA,' said Tom Poleman, President of Clear Channel National Programming Platforms. 'Our goal was to use Clear Channel's multi-media platform to create a massive international pop culture event on a scale that's never been done before. And we're excited to see how quickly and passionately our listeners responded.'

From Clear Channel Press Release

Madonna acts like a serious male artist and people hate her for it

Writer Naomi Wolf studies the theory that Madonna acts just like a serious male artist would – and people hate her for it. And with the release of W.E. Madonna is as unapologetic as ever – and it's doing wonders for the collective female psyche.

Is Madonna a self-absorbed megalomaniac with a touch of the arriviste? Probably; but so are dozens of equally brilliant male artists in other mediums, whose imperfect but worthwhile new efforts are treated with hushed awe (see the reverence accorded the solemn and often tedious Tom Ford film, A Single Man). The reliable media theme of 'Hating Madonna', whenever she steps out of her pretty-girl-pop-music bandwidth, is so consistent that it deserves scrutiny in its own right.
Why can the press just not wait to hate Madonna at these moments?
Because she must be punished, for the same reason that every woman who steps out of line must be punished. Madonna is infuriating to the mainstream commentariat when she dares to extend her range because she is acting in the same way a serious, important male artist acts. (And seizing the director's chair, that icon of phallic assertiveness, is provocative as hell.) She is taking for granted that she is allowed to stretch. This is intolerable, because Madonna has not done the sorts of things that allow women of immense talent to get 'permission' or 'to be liked'.
What is so maddening? She does what every serious male artists does. That is: she doesn't apologize for her talent or for her influence. What comes across quite profoundly when one interviews her is that she is preoccupied with her work and her gifts - just as serious male artists are, who often seem self-absorbed. She has the egoless honesty of the serious artist that reads like ego, especially in women.
Madonna is that forbidden thing, the Nietzschean creative woman.

To read the rest of this article visit
The author Naomi Wolf will be online on Friday to discuss this article and answer readers' questions at

Thanks to Brian

Madonna Super Bowl Gig A 'No-Brainer' For Cee Lo

When Madonna calls, you answer.
The Queen of Pop rang up Cee Lo Green several months back about performing 'Like a Prayer' during the Super Bowl halftime show, and he didn't give it a second thought.
'I was asked - cordially invited - by Madonna to be a part of it and, of course, very eagerly obliged. So it was basically as simple as that,' he told MTV News late Monday about the eye-catching gig, which included a dazzling light show, loads of dancers and fellow guests LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.
'It was kind of like a no-brainer. Working with Madonna is a very simple process,' he added. 'She's a very hard worker, quite the perfectionist, and we worked awfully hard for that entire 12-minute performance to be as close to perfection as possible.'
With 100 million-plus viewers tuning in to the game and halftime show, it was no doubt the biggest audience Cee Lo and company had ever performed in front of. But everyone was so ready for anything that there was very little room for error or time to be nervous, Cee Lo told us.
'In our line of business and at this point of my career, I think I'm as prepared as you can be,' he said. 'I'm most certainly poised to be in that place, in this place. It's where we rehearsed, so well in advance, that it becomes a second nature.'
Cee Lo cited the professionalism of Madge and the entire crew for the performance going off without a hitch. 'The technicalities of it are just amazing,' he said. '[It was] such a large crew that really helped. Without their tenacity and their know-how, it could not be done. It would be impossible. So I must commend the entire crew. Technically it takes an entire team to make something like that a success.'
Fashion also played a big part in the performance. While Madonna was sporting looks by Givenchy, Cee Lo's black, sequined choir robe was a design all his own.
'They tease and they call me 'Reverend Green' and 'Preacher Green,' so I had a couple of those robes made just for fun,' he explained. 'I mean, you know me, I'm still the same, you know, known for my sense of style, so on and so forth. And when the nature of the performance was discussed and they were saying, 'We're gonna do 'Like a Prayer' and everyone will be in robes,' and they were looking for my measurements to see if they were going to have to make me one, and I was like, 'What do you mean? I have my own already!' So she was pretty touched by that. I brought a lot of myself.'


Win tickets to the Yankee Stadium show

The Jim & Kim Morning Show on Fresh 102.7 are running a contest to giveaway tickets to Yankee Stadium!

Jammin' With Gram happens every morning during the Jim & Kim Morning Show at 8:10 on Fresh 102.7. We'll be giving away a pair of tickets to the Yankee Stadium show starting tomorrow morning. It runs Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday of next week (8 pairs of tickets). As far as I know, we're one of the few stations in the market giving them away right now. You just have to identify the song that Gram is Jammin' to and for these four days, it will be ALL Madonna.

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Tel Aviv press conference reveals stage details

Details of Madonna's eagerly awaited concert in Israel to kick off her 2012 World Tour were released Tuesday morning at a special press conference at Ramat Gan Stadium, where the concert will take place. The iconic singer will launch her world tour in support of her upcoming album MDNA.
A total of 30,000 tickets will be available at prices ranging from NIS 240 to NIS 490, local producer Shuki Weiss revealed.
Weiss was quick to point out that tickets for the show, which is set to take place on May 29, are much cheaper than the last time Madonna performed in Israel in September 2009 when the cheapest tickets were NIS 490.

The Queen of Pop will perform on a stage especially designed for her world tour that will be packed up after the Ramat Gan show and taken to the 50 other cities around the world where she will perform, including Abu Dhabi, London and New York. The set will include a satellite stage that will protrude 40 meters out into the center of the field where adoring fans will be able to get up close and personal with the legendary pop singer.
The stage will be six stories high so that even fans sitting far away will be able to see the Queen of Pop perform her best hits, Weiss explained. 'Fans can expect to see some of the most state-of-the art sound, lighting and stage production,' he added.

The Material Girl will arrive in Israel two weeks before the concert, accompanied by an entourage of over 300 people, in order to carry out some intensive last-minute rehearsals. While she will visit certain sites and take advantage of being in Israel, Weiss explained that Madonna is taking the show seriously and plans to spend most of her time preparing for the the big event.
'It isn't even a regular visit anymore when she comes,' the local producer explained to the media. 'It's as if she is the process of making aliya.'
Hundreds of foreign journalists will travel to Israel to see the Queen of Pop kick off her world tour and will follow her every step of the way.
Even Madonna's world tour could not escape the media frenzy surrounding a possible strike on Iran. When asked by a journalist how a strike on Iran and its consequences would affect the show, Weiss put everyone's mind at ease by replying: 'We live in this county and life goes on. I hope there are no surprises!'
A number of travel companies will offer special packages for tourists who want to enjoy the event and combine a holiday in Israel.
While regular tickets are relatively cheap, VIP packages range from NIS 1,500 to NIS 2,900, which will include premium seats, exclusive merchandise and more. For more information on VIP tickets visit
In Israel, tickets will go on sale beginning Friday, February 10 and will be available at Castel ( *8965) and *9066).

From The Jerusalem Post

Madonna's Super Bowl Show Most watched in TV History!

Madonna's half-time show had an audience that of nearly 3 million more viewers than the game itself.
The singer's halftime performance was seen by 114.0 million viewers, nearly 4 million more than last year's performance featuring the Black Eyed Peas. It is the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show featuring entertainment. Bruce Springsteen, for example attracted 95.7 million viewers.
Super Bowl XLVI was the most-watched television program in U.S. history and the highest-rated Super Bowl in 26 years, according to fast national data from Nielsen.

From - thanks to Micheal

Madonna was the real Super Bowl's Champion!

Let’s put aside our Patriots hangover and agree that something good came out of last night’s game: The big winner out of the Super Bowl was Madonna.
There was, after all, some sniggering before the game about how She Of The Cone Bras of Yore was going to comport herself on stage, at the ripe age of 53. We grant far more leeway to aging male rockers, mostly laugh when Steven Tyler gawks at 'American Idol' contestants who are young enough to be his granddaughters. We’re more skeptical when female stars - dancers and erstwhile sex symbols - want to keep doing what they’ve always done.
But in her halftime show, Madge didn’t comport herself like a relic trying to act 30 years younger than she is. She paid tribute to her oldies. (Yes, gulp, oldies. 'Open Your Heart' was released in 1986.) She presented some new material (not as good as 'Like a Prayer,' but that’s always the way). She danced precisely as well as she needed to. She looked like she was having a ball.
I’m already looking forward to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl appearance in 2052. In the meantime, Madonna has shown younger fans where Gaga got her ideas; she’s the original model for the female pop star as brilliant master of self-invention. And, in her elder-stateswoman role, she’s sent a message on behalf of women everywhere. Aging gracefully can, when required, involve doing cartwheels.

From The Boston Globe / Joanna Weiss - thanks to Micheal

Madonna announces next world tour

Madonna has announced the dates for her latest world tour, which will start in Israel in May.
The 53-year-old will play two dates in the UK, while the tour will also visit South America and Australia, where she has not performed in 20 years.
The announcement comes days after the Like A Prayer singer performed during half time at the US Super Bowl.
A record 111.3 million people tuned in for the game. Madonna's 12 minute performance received mixed reviews.
According to Nielsen, the company that tracks TV viewing figures, the football game was the most watched show in US history.
Fifty dates have been announced so far for Madonna's tour, which will start on 29 May and visit 26 European cities including Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dublin and Berlin.
She will also perform in Canada and the US in August, September and October.
Madonna has become known for expensive, elaborate stage shows featuring acrobats, skateboarders, bagpipe players and multiple sets.
The Sticky And Sweet tour even incorporated a Ukrainian gypsy group, the Kolpakov Trio, who accompanied the pop star on her hit single La Isla Bonita.
As a result, ticket prices can be relatively high.
The most expensive tickets for the star's 2012 world tour will be £125, although there will be £40 tickets available for the gig at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium on 21 July.
Passes for the concert at London's Hyde Park on 17 July have a starting price of £70.
Tickets go on sale this Friday, 10 February, at 10:00 am.

From BBC News

Look out boys - Madonna to tour Australia

Queen of pop Madonna will tour Australia for the first time in two decades next year.
Her promoter Live Nation boss Arthur Fogel announced she would end her world tour here after bypassing her Australian fans on her last four outings.
The tour news will be music to Madonna's fans here who have begged the pop queen via social media to return for her first visit since the 1993 Girlie Show tour.
Fogel made the announcement as his charge celebrated her triumphant Super Bowl half-time performance to launch new single Give Me All Your Luvin'.
Many commentators suggested some elements of the 12-minute plus romp through her past and present would feature in a more elaborate form in the concerts which will kick off in Israel in May.
The tour will support the release of her 12th record MDNA which drops on March 26 and is set to debut at No.1 around the world.
Madonna is expected to perform outdoors again on the Australian leg of the tour, with ANZ Stadium the likely venue in Sydney.

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Madonna 2012 Tour Announcement

Madonna is having a huge party and everyone's invited. The Madonna 2012 World Tour begins May 29th 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel it was officially announced by Live Nation Entertainment, the tour's international promoter. The shows will include arenas, stadiums and special outdoor sights including the Plains of Abraham in Quebec and a return visit to South America as well as Australia where she has not performed in 20 years. The tour will stop in 26 European cities including London, Paris, Milan and Berlin.

The first of 26 North American shows is scheduled for August 28th in Philadelphia and includes a September 6th show in NY's Yankee Stadium and an October 10th performance at LA's Staples Center. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale beginning February 10th in Tel Aviv and the United Kingdom, with North American tickets going on sale beginning February 13th. Tickets for North America are available at and A complete itinerary of Madonna 2012 follows this release.

The announcement of Madonna's 2012 World Tour follows an extraordinary week which included a monumental extravaganza of a performance at the Bridgestone Super Bowl Halftime which was seen in over 200 countries by over a billion people. Last week also saw the release of Madonna's new single, 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' from her highly anticipated new album MDNA on Live Nation Entertainment/Interscope Records - scheduled to be released on March 26th. Pre orders have already catapulted MDNA to No. 1 on iTunes in 51 countries including the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands.

'Madonna's track record as a world class entertainer and touring artist speaks for itself. Her artistry, talent and creative productions get bigger and better with each tour and Madonna 2012 will be no exception. We are thrilled to have her back on the road and know her fans feel the same,' commented Arthur Fogel, CEO Live Nation Entertainment Global Touring and Madonna tour promoter.

Madonna 2012 World Tour is the Material Girl's 9th Tour. Her first tour was the 1985 Virgin Tour.

US residents ordering tickets online to a US performance will receive their choice of a digital or physical copy of Madonna's new MDNA album with every ticket purchased.

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