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Madonna was the real Super Bowl's Champion!

Let’s put aside our Patriots hangover and agree that something good came out of last night’s game: The big winner out of the Super Bowl was Madonna.
There was, after all, some sniggering before the game about how She Of The Cone Bras of Yore was going to comport herself on stage, at the ripe age of 53. We grant far more leeway to aging male rockers, mostly laugh when Steven Tyler gawks at 'American Idol' contestants who are young enough to be his granddaughters. We’re more skeptical when female stars - dancers and erstwhile sex symbols - want to keep doing what they’ve always done.
But in her halftime show, Madge didn’t comport herself like a relic trying to act 30 years younger than she is. She paid tribute to her oldies. (Yes, gulp, oldies. 'Open Your Heart' was released in 1986.) She presented some new material (not as good as 'Like a Prayer,' but that’s always the way). She danced precisely as well as she needed to. She looked like she was having a ball.
I’m already looking forward to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl appearance in 2052. In the meantime, Madonna has shown younger fans where Gaga got her ideas; she’s the original model for the female pop star as brilliant master of self-invention. And, in her elder-stateswoman role, she’s sent a message on behalf of women everywhere. Aging gracefully can, when required, involve doing cartwheels.

From The Boston Globe / Joanna Weiss - thanks to Micheal


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Hey James, it should be exciting to see Madonna kick off her tour this year. Equally exciting, Gaga will be kicking off her tour this year too.

Should be interesting to watch the cat fights. Bring popcorn!

LUV, Xen (



You are SO right! I have been a fan of M right from the start and, over the years, I have lost time of the number of occasions that there have been "bitch fights" between fans whenever anyone is compared with Madonna - Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Britney, Kylie, Shakira, GaGa and even Beyonce (yes, Beyonce LOL!) have been some of the targets I have seen for the vitriole some fans spew.

The most bizarre bitch-fest I can ever remember was on a Forum where some fans were frothing rabidly over the fact that J-Lo wore cowboy boots in one of her videos, therefore she MUST be copying Madonna and her "Music"/"Don't Tell Me" look! How freekin' hilarious, ridiculous and downright sad is that?!

So GaGa is inspired by M (as she openly admits her admiration)? The Givenchy costumes M wore at Superbowl were clearly "inspired" by Classical dress - maybe on a Forum somewhere, people were bitching about that rip-off... sorry, inspiration?!

It is rather ironic that Madonna's message at the end of her wonderful Superbowl performance was 'World Peace', yet some so-called "fans" like to spend so much time and energy engaged in petty bitching and sniping. I am sure M would be so proud of them - not!

Oh, and for the record, apart from M, I love all the artistes I have mentioned in my post!


Gaga has admitted to being inspired by Madonna; not the least of a list of people she has admitted to being inspired by. So what's obnoxious about the whole Madonna vs. Gaga debate is, as "Dan" (above or so) has said "ageism".

It goes both ways in the debate: that because Gaga is younger than Madonna she's a direct "copy" of her; and that because Madonna is older she's no longer relevant. Annoying, huh?

What I believe is that I missed out on "growing up" with Madonna and now I'm simply in awe of her. So I take my opportunity with Gaga, instead.

Some may argue she's reductive, but this accusation is leveled by "stans" in Madonna's camp who IMO are latching onto Gaga's fame and pushing her under water. It's working.

Madonna is a heavyweight. But this then becomes an underdog game, and we all seem to know who upends who in the end.

There's always another Queen. Succession and cycles.

Can't wait to be in my late 30's, bitching about the next would-be-Gaga - as this current time's meme "pre-Madonna" is ever present. Bitchy queens never die.

LUV to all.


Dan, you're my man! Agree with you 100%!


What's with all the ageism against Madonna? Well, she just proved to them all that you can be mature and hot and successful. Just like back in the 80's, she showed that women should be proud of their sexuality. Madonna is causing another revolution. Madonna will act how ever she pleases because she is empowered. She will not succumb to narrow-minded people's expectation. You go girl. Still controversial as ever.

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