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Madonna Holds Impromptu Whitney Houston Tribute

Madonna may have not been one of the 1,500 guests at Whitney Houston's Newark, NJ funeral on Saturday, but the blonde singer still held an impromptu memorial of her own for the late star.
On Friday night, Madonna, 53, hit up NYC hotspot Mister H in the Mondrian Soho hotel, where she showed up with a large group of her background dancers.
'Madonna was sitting down, watching as her dancers showed up their skills,' a source tells Us Weekly. 'When the DJ began to spin Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody,' Madonna perked up and started lip-synching the words.'
The source adds that when the star, who donned an all-black ensemble and a black-rimmed hat, realized her private area cut off a majority of the dance floor, she was seen chatting with security to give her crew a smaller space so everyone in the club would be able to have a place to dance.
'I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)' was Houston's fourth consecutive number one single and won her the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 1988 Grammy Awards.

From Us Weekly - thanks to John


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Philip has a good idea. It would be nice if she threw in a little Whitney Houston on the tour. They did start out together around the same time.


c'mon guys....even if it wasn't a's no big deal right? let us not be like " little monster " who bashing everyone everywhere for the sake of their lady gogo. we, madonna fans, are more civilised..i hope.


What a non-story!



phillip bruno

Its just an excuse to mention Whitney Houston at this time...When Michael Jackson died she incorporated stuff into her Sticky n Sweet tour as a tribute to him, and spoke about him at an awards show...Be good if she did something on her next tour to honor Whitney, like a mash up of one of her songs with one of Whitney's...Mind you, they were suppose rivals in the 80s/90s if you read/believe media.


Maybe it's meant to be sarcastic?


How is that a tribute? The song played and she sang along. That does not constitute as a tribute at all.

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