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Madonna overwhelmed Givenchy designer

Madonna impressed Riccardo Tisci so much his hands shook when he was measuring her.
The Givenchy designer created all the looks for the American icon’s Sticky & Sweet world tour. They first met three years ago and he was totally overcome when he realised she wanted to work with him.
'She asked me to do the costumes for her Sticky & Sweet tour. We met in the middle of nowhere. She was rehearsing in a basketball stadium somewhere outside of New York. I watched the show and she was so beautiful, like a goddess,' he recalled to the British edition of Grazia magazine. 'They she stepped off stage, came up to me and asked, ‘Do you want to take my measurements?’ So I’m taking her measurements and my hands are shaking!'
The pair’s relationship has continued, with Riccardo creating the looks for Madonna’s recent Super Bowl show.
He came up with 28 suggestions for Madonna to wear during her half-time appearance at the prestigious American football event. She chose a cloak which was gold and handmade over several weeks.
'It was like a museum piece; the mix of palettes with the fabric, crystals and discs,' he explained. 'Even Madonna was like, ‘Wow!’ - and it takes a lot to impress Madonna.'
Riccardo and his team also made a shorter cape which they worked on a lot. It had to be re-done because the initial version wasn’t quite right when the star tested it.
Madonna even had underwear stitched by the designer and his team.
'I did all the outfits - the clothes, gloves, belt, hat – even the underwear,’' he laughed. 'Oh yes! When she was dancing, you could see her underwear. So I made her an embroidered pair. I call it couture chic.'

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