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Madonna Controlled Every Aspect of Nicki's Super Bowl Look

Madonna always has been - and always will be! - the H.B.I.C.
Before Nicki Minaj joined her onstage during Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, the 53-year-old Material Girl personally approved every aspect of the rapper's look.
'Madonna was the first person in history who was able to make me change my wig,' Minaj, 29, said on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Monday. 'I had some choices in terms of color, but...she has a way with words.'
'She knows how to word things so that you don't feel uncomfortable,' the hip-hop star explained. 'I went through four color changes on my wig for the Super Bowl. We got the platinum blonde and she smiled. Once she smiled, I was like, 'Thank you, Jesus!' I couldn't take it anymore.'
The 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' legend was also the first person to convince Minaj to try red lipstick. 'It's so funny because when I did it, I wound up loving it. I told her, 'I'm so glad I trusted you. You're amazing! You're the queen, and everybody has to bow down.''
'She knows what she wants,' Minaj said in defense of Madonna. 'When you see her vision, it's like, 'Oh, OK. Now I get it.'
To be included in such a monumental performance was life-changing for the rapper. 'Why would she include me in such a special moment? It's such a special moment for her,' Minaj said. 'I had to give my all.'



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