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Madonna Changes Song Title After Joe Francis Legal Pressure?

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary has dismissed claims that Madonna changed a track title from her forthcoming album because of legal pressure from Joe Francis. Earlier this month, TMZ reported that Madonna had received a 'cease and desist' letter with regards to a track on her forthcoming album, which was entitled 'Girls Gone Wild.' Joe Francis, the entrepreneur behind the Girls Gone Wild franchise, reportedly threatened Madonna with legal action if she used the name as a track title on her album, MDNA.
However, today, Madonna's manager has told TMZ that Madonna's decision to change the track title to 'Girl Gone Wild' was made because that's the way she sings it in the song and was part of the final tweaking process of the album.
He added that other song titles had been altered as well, whilst they made the finishing touches to her twelfth studio album. Oseary also made reference to a Billboard story that claimed there are at least 50 records already entitled 'Girls Gone Wild, including releases by Ludacris, Lil' Rick and Jackie Kashian.
Oseary finished by insisting that Madonna had never heard of Joe Francis and as nobody in the Madonna camp had ever received the letter, was unaware of the legal threats being made against her.



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All of this legal nonsense from the GGW guy is pathetic. And in the end they only drop one letter from the title. How funny is that? Go Team Madonna!


I love all the shade Oseary is giving Francis courtesy of Madonna...Ha...


i can't wait for this c.d to drop !!!! it's gonna be AMAZE-BALL's!!! watch out all you wanna be's.... THE QUEEN IS BACK!!! AND THE CONCERT IS GOING TO BE BANGIN'!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!

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