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Madonna Calls M.I.A. Gesture A 'Teenager Thing To Do'

Madonna spoke to Ryan Seacrest about the M.I.A. finger gesture at the Super Bowl on his show on Kiis Radio this morning and said 'I wasn't happy about it. I know it's kind of punk rock and everything, but to me there was just such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity, and it just seemed negative. It's kind of a teenager irrelevant thing to do. There was such a feeling of love and unity so what was the point?'
Madonna also shot down rumours that Britney Spears will appear on her upcoming single and in the video for 'Girls Gone Wild' - 'No, it's just little ol' me,'.



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she's just saying what they wanna hear, but it makes no sense and I see no ponit in doing it. Everyone here knows she may be a bit upsed for the attention M.I.A. got, but we know she actually gives a SHIT!


I think the issue is that the venue was not appropriate. The Superbowl people plus attorneys, I'm sure, told them to keep it clean. Ever since Janet's thing, the Superbowl is very careful and I'm sure they were extra concerned that Madonna was performing. MIA pulled an unnecessary stunt. If this were the MTV Awards, then this would not be an issue.


Madonna is being hypocritical. She did a far "worse" thing with her hand during a certain number in The Confessions Tour...

The Lion

One would think that Madonna likes M.I.A. precisely for being provocative and uninhibited, so I am surprised at her reaction. And I agree with some of the other comments - the finger is in the video already, so what's the fuss? Madonna herself has been obscene many times (obscene, of course, according to some conservative standards, because saying "fuck" or showing a middle finger is not obscene at all in my opinion.) I was excited that Madonna and M.I.A. worked together, but Madonna's reaction is a let down.

Eli Lee

love madonna, but it seems the pot (madonna) is calling the kettle (M.I.A.) black (irrelevant).


totally agree with people who are questioning why she was upset.she's done it loads-& the bad language-she feels the need to shout 'mother-fuckers' halfway through songs-theres no need for that really is there?but even so-i think she was annoyed at M.I.A stealing some thunder.xx


Isn't that new song a "teenager thing to do" already?...


Come on Madonna you've done that lots of times "drowned world tour" being one of them.......


But Madonna allowed M.I.A. to pull this shit in the video so why is she pissed that she did it at the super bowl halftime show? It's all just choreography in the end! I fucking love Madonna but the day she gets angry at something like this is not a good day!


Man she sure knows how to speak her age.


What a cute thing to say. "No, it's just little ol' me,".

She's still a girl at heart. Material girl, of course.



Reading between the lines M is 100% pi**ed off and rightly so.
Little upstart!

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