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Liz Smith: 'Too much Madonna?'

Liz Smith replies to a reader who complained about there being 'too much Madonna' in the columns she writes:

I want to address this to a reader named Briana Baran, who recently complained (quite politely) about 'Too much Madonna and Brad and Angie in your column.' Why don’t I write of others?
Let’s see, in recent days and weeks my column has featured items or lead stories on Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender, the director James Toback, a luncheon saluting 'The Artist,' opinions about the SAG awards, books I have read, Miss Streep (lots of Miss Streep!), Demi and Ashton, the new movie 'Haywire,' the return of Guns N’ Roses, heart disease in women, an art exhibition at the Met, 'The Borgias' and, yes...Madonna.
I’ve been writing about her since 1984 and I’ll write about her till she is 84. Considerations of talent and what are perceived as her pretensions aside, she is a big star, and not a victim of celebrity. Not gonna read about her falling in the street or being rushed to an emergency room or checking into rehab, or broke or desperate. She has been married only twice, has four kids, a gazillion dollars and a 24-year-old boyfriend. She has created herself, her fortune and her fame. I admire her. And I am hardly alone in paying attention, particularly when she is out promoting herself.
As for Brad/Angie, they are on the cover of every magazine, relentlessly discussed and covered everywhere. I should ignore them?
Whom, at my stage in life and in this time in pop culture, should I be writing about? I try to stay as current as possible, in the era of the Internet, but I continue, as always, to write about what interests me. This is my forum.
So, Briana, when you see the name Madonna or anything about Miss Jolie and her consort, simply skip that item, and read on. I hope you will find more to your pleasure.
However, there was Madonna last Friday on the front and back pages of all the New York tabloids, in advance of her Super Bowl appearance. For somebody who is supposed to be perpetually 'over,' the rest of the media still seems to like her, too. (The tepid reviews of her movie 'W.E.' were totally overshadowed.)



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Love you Liz Smith! Great piece firing back on those irritating negative nancy's

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