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Holy mackerel! Super Bowl show from the stands

Take a look at this video clip showing the fantastic video floor effects (that did not show up on TV) and running commentary from a very excited Dad (we think) and two 12 year olds watching Madonna live for the first time!

It is an interesting and funny way to watch the show - the effect during Like A Prayer when the football pitch seems to be pulled away to reveal a starry universe and the audience turn on their torches is wonderful!

Thanks to Anna-Clare and Rachel


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James Davis

WOW! What a view and great to see what we never got to see on ground level! EPIC!


absolutely FANTASTIC, their comments only made it BETTER!!! There is a second video he posted on youtube when the stage is being assembled, it's a must see.


That was hilarious, but great! How many fans have had people like that behind them at an M concert?? Is it just me? :)

efrain meza

Definitely the TV broadcast didn't make her justice... awesome show


That was so funny, "Holy Mackerel" Who says that????? This guy reminded me of the Dad (Phil?) from Modern Family. Hilarious. Great to experience the show from this angle.


My god - the TV version showed nothing of the amazing lighting/staging - it took my breath away! A show where you want to watch from a far to see everything and a big screen to see her! WOW WOW! The stage - one of the best I have ever seen! And I loved the Dad and kids! Loved the commentary! Showed their excitement - and that is priceless!!!


The dad and the show are both awesome. Thanks for posting it. And, I guess Madonna does have some straight males fans,contrary to what they say!


this is seriously wonderful! the dad and son! awesome!! love madonna.


This is simply the reason why you don't regret paying 400 dollars to see this woman perform live. She is just too awesome for words!!!


That was absolutely fantastic. That dad was about as excited as I would have been if I had been lucky enough to witness that incredible show in person. I loved this post. Like A Prayer almost made me cry... ok, it did. ;)


Absolutely incredible. I was moved to tears for the transition into Like a Prayer. Wow. Thanks for sharing, it was so cool to see all the effects that we missed on TV! The Dad and the kids were so cute. Cracked me up that he didn't know the words but tried to sing along anyway! LOL!!


and now you call Madonna a done in US. they are all in denial stage that Madonna is still relevant and still the undisputed Queen. hugs and kisses to the dad who capture this footage. you totally rock!


i want madonna to hear this! it's wonderful!!


Okay, that was awesome. The dad was hilarious, and it goes to show that everyone is a Madonna fan! I live in Indy and had volunteered to be a stagehand and unfortunately couldn't because of work...but a few friends were able to do it and they said it was incredible. I am going to see her in Chicago in September and cannot wait. This actually gave me chills.


Loved this kid's comments. "My God, this is so cool!", "God, she's with LMFAO!", "Oh my God, it's crazy!", "it's incredible!", "Cee Lo Green, it's awesome!"... and his dad is a fan! This video is so cool, that you for sharing!


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Loved every second of it!!!!! And I love how excited everyone was! Only Madonna can put on a show like this which makes everyone excited, even the non-fans! The only Queen!


Absolutely fabulous to hear Dad & Kids loving the whole thing, it should be made into a "Family Guy" episode. . . pure magic

phil henderson

That was absolutely amazing !! Loved it and seeing it from up in the heavens was just great :)


A real shame i cannot share this on Facebook. An incredible short video, catching an atmosphere with a very proud father and his children. Heartwarming and priceless... A real happy moment in someones life depicted in 13 minutes...A great start to my day..Thank You...LOVED IT!!!


And regardless what people say, Like A Prayer was live and she sang it beautifully!


What a great Dad. What a happy little boy. Oh my. Made my day. I will never forget this viewing. It is the early 80's again and I am thirty years younger. I believe this will be the vibe for Madonna 2012. New music and new tour. We and she have all been shot out of a canon and there is no going back!

A Messer

It sounded like Dad was having a gay ol' time....I loved it!

Johnny T.

I absolutely LOVED this!!!
I seriously felt like i was there, i could only wish... truely amazing!!!
It feels like you're watching the performance all over again for the very first time in a different angle & also the details you weren't able to see on tv.
Loved the Dad commenting:)
It proves to show how diverse Madonna's fan-base really is.
Madonna is no doubt The one & only Queen of Pop 4ever!!
L-U-V Madonna<3

Gilbert U.

This posting so made my day. Listening to the commentary is priceless. Many thanks for posting this for all to watch. Made me excited (once again) about her upcoming tour. :-D


GOOSEBUMPS!!!!! She is the one and only...

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