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Give Me All Your Luvin' single sales discounted from UK chart

Due to a promotional marketing 'error' Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin' may not even make the Top 40 in this weeks UK single charts as this article from Digital Spy explains:

A large percentage of Madonna's new single sales have been discounted from this week's chart.
The star offered fans a promotion which allowed them to download her new single 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' for free if they pre-ordered her upcoming album MDNA on iTunes.
However, the Official Charts Company has now confirmed that the free downloads offered on Sunday and Monday (February 5 and 6) will not be put towards her chart ranking.
Fans were left confused when 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' failed to make this week's midweek chart update yesterday (February 8) and started to question the Official Charts Company on Twitter.
They responded by stating: 'It was viewed as an incentive to purchase the album before the single went officially on sale on Tuesday, so those sales were discounted.'
'Madonna is climbing up the Official Singles Chart after two days on sale. Should go Top 40 on Sunday.'

So UK Madonna fans - you need to buy the single NOW (or even again) to ensure it charts nice and high this Sunday!


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john Suddes

I knew it wouldnt count thats why i bought the single before ordering the album it was common sense really, BUT do the record company care about chart posistions for the single?? no! because instead of 99p they got £7.99 for the album instead and then they will get £8.99 or £9.99 for the normal album when that comes out as most Madonna fans would still buy it even though they have the deluxe version and the record company know this. Now Madonna's "come back" looks like a total failure and she will be ridiculed along with all of her fans who will not have to put up with the crap from Ga Ga fans on websites around the world! The first single from the new album was in all honesty Madonna's only chance of a number one single I feel and it has been wasted by greedy record company bosses or greedy management! Very dissapointing.


@Tony: yes, I was charged for the single (99p), too, when I pre-ordered MDNA...!

I have questioned this with iTunes!


This is an absolute JOKE! The same record kabel that flogged GaGas album forba whole week at 99cents JUST to get it to number 1 totally shafted Madonna's new decade! It really is embarrassing, somebody PLEASE email Guy Oseary, Liz Rosenberg at how they have marketed this song!!!! WE demand PHYSICAL singles, REMIXES!!!! Ltd editions! Anyone who knows Madonna and her fanbase KNOWS that we collect this stuff, Interscope have no knowledge of her back history by the looks of it... We need to get our anger out to Guy and HE needs to listen to the fans, Madonna's fanbase is NOT the same as GaGa's yet we are being treated the same! This song has bombed, and Interscope didnt know this was going to happen? What the hell happened to releasing ALL formats and remixes on the same day? Sad day for Madonna fans. Such an embarrassment for her debut.


Something not right here, I've just been sent a bill from iTunes charging me 99p for the single that came with the pre order so if I've been charged then it should be included in the charts. Has anyone else been charged for the single ???


This will look hideously embarrassing on Sunday night when GMAYL charts - it's currently no 30 on iTunes. Is there any way of finding out how many copies were discounted? Presumably everyone who pre-ordered the album and made it the "biggest 1 day pre-order" thought they were also buying the single? It's really important this story gets reported accurately in the press otherwise the media will be calling her a has-been and tthe MDNA era will be over before it's begun.

Since radio aren't playing the song maybe we can use social networking to help gather support for the physical release on March 5th?


Exactly! Same here! Totally agree with Bri!!


For people as business savvy as Madonna and Guy Oseary, it was a massive mistake to give away her new single as part of the album pre-order offer! It's led to huge confusion which, as a result, means Madonna may be unlikely to get a Top 10 spot for her new single. Embarassing! I've bought the single copy again so come on guys.....GET BUYING!!!


Im not even buying the download once. I like to have a hard copy. I find releasing it as a download only is lazy beyond belief. Part of the appeal to Madonnas music for me was all the great formats we used to get. I can just listen to the songs on my pc for free. Cant wait for the tour I hope shes gonna be there and its not just a hologram lol.


I totally agree with Bri


I think that many fans would have prefered the physical CD single of "GMAYL" rather than a digital download, like myself, my whole madonna collection is on CD (will it be released on CD single!?) I hope I (we) don't have to wait too long.


calling all girls, gays and straight men errr ok not straight men as they are all on rihanna's website :) you all know this cant happen and we all know that fans of Lady cheap bleach will love. I'm sure we can all buy it again (its only 99 pence) she may not need the money but she really needs are support now more than ever because people are just taking the piss out of her constantly and its boring now and I'm really looking forward to the album and the effect the press will have on it not getting in the top forty will be quite frankly shit.

Do it for the original,
Do it for the bragging rights,
Do it for the Queen!!!!


I think she has had enough money from me in the last week!


Always honest like the WE reviews...

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