Madonna’s Abu Dhabi concert sold out in an hour
Moscow Pre-Sale delayed


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john Suddes

I agree with Mark and Lola this should have been released with the download, very badly handled from a fans point of view as we do still actualy care about chart positions and not just concert sales to rake in the money for Live Nation! Incidentally I am not going to see this tour as again dissapointed with it.


I wish they would've released the physical copy at the same time as the digital :( I don't know what they were thinking but they totally messed up! I'm still going to buy this CD single but I wish they would release a maxi not a 2 track :(


Not everyone have heard of GMAYL. This physical release is for collectors. Records company are not producing CD singles anymore. As a Madonna fan, I am glad they are still releasing physical singles for Madonna.

I am glad they are releasing the 2nd single before the album is released. Let's hope there will be more singles and videos from this album. This album is for people who appreciates Madonna's present work.

Those who don't like MDNA can go and listen to ROL. I think ROL is good but over-rated.

Stop with the bitching.


They are doing everything wrong with this album, it's insane. They release a first video on internet, but the song can't be heard in any radio or seen on TV like it didn't exist. Then a couple or weeks later they release a second video for the second song, but the album is not even out yet!! And then after all that they release the first single form the previous video which nobody cares about anymore, which should have been done before in the first place. This is a total mess.

phillip bruno

Totally agree with Mark...Should have come out couple of days after GMAYL was out to download...Also, can you buy this CD in the shops?


What on earth is the point of that?! Surely it would have made much more sense to release the CD at the sime time as the digital release - or realising its poor performance, rush release it for the 2nd week. Now she's all but released the second song from the album only 24 days after the last one. Smacks of desperation.

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