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Having heard most of M.D.N.A., I am actually embarrassed to be a lifelong Madonna fan. It is childish, lazy and totally irrelevant. I am gobsmacked that The Queen of Pop would put her name to this.


Agree with fitsy! Dreadful song, out of the UK Top 40 after just one week... And rightfully so, imho.

Revolver sounded like something Britney didn't want, and GGW follows in that vein.



Its really poor! The UK press as usual are now labelling the single a flop, and it is! Thing is NOBODY in Madonba's team seams to even be aware, let alone care about it! I get the feeling its all about marketing her in the US again. After a decade of Euro pop and European success, interscope seem to be creating Hard Candy 2. The song is fun but Madonna is better alone. For the first time in decades i am not looking forward to this album, and Girls Gone Wild sounds dire. Like a Britney cast off.



I am note sure you are correct about the difference between 'singles' and album tracks. My understanding is that the 'singles' chart in the UK actually reflects sales of 'songs' or tracks.

After all, when a song is performed on, say X Factor or Glee, and charts rapidly afterwards, it has seldom been (re)released as a single and people are in fact buying an existing album track. An example would be Journey's "Don't Syop Believing"...


You get billed on itunes as items are delivered. You have been charged for the song you received as a slice of the album you have bought - 99p now and the balance (£7) when you album is received . So you have not been scammed. And no, buying an album track is not the same as buying a single - Interscope and M would have known clearly that the album sales would not count on the single chart. UK No.1 singles are meaningless these days, you can now be number one selling 70,000 or less. Hardly an accolade.


GMAYL is mediocre, to say the very least. It is a hybrid of Toni Basil/Avril Lavigne, with a sub-La Roux backing track. The inclusion of Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. actually increases its mediocrity, with M trying to be "cool" in her choice of collaborators.

It does NOT deserve to be Number 1, imho, sorry!

Think of all of some of the lead singles from albums that M has released over the years: Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Live to Tell, Frozen, Music, Hung Up... all utter classics. GMAYL is nowhere in the same league!

Fingers crossed that M.D.N.A. is a total stonker, not a stinker like Hard Candy!


This means that at least this week UK chart is totally IRRELEVANT because Madonna should be the number ONE.

UK is fully isolated in the world. But frankly, who cares!


ive been charged for the single,and it was supposed to be free with the pre order?
what are the talkin bout,i feel scammed in a way and even though i want the single 2 chart well im not buying it again!


As many of you are saying, this single just got lost among preorders, downloads and complicated instructions for the fans. I've always been first getting the cd-single but at this point I'm still here arms crossed... That said, it's not big surprise this single is far less popular than the worst song in, say, True Blue.


This so would have got to number one, especially with all the hype, its just seems such a waste, maybe they dont care about single chart positions anymore. Im gutted, i really wanted the single to top the charts!
I think its very embarrassing really for a single to do so bad, especially for Madonna! I wouldnt be happy i was her!

The Lion

angel has a good point. The tour is selling out, the album has topped the charts... I think singles don't matter that much anymore. I mean, Madonna's four last albums reached #1 both in the US and the UK, but her singles have performed less uniformly. Personally, I don't care that GMAYL did not hit number one - the song is good enough, the video is amazing, and the tour will be mind-blowing as usual. The album too will be great it seems. I think that's what Madonna's seems to care about too.


one more thing....not to defend Interscope, but Madonna has a manager. She and Guy Oseary had to agree with the marketing plan. The music scene has changed so much in the past few years. They may have agreed to push the album rather than the single.

and dont you think it's odd that they sold tickets to a tour and no one has heard the new album? that's how much the music scene has changed.

the only time i can remember when a tour was announced so quickly was when Kylie released her X album and on the very same day announced a tour.


they obviously want people to spend money on the album, and not a single. It's more of an impact to say that she topped the charts in 51 countries for an album than a single, dont you think?


Come on UK fanatics. . . I am sure that you all want to own the CD single of "GMAYL", so when that is released in March, Madonna will deffo hit the top ten in the UK charts at the every least. I haven't bought the digital download and SO want the CD single.




Yes i also preordered the album thinking i was getting the single for free,i have also been charged 99p for it.Im not surprised the single has charted so low,people like me who grew up with Madonna dont do downloads as we would rather have have the factory pressed cd with the booklet etc,i only preordered it for the bonus exclusive itunes track,its the first and last album i will buy off itunes!!


Given that I know that the downloads of GMAYL single would be ineligible for chart entry when I am just a memeber of the public you would have thought that the Interscope team would have been well aware of it. So wither pushing pre-sales of the album was more important than the single's chart position and sales, or it is has had very little cross-over appeal which nobody anticipated. But it is no shock that it the Official Charts Company ruled against the downloads. And no shock that GMAYL, already unpopular with fans as we have been saying since November, is even less popular with the general record buying public.

john Suddes

which was obvious anyway and that is why I bought the single before I pre-ordered the album!

Great Idea Interscope!!


It could be that this marketing ploy was one of the most ill-conceived for a very long time. Considering that the pre-release of 'M.D.N.A.' topped the iTunes chart almost immediately, it could well have been that, had the single been a paid-for download, then it may well have entered the chart at #1. It would be interesting to know just how many "sales" were discounted.

Although, financially, it is albums and tours that really count these days, nonetheless, it is a highly-disappointing return to the music scene for M...


I very much doubt the single will even go top 20 let alone become her 14th UK number 1! I am really dissapointed in Interscopes handling of this single. All the push was to garner sales and energy for the album in a ridiculous GaGa-esque media blitz! The single got lost in it all and whilst it is a catchy song, it is far from her best, Madonna has an iconic back catalogue and her singles really matter, especially debut ones! Madonna lost out here and after the disasters of Revolver, Miles Away and even Celebration, Interscope best do their homework on chart rules before they pull a stunt like this again and cost Madonna more embarrassing chart placings! With NO remixes available yet, no physical releases or limited editions, Interscope and her team must really think the song will sell itself?! It wont im afraid and its not good enough when the likes of Rihanna are throwing out hit after hit, regardless of how ropey they are, they are available in every format with loads of mixes. Sort this interscope and stop messing the releases about!


Should have been Number 1!!!


I blame this squarely with Interscope. If they had been bothered to read the rules for the UK charts this disaster would never have happened.


iTunes have just charged me 99p for the single yesterday, there have sent me a bill yesterday. I preordered the deluxe album on the 3rd Feb so it's not free so then the official charts do include these downloads. Something well fishy here. Has anyone else been charged for the single ? If so we bed to voice this

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