Madonna Calls M.I.A. Gesture A 'Teenager Thing To Do'
Police capture escapee who stalked Madonna


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phillip bruno

Message to Interscope.
Idea for you Interscope...Make sure there is a CD available of every official Madonna single, it's what her fans are used to and expecting. Make sure there are remixes, extra tracks or a video on it, one or all if you can...bit old school for you I know but again, this is how it works with Madonna fans and general public, they grew up buying her singles and are not afraid to go to HMV and buy one, why should they, been doing it for years. OK, so your more concerned with album/tour sales but Madonna being the most constant singles act for 3 decades...why ruining that buy promoting a brand new single the way you have?...Madonna can still sell singles in this new era of music, keep the old way but add the new way to buy music. I'm a fan and in no way think this single is her best first single but there have been worst at No.1 and don't you want her to get at least a 14th UK No.1?...I think chart placings in the UK matter to Madonna as she would have stopped ages ago...Stop going down the Rihanna, Gaga route...she is above that...Would have been better if it was chart eligable the miniute it was played on radio...You may not be pushing for singles sales at Interscope but wouldn't you be happy at HQ if Madonna got a big hit (top ten at least) with GMAYL...CDs IN THE STORES TOO PLEASE...SIMPLES...after all she is Madonna...the new Legend.


To little to late im afraid, the single has bombed... Barely scraped the Top 40 in the UK, it is an embarrassment and an insult to Madonnas legacy how they have dealt with this release, giving her debut single as part of a package did not count as single sales but did as album promotion?! And interscope didnt know this?!?!?! Seems they have more interest in promoting their Madonna clone GaGa!


Where will this sell just amazon? Or will hmv sell this too? I am from the UK

yvonne grant

Will there be a 12" release?

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