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Give Me All Your Luvin' #1 on Billboard Canadian Hot 100

Following her Super Bowl halftime performance last Sunday, Madonna’s 'Give Me All Your Luvin’' (Universal) jumps 11-1 in its second week on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100, scoring both Greatest Gainer Digital and Airplay.

It is the second time she has topped the chart, previously spending nine weeks at the top with '4 Minutes' in 2008. The song also jumps 6-1 on the Canadian Digital Songs chart, with a 76% download increase to 24,000.

'Give' leaps 33-10 on the Hot 100 Airplay chart with a 143% audience increase to over 14 million.

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I agree with Mee (20th February).

Look how utterly appalling 'Revolver' was, and that failed to reach the Top 40 in the UK (and, actually, did not register on the charts at all).

According to (and assuming accuracy), then 'Revolver' sold a jaw-droppingly low 6,000 copies, whilst it shows 'GMAYL' with sales (to date?) of 10,000 (which, I assume, excludes the fiasco of the 'free' copies of GMAYL).


@ Alex: the truth of the matter is, GMAYL is an extremely mediocre song, so I don't believe the fans have "let her down". No, they have proven that a mediocre record gets mediocre sales. When the single first leaked, the majority of people/fans on various forums were saying how disappointed they were with this new release.

I firmly believe that had this song been released by a lesser artiste than M, it would have suffered a very poor fate chart-wise.


I imagine the Canadians thought they were buying a song by their home-grown Avril Lavigne...? ;-)


Congrats Canada we love you!! Now what is up with the UK fans and why did they let our girl down??? :D


Australia and England fans have the right to flop madonna's gmayl, I respect that.however, the rest of the world still support madonna



It's probably BECAUSE M has refused to tour in Aus for so long that the fans are giving HER the flick! An artiste must support the fans, too, you know!


I'm so glad she hit #1 in Canada!


Yaaaaaa Canada!

Anyone else notice on that the Rogers Arena show in Vancouver says U.S. and not Canada?


Great to hear that Canadians still love Madonna. I am really disappointed with Australia. GMAYL does not perform well on the charts here and MDNA only got to no2. Boo! MDNA got to no1 everywhere else. Maybe Madonna should give Australia the flick and only perform in countries that support her.


it is the second time shes top the chart? in canada?,,,,,,lol shes had over 20 # 1 hits there,,,get your info correct!!

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