Madonna Changes Song Title After Joe Francis Legal Pressure?
Tickets for Phoenix Concert Expected to Sell Out Fast


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Lookin hot Madonna a smokin gun


With this song she’s remembering the wild girl she was, it’s a dance song but it’s actually a melancholic song if you know what she’s talking about, she’s revisiting some songs from her past in the lyrics (she mentions Erotica, Bad Girl, Sorry and quotes lines from Act of Contrition). Everyone is saying she’s too old, she shouldn’t behave this way, but she’s like “hey, I know, but if only I could be wild one last time”.
She’s also paying homage to Britney (with in the zone look and lyric quote) and to Cyndi Lauper.
Also if you look at this picture it has elements from Confessions on a Dancefloor, Erotica and the pose from Like a Prayer booklet. I love it, it has a deeper dimension to what I thought in the first time.


Yeah! The Madonna we always loved!!!! There are references to Riri, brit and Cyndi but wh cares it's a great track!! Luv it!


Shes had that Farah flick and long hair look since 2005!! Get some wigs out Madge! Im tiring of that disco chick look, as for the Rihanna comparisons, Rihanna's last album cover was a dead rip off of Madonna's Erotica album cover! Get real! Love the cover but i still hate the song :(


Woaw... What an invasion of haters. Nowadays everything is airbrush even in a 16 years old model so just get over it. Either way Madonna looks great and the track is not that bad. You still have all my LUVin :-)


oh sweet Jesus no no no........


It's a great image. The track is terrible though.


More like Rihanna copying Madonna. Madonna looks hot like a smoking gun.




Very Rihanna.

"Good Girl Gone Bad."

Oh, dear, M!


It doesn´t even look like her... Hm?


She is soooo exciting. Soooo!


And they airbrushed her nipple off on her right breast.

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