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65,000 tickets sold for Quebec City show in less than an hour

The 65,000 tickets for Madonna's show on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City sold out in less than an hour Friday.
Tickets for the Sept. 1 concert on the historic battlefield ranged from $55 to $250, excluding administrative fees.
Other artists including Paul McCartney and Celine Dion have previously given free concerts on the Plains.
A spokeswoman for the National Battlefields Commission, which looks after the Plains, said earlier this month that the federal agency agreed to the paid admission after considering the economic spinoffs from the event.
Madonna will also appear in Montreal on Aug. 30, Ottawa on Sept. 10, Toronto on Sept. 12 and 13, and Vancouver on Sept. 29 and 30.

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It is amazing how the ticket sales - and rate of sales - is varying so much around the world for this tour.

The first NY date took a long time to sell out; London and Murrayfield still have loads of tickets available (even seats, for the latter).

Compared with the frenzy of previous tours (with the possible exception of Stick and Sweet I & II), there seems to be a comparatively cool reception to this tour. Are people Madonna-ed out (6 tours in just over a decade)? Is it due to the venues, especially given that the tickets are "bargain prices", compared with previous tours?

I think it is down to the venues. Lots of people I know who have been to every tour since Drowned World are flatly refusing to go and stand in a park in London!

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