Madonna Hits Back At Ricky Gervais At Golden Globes
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W.E. Gala Premiere Party

madonnalicious had the opportunity to attend the W.E. Gala Premiere Party that took place at The Belvedere (a restaurant in Holland Park) straight after the film screening at the High Street Kensington Odeon.

The 1920's decorated restaurant was filled to capacity and as Madonna and her entourage swept in, she paused and smiled at the crowd and headed up to the mezzanine level to enjoy her Wallis Simpson inspired Martinis.

We enjoyed the ever present champagne as the cast and producer of the film walked around the room chatting to guests and posing for photographs.

What we ate:
Mini fish and chips, mini yorkshire puddings filled with beef, mini Belvedere burgers, mini sausage and mash, mini chocolate cheesecakes and mini lemon pies.

What we drank:
Lots and lots of champagne and Wallis Simpson-inspired Martinis.

What we danced to:
The DJ at the decks said he was working from Madonna's playlist.


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That's wonderful! Wish I had been there as well. What a once in a lifetime thing!


It is the season of Madonna! But how proud are we Madonnalicious fans of the webmasters success, recognition, and inclusion by Madonna herself? Very!


Wonderful! I hope you had a great time!

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