Madonna's 'Brutal' Super Bowl Rehearsals
Madonna feels kinship with vilified Wallis Simpson


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The kaleidoscope effect is colorful and will stand out on store shelves in the music section. Finally getting to view the cover art makes the fact that a new album from M is forthcoming much more exciting and real!




@JP Cruz:

I respect your views as a graphic designer. However, a very basic Google images search produced many similar results, so it's not that unique or clever.

I do quite like it, though; but, as Gina and paninaro posted, it is quite 'samey'.

JP Cruz

As a fellow graphic and web designer this design is effin' brilliant and gets my highest seal of approval! The effect of the broken trippy glass effect is cool as hell. Her stare is extremely feminine and provocative - like Vogue on crack! The racy red to pink hues make your heart race. And even the font choice for MDNA was just dead on. The title subliminally says Madonna while reading MDNA at the same time. This is officially my new 2nd favorite cover art behind Ray of Light!

I definitely see this picking up a grammy nomination for packaging design. I really hope they continue and pull through with the Limited Edition packaging and singles as well.

And a final word to fellow M fans; Enjoy this whole experience while you still can! The day of artists releasing material on CD's will eventually come to an end as everything is eventually released digitally. So that experience of buying the CD at midnight, unwrapping the shrinkwrap, holding the booklet in your hand while you slide the disc into your CD player for the first time and spend an intimate hour with your beloved M will eventually come to a different light. Enjoy her this way while we still can :)


you know what? i love it. but the colours used (pink+blue) remind me of confessions...

Daniel Smeets

Finally, a really great cover!!!


I totally agree with Gina. It's pretty much 'dejà vu'... Then the colours really try hard at being cool but it feels more of the same (Confessions, Hard Candy...). I was more surprised by the GMAYL single cover.


Each to their own, I know, but this artwork does not inspire me at all. I find it as 'lazy' as I did "GHV2" and "Hard Candy".



john Suddes

I dont think it is an old pic.....However i do think it is too similar to the Hard Candy images the hair is very simlar and the facial expression. It is a nice cover but just didnt blow me away :o(


Madonna should totally tweet from her new twitter account just before or just after the super bowl show. It would be covered as part of the super bowl coverage to goose twitter followers numbers and provide a direct expression from Madonna to fans during this critical new album roll out period. She can tweet new singles, tweet radio DJs, tweet new video single updates, all kinds of goodies. Think of the impact it could have on album sales, charting singles, radio AirPlay spins, and tour ticket sales!!! Do it Madonna start Tweeting. Start tweeting now for this album roll out and the Superbowl.


Um I'm not sure what to think of the cover. Madonna looks great and that's always good. The splitting or fracturing of the image I think subverts the primacy of Madonna's beauty and iconic face. It seems to be limiting the full trademark or signature stamp effect. Everyone who wasn't born in a cave knows who Madonna is and could probably pick her out of any line up. So by breaking up the image creates more mystery.

That said I think Madonna is just gorgeous and any picture of her is appreciated and would have been happy with just another beautiful look like RoL and Music. This cover though is colorful and pulls people in with a what am I looking at exactly? Moment.

Im just super excited for The new album and hearing the finished single. Ooh I'm getting the preorder iTunes with 18 cuts!!!! 18 cuts is awesome!!!!


This artwork is more Kylie than Kylie herself...! :-o

The Lion

FNTSTC! That is, FANTASTIC! It's brilliant. It really blew my mind when I first saw it, and I think that's the effect is aims to produce. It surely succeeds in doing so.


Do fans really think madonna would use and old image of herself with a new album cover with new music and image. Duh........


I don't believe it is a recycled one. I feel she wanted to "copy" her first cover for WB, the first album on B&W photo. It's that kind of look on her eyes too... for me is like a new beginning...again...


Great cover. Has the look of a classic already! It is not, however, a recycled photo. It was taken back in December by Mert and Marcus.


what an album cover new or old photo, I'm feeling alot more buzz around this album than the last which is a great thing


Love the artwork!! (But I agree with anoir, this is a recycled photo.) Still, stunning!!


Love it!


I love the style, the colors, the look, however I suspect that this is not a new picture of Madonna, but rather an older recycled photo that was colorized with the special effects.

It does have the effect to make one think they are on MDMA. Now I get her perspective on the new album title...

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