Press Pictures: Madonna Arrives At Golden Globes
Press Pictures: Golden Globes Photocall

Madonna's Masterpiece wins Golden Globe!

Madonna picked up a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song last night.
The pop star-turned-film director picked up the gong for 'Masterpiece' which features in her new movie 'W.E.' and Madonna admitted she was shocked to win but insisted it was not a solo effort.
She said: 'This is a surprise. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this acknowledgement. I need to thank my co-writers, Jimmy Harry and Julie Frost, my co-producer William Orbit, who's not here, whom I adore.'
'I would also like to thank my manager, Guy Oseary, who I spend most of my time beating up on. But seriously, he harangued me for the entire time I was filming and editing my movie to write a song. And I said, 'Please, Guy, I'm trying to focus on being a director and I want people to pay attention to the film and I don't have time.' So then I finished the film and I started making my record and somehow magically and miraculously the song emerged, 'Masterpiece,' so thank you, Guy Oseary, for being so irritating.'



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john Suddes

Silvan I agree Elton John's face is a picture, what a gracious LOSER!!!!

That's right a LOSER!!! ha ha ha ha ha


Madonna beat Elton John...Elton - it is time to hang your wigs and keep your anger to yourself. Like Ricky said, "you are NOT the Queen of sit down!".. David - please shut your face and stay as Elton's flapper which is only talent you have...


I'm so happy for Madonna! Masterpiece is a beautiful song and she totally deserved that award!


I wonder if Elton is finish munching his f***ng words thrown to Madonna....


OMG...she looks sooo C.U.T.E!!!


A beginning of the most success year just start, I cant wait for the new CD, the world cant wait for Queen of pop,art and and music in general.The Only One Madonna we love you !!!


Love Sir Elton John's bitter face.

He told reporters yesterday that Madonna 'didn't stand a fucking chance' of winning her Golden Globe yesterday.

Lawrence Stern

So wonderful and deserved. Now why can't Harvey Weinstein file a petition to have her song qualify for the Oscars as well? Their "rule" about her song not appearing early enough in the credits seems ridiculous and a clear slight. She deserves an Oscar too!

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