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On the day W.E. premiered in New York City, Madonna taped an exclusive interview for Ukrainian TV. In the video snippet below, the journalist, Kate Osadcha, presents Madonna with a Ukrainian shawl. Madonna accepted it as opposed to hydrangeas, which were also presented to her by journalist from the same channel.

'I flew across the globe to be in this chair. And I have a gift for you from Ukraine,' said Kate Osadcha, handing a present to the singer.
'Wow!' said a surprised Madonna.
'This is a real Ukrainian shawl. You won't find a such one In New York. It can be worn either on head or shoulders,' Kate Osadcha added.

Kate Osadcha shared some details of the meeting Madonna the other day:

'Madonna, like all stars, is very professional. She was very friendly, and while the cameras and sound were setting up, we were able to talk behind the scenes. She asked how her good friend Eugene Gutz is known in Ukraine [he performed with Madonna on Live Earth and played a role in her film 'Filth and Wisdom']. In fact, he had a concert in Kiev at this time. And I told Madonna that his concerts had been sold out. She was very glad about that.
At the moment when I was introduced by her assistant, he said that I was a journalist from Russia, I've corrected him and said I was from Ukraine, and Madonna said, 'Don't get confused, it's been a long time that they have been two different states.'

Russian link: / Ukrainian link:

The full interview with Madonna is scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday 29 January on '1+1' Channel at 22:50 European East Time.

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