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Madonna Teases 'Pom Poms' For Super Bowl, New Video

Madonna is nearing both the release of her 'Give Me All Your Luvin' music video, as well as her highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance. And it seems that these two milestones will have a few things in common.
First off, there's a good chance Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. will not only play parts in the video for the first single off Madge's M.D.N.A. release, dropping later this year, but as heavily speculated, they might take the stage with the Queen of Pop during the February 5 halftime show.
In true Madonna fashion, when MTV News caught up with her at the New York premiere of her film, 'W.E.,' she played it cool regarding rumors about the performance. Asked whether the ladies will join her at the Super Bowl, she coyly responded, 'I am not saying 'Yes,' and I am not saying 'No.'' The only tease she wanted to give was, 'Pom poms. That's all I can tell you.'
When Madonna takes the halftime stage next month, her performance will be 'imagined' by Cirque du Soleil and Madonna's longtime choreographer and creative director Jamie King. According to reports, the set list for the show will include 'Luvin' as well as the Madonna classics 'Ray of Light,' 'Vogue' and 'Music.'
Of course, fans won't find the theme a far stretch for the Michigan native, who was a cheerleader back in her high school days. 'I have eight minutes to set up my stage, 12 minutes to put on the greatest show on earth, and I have seven minutes to take it down so that football field is clean for the second half of the game,' she told ABC News about the performance. 'That's the challenge. How do you do that? I actually wanted to have 100 drummers come from the ceiling, a drumline from the ceiling.'
So, what else will the Super Bowl show and her Megaforce-directed clip have in common? Madge simply told us, laughing, 'Pom poms.'



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Gary Fisher

I am soooooo looking forward to this I wonder how raunchy its going to be after the Timberlake/Jackson mistake a few years ago.

madonna fan

Madonna looks so hot on this new super bowl video despite of her age her stand out from the crowd.


Omg I just luv luv Madonna been a fan since the beginning. I dont want to sound like Debbie Downer but I am so sick of Ray of Light & music! She needs not to sing these songs for years! LOL


I really was hoping for Like a Prayer... it's gonna be an amazing performance!! The Queen is back!!!

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