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Madonna and Sir Elton John became embroiled in a war of words at the Golden Globes on Sunday as they competed for the coveted Best Song prize.
The Rocket Man started the verbal spat by telling reporters on the red carpet that his rival 'doesn't have a f**king chance of winning tonight,' and when asked if those were 'fighting words,' he replied, 'No, those are accurate words'.
Madonna hit back when questioned about Sir Elton's remarks, asking reporters, 'Was he wearing a dress?' adding, 'May the best man win.'
The Material Girl eventually emerged triumphant as her track Masterpiece from W.E. scooped the award for Best Original Song - Motion Picture, seeing off competition from Sir Elton's Hello, Hello from Gnomeo & Juliet.
And after her success, Madonna offered an olive branch to her rival, telling reporters, 'I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years. He's known to get mad at me. He's brilliant and I adore him, so he will win another award. And I don't feel bad!'



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At the end of the night, Madonna was the better person, but not for winning (she didn't have any control of that) but because of her attitude. Her response was elegant and mature. She has grown a lot as a person over the years and Elton should learn a thing or two about that. It's time to move on!


Elton john is a vile creature......hes ugly on the inside and outside.....i despise him


i guess elton is going retarded. 'sir' must be removed from him. is it right to bash people because they think they are that good ? is this what we want our kids to learn, that it's ok to turn other people down ? gays are being hated now because of his bashing. let's stop this. let's not support any of his works from now on. this is the only way we can tell him that we want our kids to know that bashing is not or never good.
Madonna, on the other hand, grew matured. from the material girl to a respected queen. now, that is one lesson we'd like our kids to know. striving hard without cheating is the way to go.
i guess elton didn't have to work hard like Madonna, but it doesn't give him the right to bash her. if he were a professional ... he can critisize. critisizing weighs both the good and bad points. elton's only reason with how he said is was hatred and possibly jealousy. he can't have a great body like her, a wonderful dress like her, a great film like her, multiple talents like her and most of all a young delicious boy friend like her boy friend.


Good for Madonna, I loved her response. Elton is so bitter!

Gilbert U.

Oh, when I heard Sir Elton John's horrible remark about Madonna being competition for Best Song I wanted to scream. However, when Madge won the award and the camera showed Elton's face, priceless. That was worth it all and I'm glad that she showed some class in eloquently phrasing how immature Elton can be. There's only ONE QUEEN OF POP, Elton and that happens to be MADONNA. :-D


who care on Elton anyway....

may he see the right road....


Guys, pipe down...For all we know, they're actually good friends behind the camera...

W.E. L.U.V M.D.N.A!!!


Two men picking on a woman sad. What a sucking for Elton when he didn't win look before you leep comes to mind. One thing Elton Madonna writes the majority of her songs where as you don't.


Apparently his trophy wife went on his facebook to trash Madonna further claiming her stab at Lady GaGa proving how desperate she has become?! I thought a trophy wife was paid to keep their mouth shut?! As for GaGa... She brought it on herself.


Good for you Madonna, take the high road! :)


Elton and David are both big LOSERS AND JEALOUS OF THE ORIGINAL QUEEN OF POP MANY MANY TALENTS AND BEAUTIES.. Elton please remove your wig and accept the fact that your fame has faded away long time ago. David please find someone else to fight with especially for no talent like you. you both deserve each other and keep your music to yourselves..


Good on Madonna... I loved her response. I don't even know how Elton is still around the music business, not only a bad looser, a horrifying cheesy song writer and let's face it not physically or intellectually attractive. He should be the one retiring, go to a desert island and live the rest of his life exhiled along with his husband... And If Madonna is a fake singer as he acused her to be in the past then he should loose his fake hair LoL.
Luv You Madonna... Our Madgesty of Pop


Elton's just jealous because he hasn't had a hit song since the 90's when he exploited Princess Diana's death to make that awful "Candle In The Wind" record. What a fat loser.

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