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Man arrested in Spain over Madonna song leak

Spanish police have arrested and charged a man with illegally leaking an early version of a new Madonna song.
The 31-year-old is alleged to have put a demo of Gimme All Your Luvin on the internet in November.
The investigation began after lawyers traced the recording to Spain. The man, described by police as a big fan of the singer, was arrested in Zaragoza.
Madonna's first studio album in five years is due for release in late March, with the first single out next month.
Police have not named the man arrested, but confirmed his initials as J.M.R.
Officers in the northern Spanish city said they found recordings of the song in a search of the suspect's belongings.
Madonna, 53, was said to have been 'very upset' when the song first leaked last month.
Her manager, Guy Oseary, tweeted about the incident and asked fans to help police any further leaks.

From BBC Newsbeat


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why do they keep saying "first album in 5 years" hard candy was released in april 2008,dosent this make it 4


He should've known better! That's illegal, it's stealing music! He got caught and has to pay the price.

P.S. people always blame Madonna for everything! Maybe she didn't even know about this! This is another example of how the paparazzi try to turn everyone against Madonna just like the hydrangea story!


there is always a risk of getting caught if you do something that is illegal, and there are consequences to those actions.


nice move, put the fan in jail... what about who in madonna's team took the song in the first place? dissapointed


madonna's fist album in 5 years?? hard candy was realeased in 2008...what happened with the dates????


I have mixed feelings about this.
Is a Madonna fan that leaked it, I know that if I had the demo I'll be tempted to share it with the world. I thinks is good that they caught someone but they should give em a chance I doubt he didn't in a malicious way.


I wonder home some guy in Spain was able to get this demo in the first place?


Wow! How did he get it? I thought it was a publicity stunt?


...mmm... que bien por fin.. tomaron detenido al hombre que hizo la fuga de la cancion de madonna.. me alegro mucho de que la policia lo arrestara al tipo.. es muy buena noticia

V Gomes

But how did he got access to the version ?
Does not Madonna people keep these things secured ?


ridiculous, leave the man alone

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