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Madonna's Masterpiece doesn't qualify for Best Song Oscar

Madonna's Masterpiece failed to be shortlisted for the Academy Awards Best Song nominations that was announced on Monday, but according to it was left off the shortlist purely because it didn't qualify not because it was snubbed:

The Academy announced the 39 qualifying songs in this year's race Monday, with a handful of big names in the running - but one Golden Globes nominee, Madonna, conspicuously missing.
'Masterpiece,' a Madonna song from 'W.E.' that received a Globe nomination last week, did not qualify for Oscar contention because of its placement a minute-and-a-half deep in the final credits. AMPAS rules require an end-credits song to be 'the first music cue' in those credits to qualify.

Here is the exact ruling from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

To be eligible, a song must consist of words and music, both of which are original and written specifically for the film. A clearly audible, intelligible, substantive rendition of both lyric and melody must be used in the body of the film or as the first music cue in the end credits.


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It's a silly rule, but rules are rules. Who cares! The song is beautiful and now with this controversy people will talk about it more. At the end, Madonna always wins!!!


Well shud have been the 1st song then .m or her shud know but i dont give a fuck i love it sounds like classic m n william i do feel da oscar snub her but screw them awards masterpiece is beautiful cant wait 4 more n m n minaj luv them


Its NOT bs people! Get your head out of Madonna's golden ass! The rules for being nominated for a best song have stood true for the last ten years or so. The fact that she AND her movie making team failed to understand this proves they are INEPT at the film making process. I have seen W./E. and it is too bad the song didn't make it - because aside from the tune and some decent set design/costumes - the film stinks. I am a fan of hers and always have been - but stick to MUSIC madonna....MUSIC!


Agreed with the last two fans! The academy does not want to see Madonna for who she is
-she is a Rebel and she goes against the Establishment! I think we should all sign a petition to get her on the awards program and perform the artwork anyway because Madonna is that good. She is underrated! A brilliant and sad Universal ballad because Masterpiece is exactly that-in the Tradition of classic Warner Rabbit ballads
Live to Tell and Take a Bow-Lady Madonna will sing-no, make that cry out-this beautiful Ciccone/Peron/Simpson ballad because Masterpiece deserves to be another #1 hit by the best Rock Singer of our time and her name is this-Madonna! Be afraid, be very afraid, Madonna will shock the boring and staid Establishment with an angry left hook! Madonna is different and better than the rest out there! She is artful and brilliant!

Rocco V. (not her son)

Why does a song or movie have to mean more when its nominated for any award? Enjoy it for what it is without who or what acknowledges the art you love..


silly of madonna and her team to miss this


Nobody will take any initiative against the Academy? with how powerful internet, someone with initiative (Madonna some website or something) should create a signature against this decision


You can download it from iTunes! ^^


I don't think it's a snub. Two Madonna song won Oscars, so it sounds legit. BTW, where can I hear this song???


I stopped paying attention to the Oscars the year Julia Roberts won and Ellen Burstyn lost. Madonna fans are far more creative and intelligent to mindlessly follow what those Oscar nincompoops have to say.


She is the Master of controversy. This is most likely a ploy to create a stir around the song to send it up to the top of the charts as she pushes herself into the collective consciousness of the masses. Another triumph.


Just sounds like an excuse to me. The Academy is so stiff and boring and politically correct, I couldn't care less about their awards anymore. I haven't watched the Oscars in years.


BS. They just wanted to find a way to snub her, without it appearing as if they did. I think we should all boycott the awards and watch the nilsen ratings drop.

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