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Madonna Wanted To 'Soak Up' Energy Of King

Madonna surrounded herself with pictures of King Edward VIII when she worked on 'W.E.' to 'soak up' his energy.
The pop superstar spent two years researching the lives of the British monarch and his lover Wallis Simpson, for the film she has directed.
Madonna wallpapered an empty room in her house with images of the pair because she wanted to fully immerse herself in the couple's love story, which led to the British monarch abdicating the throne in December 1936 after being told he couldn't marry the American divorcee by the Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin and the Church of England.
In an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, the 'Hung Up' singer said: 'I was sitting in a room that was completely and utterly inundated with their images so I could soak up their energy. I was trying to understand the nature of their love story and trying to figure out for myself if there is such a thing as perfect love.'
Madonna admits she became enthralled with the couple's romance because Edward was prepared to sacrifice his position and power for the woman he loved.
The 53-year-old star - who has four children, daughter Lourdes, 15, with fitness trainer Carlos Leon, sons Rocco, 11, and David, six, with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, and adopted girl Mercy, five - is currently in a relationship with French break-dancer Brahim Zaibat and she insists she knows what it means to be truly loved by a man.
Madonna - who was also married to Sean Penn - explained: 'I know what it feels like to be loved a lot, but no one's ever given up their kingdom for me.'
'W.E.' - which is released in January - is a two-tier tale about the life of King Edward and his wife Wallis and a modern-day woman called Wally Winthrop who becomes obsessed with the couple's relationship.



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I would give up my kingdome for you Madonna!

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