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Madonna signs new record deal

Madonna has signed a three-album deal with Interscope Records.
The 53-year-old singer finished her contract with Warner Music Group - who she had been signed to since the start of her career in 1982 - with her third greatest hits album, 'Celebration', in 2007 and inked the new deal, thought to be worth $1 million an album, with the label, owned by Universal Music Group.
A source told the New York Post newspaper: 'It's just about keeping relevance so that she can tour. She is still in the demo phase, but the idea is to get the first album out early next year.'
While she will release her records through Interscope, Madonna will continue to tour under her agreement with Live Nation Entertainment.
Madonna has also been confirmed to perform at the NFL Super Bowl Half Time Show in the US next February, which is when she is expected to make her comeback.



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Cant wait till the new album. I hope that it's fantastic and that I will be back to luvin every song on it. Come on Madonna!!!!


Sounds like Madonna fans are in for an amazing 2012! New single and album, superbowl performance and her first feature film as a director, plus interviews galore! Bring on 2012...2011 is so...over already! haha.

john Suddes

It is a come back in a way as Derek said it will be 4 years since a new album release. I really really really want it to do well but I hope Madonna realises that although she is AMAZING the majority of her fans have grown up and her name is just not relevant to younger generation now. She needs an amazing record and she also need to do massive promotion if it is to be succesful no resting on your laurels Madonna and just letting the name sell it you need to do some serious work to "come back" on top.


I'm getting sick of the word "comeback". That word should be used with artists we haven't heard for years. With Madonna that's not the case: Sticky and Sweet Tour I&II, Material Girl, W. E., Superbowl... the truth is we haven't stop listening about Madonna so there's no comeback because she hasn't gone anywhere!


She's getting money from BOTH Live Nation and Universal. The $1 million base is for distribution rights that Universal is acquiring since Live Nation is partnering with them. Madonna's going to be making a lot of money, good for her.


i guess they meant that she is Coming back before leaving!
She had a single in 3rd. position not so long ago! ... come on!... she also had an entire Glee episode... and a great lady "wannabe" gaga ...copycat......


They are saying "Comeback," because she hasn't released an album since 2008 and by the time the album is released it will be 2012 which is 4 years after the last release. So, in essence, she is coming back to make more music but not coming back from seclusion.


Comeback? Didn't she just a little over a year ago complete the "Sticky & Sweet Tour", the highest-grossing concert tour by a single artist in history? HELLO?

Mr. Ig

She's a waaay savvy biz woman .. with the state of the "record" industry, she knows that touring is her cash cow (ya can't "rip" a live performance, yet anyway) ... $1MIL/album is far from bank, but like the article sez, she just needs to keep relevant so she can fill the arenas ... and WE just need new Madonna tunes .. yeeeessssss!!!!


come back? where did she go???


Why do they keep saying comeback? She never left.

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