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Madonna holidaying in Switzerland

Madonna Loves It's A Wonderful Life

Madonna grew up wishing beloved actor James Stewart was her real father because she adored him in festive film It's A Wonderful Life.
The pop superstar admits she always makes time to watch the Christmas-themed classic during the holidays - and it always takes her back to her childhood.
She says, 'I love the message of it; I think it's so beautiful. I grew up wishing that Jimmy Stewart was my father. The story of wanting it all and having it all and then losing it all and then realising what's important, it's like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - 'There's no place like home'.'
'It's kind of corny and cliche but, to me, it's a classic story that stands the test of time. I love it. I cry every time I see it.'



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Debbie Ruddle

I can't believe I've never watched that!?! I've put it on my rental list! ;0)

Debbie Ruddle

Watership Down & Mary Poppins always do it for me!

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