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Madonna locks lips with Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter on Wednesday to let her fans know she was on set with the one and only Madonna.
Minaj and Madonna were busy shooting the video for 'Give Me All Your Love,' the first single off Madge's forthcoming album. The fierce MC wasn't holding back on the social networking site, giving all her Barbz and Kenz the up-to-the-minute details of the shoot.
Minaj gushed about the shoot, even relaying one major detail that she hopes will make the final cut. She tweeted, 'OH MY f'ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!' That news immediately sent her fans on a Twitter spree, peppering the rapper with questions about the smooch.
M.I.A. also will appear on the track. The rapper confirmed she recorded with the Queen of Pop late last month in New York, after speculation about a collabo between the three women hit a fevered pitch in November. M.I.A. also tweetedabout chilling with Madonna on set. 'Madonna killed it! A legend! said she'd have me, i said ill have her too, we had a 3sum M.N.M. MEGAFORCE @TheMegaforce thanku,' she wrote to the video director team.



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I don't know why anyone would complain about a Madonna concert. Her tours are amazing and all her tours are so different! - totally agree, also with the HC stuff -
'bout the tour I saw S&S twice: Rome2008 'n' Milan2009, which was even better than the first show, I was closer 2her...also saw her during her Confessions tour my first tour ever!!! this is my YTchannel
I made a sequence of 'Sticky & Sweet Mashup' vids, check it out, trust me! ;)


I really hope you're right Miguel! I really hope there's no kissing in the video because Madonna has done that already with Britney and Christina at the MTV Video Music Awards. And the Madonna I know doesn't repeat herself!
And MLVC_Lola, I have the Hard Candy album and I actually really like it. Not my favorite Madonna album but I love some of the songs a lot, for example Candy Shop, 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, Miles Away, Incredible, Spanish Lesson and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. I don't know why people complain about that album so much but everyone has their own opinion. As for her tours, I wish I was able to attend the Sticky & Sweet Tour! I have the DVD and love it! And next time she tours I will go see her no matter what! Even if she doesn't come to my state I will go to a different one to see her! I don't know why anyone would complain about a Madonna concert. Her tours are amazing and all her tours are so different!


Guys listen!! This kiss happened during a break. It's not part of the video. They were celebrating Nicki Minaj's birthday and Madonna kissed her on the lips. It's not part of the video!! In you can hear the recording of this.


Guy Oseary should advise her better. He's useless as a manager if he supports this kind of stuff. Madonna shouldn't do any collaboration with any of these so called new artists, they all suck. If she wants to do it, she should collaborate with total unknown underground artists. These news are plain scary.

phillip bruno

I agree to a point with the views above but hoping Madonna can pull it off. Madonna knows about the Rihannas, Beyonces, Gagas, Keshas, Swifts and Perrys of the music world and knows they are on a different wave length to other female pop stars she has had to compete with in the past. Back in 2003 when AL was coming out it was Britney and Christina the big rivals(she saw them off by embracing them) along with Pink and Gwen. She saw off Cyndi, Taylor D, Tiffany, Debbie G, Whitney, Mariah, Kylie, Celene D...and they are the ones who are global stars and I love them all.Madonna is getting to that level of Cher, Tina, Diana, So with that in mind, I'm sure Madonna is a step ahead of the pack.Madonna knows what she is doing...I this better be good.It has to be good.


I wonder if anyone here has actually listened to Hard Candy..not a masterpiece I admit but cm on thereReal gems on it. So u would say u didn't sing out loud her Miles Away or DevilWRY during her 'overpriced' 'tragedy' tour?!
'n' what 'bout Voices, Heartbeat, She'sNM or GI2M! 'n' still there r outakes as Across The Sky and Latte. Well in the end everyone's got its own opinion. c ya guys!


like many other long time fans-im dreading this album!!! i wasnt looking forward to 'hard candy'-& my fears were proved was a sad,desperate attempt to appeal to youngsters!!it was painful!!youngsters -im afraid-dont care about them shes a sad old woman(we know shes amazing!!)-but by doing stuff like this-shes appearing to be just that!!!its heartbreaking!!gone is the woman that worked with up & coming underground producers-now she works with whoevers in vogue-pardon the pun!!im afriad your madgesty-i doubt i'll be spending anymore of my hard earned cash on your cd's & very overpriced tours.xx


Oh Lord!!!!! I wish Madonna wouldn't do any collaborations!!!!! Especially with these new crappy artists!!!!!! Honestly, I don't see any talent in these new artists, not even one of them have talent!!!!!!
Madonna you can do so much better without these so called artists!!!!! Suddenly I'm so scared this album, single and video might turn out to be a disappointment :_( I shouldn't expect too much I guess, but it's Madonna!!!!! I'll still support her though, but I'm not too happy about any of this :(


The serious, creative, artistic Madonna from Erotica, Something to remember, Ray of Light, even American Life, would puke. She would think this new Madonna is doing music for retarded teens and being a total sellout. Sorry Madonna, I've been your biggest fan since I discovered you in 1993, but his is not good at all, and something you always taught us is to be honest and critical in our thinking. I love you and it hurts to see you doing these kind of sad desperate things.


oh dear, im not at all pleased. desperate times I guess?


Oh relax peoples :) this is a fun album. Madonna has done a lot of serious work. She doesn't need to be Athena every night. She can be Venus and Aphrodite or just u know, fun. The leak of Give me all your love shows this is not going to be a repeat of hard candy. Madonna has spent most of the last decade performing in black "serious" dominatrix outfits. It was overkill and stops being provacitive at some point. Oh there's M in her faux fetish gear again. I think after a decade of serious the most provocative thing to do us to turn it on its head and jump for joy, twirl around in circles in happy silly freedom. Big smiles and hugs y'all.


I can't wait to see the video!!!!


Infantile comments from both Minaj and M.I.A.

M - you can do soooooooo much better!


Please don't give up your quality to remain 'hip' or 'of the moment' - tragic waste of talent. Remember you are unique. Don't start becoming part of something that you don't need to be.


I'll be happy to eat my words but I have a feeling this might be another Hard Candy tragedy.


Does she have to do this over and over again? I think Madonna doesn't need to do this kind of things to make people pay attention to her or cause controversy. She is a very, very intelligent woma, so I don't get it... Why does she have to kiss a girl... again? Just saying!


Oh no, let's hope non of this is true. It would suck. Let's hope not Nicki Minaj nor MIA are working with Madonna. Another Hard Candy album? We want Madonna to stand on her own, but she ends up appearing as a guest on her own album and on her own video with all these collaborations. We want Madonna, pure and simple, not "Madonna & whoever".

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