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Madonna Brings Her Own Bottle To Dinner

Madonna took her own wine when she went out to dinner on Saturday night.
The 53-year-old singer and her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat dined out at the Osteria Cotta on New York's Upper West Side, and surprised fellow guests when she whipped out her own bottle of alcohol and two crystal glasses.
An onlooker told the New York Post newspaper: 'She brought her own red wine in a bag, along with two beautiful crystal glasses.'
'They poured the wine and immediately put the bottle back in the bag, so nobody could see what it was. At the end, they took the empty wine bottle and the glasses with them. We couldn't figure out if Madonna prefers specific wine or is a total germaphobe.'
The couple ordered an arugula salad, pizza margherita, bruschetta and a side of roasted cauliflower.
When they finished, the 25-year-old dancer picked up the bill and paid by credit card, and the 'Celebration' hitmaker ordered him to tip well.
Madonna recently claimed she will only date men who her children - Lourdes, 15, Rocco, 11, David, six, and Mercy, five - will respect.
She said: 'It's important that my children admire and respect this partner that I would choose for myself. Especially for my sons, who have their father but they need a male role model as well.'
'So I need to keep this in mind: What is this person modelling to my sons, what kind of man is he, what values does he have, what energy is he giving off? Because they are impressionable. It's so important.'



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I Think I Love You

Hi Muli! Do you know why the staff dread Madonna visiting the retaurant? Is she particularly demanding or rude perhaps? Much as I like her, it would be fun to know!! Any examples?


My best friend works at a top restaurant in London that Madonna frequented very regularly when she lived in London and also now when she visits.

All the staff DREAD it when they know she is coming... And my friend is an even bigger M fan than I am!


I imagine that whatever Madonna brought it was exactly what she wanted. And that's really it.

Pat Bradley

I wonder if she inquired about the corkage fee.

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