Two Golden Globe nominations for W.E.
Korzeniowski: Following Madonna's marching orders

Madonna Anderson Interview: Preview Clip

As exclusively revealed by madonnalicious last week, Madonna was interviewed by Anderson Cooper yesterday in New York City.

Madonna sat down for a one-hour interview with Anderson, discussing her new film 'W.E.,' her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl, and in this show preview, the superstar shares her exclusive reaction to the film's two Golden Globe nominations for Original Song and Original Score.
'I am so proud of Abel Korzeniowski, who did the score of my film. It was a great way to wake up this morning,' Madonna tells Anderson.

The 'Anderson' episode will air in February 2012.


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I love Madonna so much! That Lady is Her Own Mastepiece!


Madonna is the greatest female performer of ages! I wish I viewed the Super Bowl live!


Oofttt!! She looks amazing. I still love her xx


i thank the universe that she is back
she is so beautiful ...cant wait for all her new projects. again ,iam very much in love with the queen(again)


Wow! She's gorgeous! Looks amazing!


I'm pretty sure the sound guy hated her. That leather is too much hahah


Madonna worked that outfit and looked great, this movie is going to be huge...


I am surprise that she doesn't have an iPhone! She turn and looked at her blackberry when she found out about her nomination..

Pat Bradley

Madonna looks GREEEEAAAAATTTTT!! --and Anderson has on more makeup than her! :o


holy God she looks so pleased for her and her film.....


..."her exclusive reaction"? Haha, funny way to call things.


let's hope the movie is better than the horrible Avril Lavigne-copy song


You looked sooo beautiful. I would like to eat you. LOL ;) and the dress was fine. I dont know why they are talking about the leather. XOXO, OTY

pablo Cancino

Well, Madonna looks beautiful as always, but we also have great expectations for her SuperBowl Performance and video Clip, but i also think that the issue of her Movie is also interesting, to understand the nature of that relationship of W.E., how many of us ask ourselves if if is worth of it to give so much to our lovers, when we don´t feel it is reciprocate?, after all, much of her songs, documentaries and art works are intended to discover that question. Congratulations for Madonna and this site on 10 years on line, i´ve followed it since then


I love Madonna so much! She is so beautiful and I love her dress! I don't like the fact that the dress is made of leather but it's beautiful.


LOL Ian you heard the leather when she was moving lol but i like her dress.


Someone has got to tell her to stop wearing leather to interviews!

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