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Madonna, a notorious Anglophile, highly approves of Kate Middleton's style.
'She is a lovely girl with a great sense of style,' the Material Girl told People at a screening of 'W.E.' at the MoMA on Sunday. 'Her wedding dress by Alexander McQueen was very beautiful...I like her choices. She’s elegant and still knows how to have some fun. I’m a fan of her style.'
Madonna's statement is surprising because, apart from their mutual love of McQueen, Madge's look has very little in common with Middleton's. While Madonna is known for wearing cone-shaped bras and, more recently, a lot of leotards sans pants, Middleton is about prim, proper and covered-up attire, often at an affordable price point.
But despite her adoration for the Duchess of Cambridge, Madonna is even more taken with Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee who King Edward VIII fell in love with and eventually abdicated the throne to marry. Simpson, known for her pin-curled hair and flapper style, is at the center of 'W.E.,' which Madonna co-wrote and directed. The movie tells Simpson's story, interweaving it with a contemporary tale of a New York woman who is inspired by Simpson.
Madonna said of Simpson, 'She developed a style and stuck with it whether people were interested or not. I admire her individuality.'
But Madonna is glad that today's British royalty has more license to be themselves than those in the past.
'The freedom that [Kate] has and the freedom the royal family has now is nice and is refreshing,' Madonna said. 'It’s too bad that Edward VIII didn’t have that same kind of freedom back in 1937 to make his own decisions and to be the prince of the people, which Prince William is allowed to be. I like how modern they are now.'

From the New York Post


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@ ashley:

Hmmm, I don't think so. I think you will have a long wait before you see Kate in a dominatrix outfit.


i think thats the other way around. Kate is a fan of MADONNA'S style. Kate copied her coral colored bow tie dress!

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